Concerts are listed by date, then by city. Classical & Opera Listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.


I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Studio (in: Concert Hall. Broadcasting House. (‘irrecn Margaret Drive. 7.30pm. lire.- trckets from SSt) Concerts Secretary. BBC Broadcasting House. ()uecn Margaret Drive. Glasgow (Til? Sl)(i. postal applications only enclosing an SAli). Jerzy Maksy nrrtrk conducts the BBC SSO in Weber's overture to

[fur virnt/n and Borodin's Svmpltunv .‘\’u 3 Purl Meyer is the solo clarinet in

. 'Col‘land's (‘i'uritit't (.‘rittt‘ertrt.

l l i i l l l

I Cappella Nova St Aloy sltis RC Church. £5 £10 (£3 £6) from the Ticket Centre. 227 5511. An evening ofmusic in praise of the Virgin Mary featuring Carver‘s (iuarlr flurr' lirginu/i and other pieces by Hiidegard oi Bingerr. Bruckner. Liszt. Britten arid 'l'avener.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra City Hall. Candleriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £3.50—£l3. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies conducts the S0) in the world premiere of his own cortrpostlioti .b‘ll'Ul/lt'lh'tlt' Concerto No 9 as well as Haydn‘s Symln’runy .\’r) [(12 and Beethoven‘s Piano ('un ‘r'rtu No 4. Peter Donolroe is the pianist and director. Tire SCt’) principals

take the solo roles in the Maxwell Davies

5 work.

I Midday Concert Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. Rerrfrew Street. 332 5057. lprn. £2.50 (£1.50). Mezzo-soprano Eli/abeth McCormack. pianist Julia Lynch and clarinettist Lawrence Gill perform songs by Liszt. John McCabe. Ravel and Poulenc.

I Scottish Early Music Consort Stevenson Hall. RSAMI). Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. £9 (£5). The Sl‘IMC present a programme of medieval music under the title ‘Chanterai Por Mon

1 Coraige‘. Warwick Edwards ltas his hands

:irquV1o 2

full as director. percussionist and harpist: Fiona Milne is the mezzo-soprano: Jeremy Taylor the tenor; Alan Watt. baritone and iralzers: Gregory Squire.

rebec‘. Kenneth Mitchell. viella and

Jennifer llill. tecorders.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Usher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 H55. 7.30pm. £6--£l9. .»\le.sander l.azare\ conducts the RSNO itr Gounod's [lit/let .llttsit'frnm Faith! artd Prokofiev's Symp/nnrv M) 3‘. Douglas Boyd is the soloist in Strauss's ()hrn' (,‘rnn't'rtu.

I Jonathan Harris Reid Concert Hall. Bristo Square. 650 2423. 1.10pm. Free. Harris gives an organ recital of Bach‘s- I’re/nrlt' and Fugue in 1) minor and 0 1.1mm Gutter n.'i.vr'/rr.l.’rli_e. Boyce's l'blnnturjv in (1' minor. Sweelinck's [Cc/m Fantasia. Stanley's liilnntnrv in 1'; minor and Bustehude‘s I’rrn'lrn/inm in l).


. Glasgow

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £6 £19. See iii 10


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School of Audio Engineering

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52 The List 10-23 Feb 1995

l I Children’s Classic Concerts (ilasgow I Royal Concert Hall. Satrchielrall Street. {227 5511. Noon. £6.50 £3.50kids ‘£3.50 1 adult cones). Pettoc 'l'relawny and the

l Royal Scottish National Orchestra

. conducted by Simon Halsey trace the development of classical music using pieces including Handel‘s llillt r .l/nor- tltrotrgh to Sousa's litrr'rtv lie/l.

3 I Apollo Saxophone Quartet sits ensotr Hall. RSAMI). Retrfrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. £7.50 (£5.50). New music for saxophones connnissionetl front Richard Rodney Bennet. Kenny \Vheelei. Jan

3 Ballamy and liddie Parker.

Kli\'l.\ l.()\\'

I The Marriage of Figaro Theatre Roy al. 282 Hope Street. 332 9000. 2.15pm £3.50 £11. Scottish ()pera tackle i Mozart's masterpiece. David l.eveau.\ directs this new 1‘1~.‘tltlt tion having made i his debut witlt 'l'ln' 'l'nrn (if the .5} lt'll'. Stephen Gadd plays (‘ount .-\lm;rviva. l.isa Milne plays Susanna and Paul Whelan is the epony morrs hero. Sung iir linglish. I Kelvin Ensemble Bute Hall. Glasgow University. 912 71314. 7.30pm £5 (£2). William Conway conducts the l’nseirrble in Mendelssolrn's Syirrphony .\'o 3 in .-\ I minor Op 56. .lane Priranuel is the soloist itr Stratrss's ()lmr' ('unr‘r-itn. 11' NJ. I Young Kilmardinny Music Circle . Kilmardinny House. 50 Kilnrardinny -. Avenue. Bearsden. 9.13 0312. 7. 20pm. 1 Children's concert.


. I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 66S 2019. credit card

liri l0. I Cappella Nova (iteyfriars Kirk.

from Queen‘s Hall. («is 2019;ri:d orrdoor. See liri 1(1.

lsunonvrz '

7 Glasgow

f I Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall f Street. 227 5511. 7.30pm £10.50 (£21.

l Arnold Kati conducts the Orchestra in

: l’rokoftev's suite from Lieutenant Knit

1 and his I’iu/m ('mn'crtn Mr 3’ in (5 in

i which Paul Ct'ossley is the soloist. The

5 other piece on the programme is

t Mussorgsky‘s Pictures At .An l‘ft‘lti/ritinn.

I I Hebrides Ensemble Stevenson Hall.

é RSAMI). Renfrew Street. 332 5057.

7.45pm. £7.50 (£3). Young baritone.

i William Dateley joins the Ensemble for

I Robert Crawford's ()r'tet Rice/lure.

Schulhoff's Divertisxmtent. Janaceck‘s Mint/i. a new work by John Bevan-Baker and Mahler's [-tr’t/(‘I' vinesjit/rt'r'nt/cn

l (jaw/[en arranged by Schoenberg.

| I Scottish Trumpet Consort St Mary's

1 Cathedral. Great Western Road. 942 2291. ? 8pm. £5 50 (£3.50). Programme of

l German baroque music from Baclt. Handel and Telemann.

t I Promenade Organ Concerts Art Gallery | and Museum. Kelvingrove. 221 9600.




2.30pm. Free. Malcolm Sim gives an organ recital.



I The SCO Ouartet Queen's Hall. Clerk

i Street. 668 20“). credit card hotline 667

i 7776 2.30pm. £3 50 £S (£3) The Quartet

Grey/friars Place. 7.30pm. £5 £10 (£3 £6)

and Peter Donohoe. pianist and clarirretist. lewis Morrison perform Mozart's String Qintrtrt K499. Bartok's ('untrrtvtx and Drum/tit Piano Quintet.

I Simon Keenlyside ttlltl Malcolm Martineau Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. credit card hotline 667 7776. 7.15pm. £S (£5 ). The baritone and pianist perform songs by Strauss. Copland atrd Rachmaninov.

I Into The Light Studio One. BBC Broadcasting House. Queen Street. 2.301‘m liree on the door. 111 advance from reception or by post from Margaret Beatoir. BBC Scotland. Queen Margaret

§ Drive. Glasgow. G l 2 SDG. The Paragon

l-‘rrsemble present a programme of new

music by lilaiire Agnew and .lohtr Maxwell (it‘tltlt‘S as well as l)ohnanyi‘s

Z‘WS (rpi:

1 Edinburgh


I St Gites‘ At Six St Giles Cathedral. 226 1 tr " 'l‘lrr.‘ Upen ()tclrestra ":‘rfrt: tn

I Boris Berezovsky Queen's Hall. Clerk

Street. 668 2019. credit card hotline 667 ‘3 7776. 7,-15pm. £5 £15 (£3). The pianist performs Raclrtnaninov's Three Etudes

'l'ableauy ()p 39. Metner's Fairy 'Iitlr's and two pieces by Schumann: lt’rtntusv in C

and 'lin'r‘ntn in (1


' I Royal Scottish National Orchestra , (,ilasgtm Royal Concert Hall. Satrchiehall

Street. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £7.502-£15. Carl Davis conducts the RSNU in a score for the MGM film /T(’.\‘/t(lllt/l/1(’[)Ul'tl



I McGibbon Ensemble Reid Concert Hall. Bristo Square. 650 2423. 1.10pm. Free. The Reid Metrrot'ial Concert features lidna Arthur and Diana Gould. violin; David Johnson. cello: Bryce Gould. lrarpisclrord. and Caroline Craddock. soprano. performing General Reid's

. q - ~ . Stunt/(1M) ittt (' Mackintosh‘s lat/v hotline 667 7776. 7.-15 mt. it‘ll l_15. See . . , .. .~ i § NIP/Int Hope .y' .l/ttit. Sir John Clerk s

('rinnrtn Irv .S'r-utnn' irritutnr and the Earl

' of Kelly's 'lriu Sonata in I”. , I Hebrides Ensemble Queen's Hall. Clerk

Street. 668 2019. credit card hotline 667 7776. 7.45pm. £7.50 (£3). See Sun 12. I Moira Gibson and Stuart Nope Nelsort

Hall. McDonald Road Library. 225 5584 E est. 2.33. 7.45pm. l-‘ree. The soprano and i pianist perform a selection of works by

i Scarlatti. Pergolesi. Brahms. Wolf.

l’otrlenc. Bernstein and Bridge.

. Glasgow


I Glasgow University Orchestra Butc Hall. Glasgow University. 339 8855 ext.

4092. 7.30pm. Robin Browning and

; (.‘ecilia Weston conduct. The programme is to be announced.


i l l l

I Master Class Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 2pm. Free. Masterclass for singers directed by Diane l’orlano.



I Orchestral Concert Stevenson Hall. RSAMI). Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50-£4.50). Tadaaki ()taka conducts the Academy Orchestra in Mendelssohn's overture The Hebrides and Shostakovich's .S'ympltrmv No 5 in I) mitmr ()p 47. Siobhan Lynch is the cello in l‘ilgar's Cello Concerto in If minor Op 85.

I lunchtime Concert Merchant‘s House. 7 West George Street. 639 3176. 12.45pm. £3.50 (£3) The Scottish Brass Ensemble.