I Scottish Action (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Return of the award-winning social action programme with a report on a project which distributes donated furniture to families facing financial hardship.

I Visions ot Heaven and Hell (Channel 4) 9—lOpm. Sci-fi writer William Gibson and social trends forecaster Faith Popcorn are among the contributors in the last in this series of programmes about our technological future.

I The Presidlo (BBCl) lO—l 1.35pm. Sean Connery is a gruff army senior officer in charge of an investigation into a break-in at the Presidio, a large military base in San Francisco. Working with him is a former military policeman and enemy from the past in an entertaining action thriller.

I Ex-S (BBCl) lO—lO.30pm. Valentine special with ‘No Way to Treat a Lady‘ which follows a cruise in the life of Rabble Grigor. a perfect gentleman who is paid to dance with single ladies aboard ship.


I This is Garth Brooks, Too (BBC2) 6.45—7.30pm. Repeat of a concert by country mUsic superstar recorded in the Texas Stadium. Dallas. I Here and Now (BBC 1 ) 7.3(l—8pm. Return of the populist news magazine show bringing the ‘brightest and best‘ stories presented by a team of young reporters. I Out of Order (Channel 4) 9.45—10pm. The lift is jammed and two people with opposing views on a contentious issue are trapped together. Tonight Kate Saunders. Sunday Times columnist and committed carnivore. does battle with animal rights activist G.F. Newman on the subject of ‘meat is murder‘. I ER. (Channel 4) lO—l lpm. Another slice of life from the emergency room in a busy Chicago hospital in this excellent American drama series. I DId Gringo (Scottish) lO.30pm—12.45am. Well-made western starring Jane Fonda as a spinster who takes ajob in Mexico where she becomes embroiled in the 1913 revolution and falls for ageing hack Gregory Peck. I Best of The Tube (Channel 4) 11—1 1.35pm. Highlights from the seminal 80s music show tonight include Terence Trent D‘Arby‘s television debut and The Jam's last appearance. I Weird Nightmare (Channel 4) l—2.05am. Repeat of the documentary presented by Ray Davies about the making of a Charlie Mingus tribute album. with contributions from Elvis Costello and Keith Richards.


' to consider a series of dramatised ' conundrums from modern life such as i ‘would you confirm your mother‘s

suspicions that your father is having a

7 Napier launches a campaign for women’s : health. while ballroom dancing fever

5 Rigsby is on the stump for the local 5 elections. I

I oangerrieltl (BBC1)9.30—10.20pm.

; is called to examine a suspected rape

= I Our Man in . . . Goa (BBC2) 930-10. lOpm. New series presented by

parts to seek out a side visitors often miss.

= 10.10—10.30pm. Start of the second series

: (Channel 4) l().3()—l 1.05pm. The burly


I 3-D (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Julia Somerville presents a new series which aims to present a human-interest angle on important issues. The first programme considers the case of a four-year-old girl with cerebral palsy whose mother believes it would have been kinder if she hadn‘t been allowed to live.

I The llumber 10 Show (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. Scottish prostitutes‘ rights campaigner June Taylor presents her manifesto for green-light zones and state— supplied drugs in the last of the Prime Minister-for-a-day series.

I Top Gear (BBC2) 8.30—9pm. New series of the motoring magazine returns with a report on the Reliant Robin and the new Skoda model. Bound to be some macho cars in there too.

I The Bobble coltratte Special (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Repeat of the sketch-based comedy compilation starring the big man in a variety of guises.

I The X Files (BBC2) 9—9.45pm. The

; I The Word (Channel 4)

E 11.05pm—12.05am. Terry Christian and : Dani Behr dole out another helping of I pop. trivia and salacious gossip.

. I The Mrs Merton Show (BBC2)

g 6.30—7pm. New series about ideological j ViSiOflS for the 21st century presented by

Scotland is taking over BBC2 for a themed evening of French and Scottish television. The running order looks tromme ca: The cauld Alliance (7.20—7.45pm). Alex Taylor looks for Scottish bits in France and vice versa. See preview. Tintin - The Black isle (7.45—8.10pm); The French Alligators (8.10—8.40pm): French band playing with Edinburgh's Phil Cunningham; From Alba to Albas (8.40—9.05pm): Scottish wine- making family in France; les Clips (9.05—9.20pm): bizarre French TV ads; Surreal Thing (9.20—9.50pm): Phil Kay gets surreal. French style; Coucou c’est Nous (9.50—10.10pm): French talk show featuring Sharleen from Texas; Words

i avec Warit (10.10—1 lpm): Kirsty's debate show live from Paris; Sous le Soliel du Satan (1 lpm—12.40am): Gerard Depardieu and Sandrine Bonnaire in the 1987 Palme d’Or winner; . . . Palombes et Chocolats (12.40—late): look at the French passion for rugby.

I Arena (BBC2) 9—lOpm. Second part of the Peter Sellers profile. in which the actor makes the tranistion from modestly- rewarded talent to big-time star. as

: America sits up and takes notice.

% I Three Miles Up (BBCl) 9.]5—10.05pm. A canal barge holiday drifts off course in this eerie tale form the ‘Ghosts’ season. I Silver Streak (Scottish)

i lOpm—l2. 10am. Comedy thriller with a

.j train theme with Gene Wilder and Richard 5 Pryor.

i I Paul Merton - The Second Series

i (Channel 4) 10.05—10.35pm. Paul breezes irlto town as Tombstone Gulch. the new

' preacher on the block.

liver-eating contortionist killer Scully and Mulder had banged up in an earlier episode is out on parole and up to his old tricks.

I Situation Vacant (BBC2) 9.45—l0.30pm. Last in the series which follows the fortunes of a group ofjob hunters. Tonight it‘s the 24-hour selection procedure for a senior police chief in the Thames Valley force. as we follow the short-listed applicants from a meet-and- greet with the Police Authority selection panel through to the interview itself.

I Hearts and Minds (Channel 4)

lO—l 1.05pm. First in a new four-part drama starring Christopher Eccleston as an idealistic student teacher in at Liverpool comprehensive. See feature.

I The Unforgettable EastEnders (BBC l) 3 8—8.30pm. Repeats ofclassic episodes shown to celebrate the soap‘s tenth anniversary. kicking off the unforgettable ‘who’s the father of Michelle’s baby' revelation.

I Do the Bight Thing (BBC 1) 8.30—9pm. It’s moral dilemma time in a new celebrity panel show hosted by Terry Wogan. Guests and the studio audience are invited ;

fling‘. Well. would you? I Doctor Finlay (Scottish) 9—lOpm. Dr

sweeps Tannochbrae. I Rising Damp (Channel 4) 9.30-10pm.

First of a two-parter in which Dangerfield

victim in this medical drama.

Clive Anderson in which the dry-witted ex-barrister heads for sun-kissed foreign g

First up is Goa. which is under threat from the five-star tourist trade. I I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm. : More pre-natal comedy as Dan and Roseanne continue to wonder if they're doing the right thing.

I The Car’s the Star (BBC2 )

I Is This Your life (Channel 4)

; 10.35—11.20pm. Andrew Neil tries to

winkle out the dark secrets of Olivia


V I Dr Strangelove (BBC2)

f 10.55pm—1235am. Peter Sellers plays three roles in Stanley Kubrick’s excellent black comedy about living under the threat of nuclear war.

I Encounters (Channel 4) 7-8pm. New series of environmental documentaries. Don Henderson takes on the burly Jo much sums with a film .abom m?

Brand for laughs. , protection force that polices Venice

* ' against polluters. I Reality on the Rocks (Channel 4) 8-9pm. Ken Campbell continues on his quest to find the secrets of the Universe. : which tonight takes him to the giant particle-accelerator in Switzerland. I Rik Mayall (Scottish) 9.45-lO.45pm. Repeat from the last series of Mayall one- offdramas with ‘Micky Love'. I Cine File: Reel Woman (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Documentary introducing a season of filtns by woman directors. who are still woefully under-represented in Hollywood. Paula Weinstein asks directors such as Kathryn Bigelow and Penny Marshall why. I Blue Steel (Channel 4) 10—1 1.55pm. Jamie Lee Curtis is the rookie cop who falls in love with a suspect in the first of the Reel Women season. I Don’t look Down (Scottish) 1 l—l 1.45pm. Janice Forsth casts her eye over the Scottish arts scene with a report on the Fringe Film Festival. plus music from Scots soulrnan Robert Ferrier.

of the programme about classic cars presented by fanatic Quentin Willson. Tonight it's the Land Rover.

I Enter the Dragon (Scottish) l().3()pm—12. 15am. Classic Bruce Lee martial arts flick. in which the master of high kicks exposes an opium and prostitution ring.

I Jo Brand Through the Cakehole

l l.15—ll.45pm. Caroline Hook gets in character to interview some more celebs. I Candy Mountain (Channel 4) l2.40—2.20am. Road movie about a failed rock star on a mission to find a fabled guitar maker. and featuring cameos from some real rock 'n' roll types such as Tom Waits. Joe Strummer and Leon Redbone.


I The Battle for Ideas (BBC2)

Independent political commentator Andrew Marr.

I The Auld Alliance (BBC2) 7.20pm-late. To mark the France v Scotland rugby war earlier today. BBC


I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) 9-10pm. Documentary with a behind-the-scenes look at the world of show-jumping.

I NYPD Blue (Channel 4) lO—l lpm. Kelly has left the force and his replacement starts his first day on the precinct.

I A Night with Derek II (Channel 4)

11—1 1.30pm. Originally screened shortly after Derek Jarman died, this collection of tributes has been edited together and is shown to mark the first anniversary of the filmmaker's death.

I Jubilee (Channel 4) ll.30pm—l.25am. Queen Elizabeth I comes to a London dominated by punk in Derek Jarman’s black comedy. with Toyah Wilcox and Richard O'Brien.


I The Brits (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. The music industry gathers in London’s Ally Pally to congratulate itself on another year of selling millions of Phil Collins albums. I Hear My Song (Channel 4) 9—1 lpm. Excellent romantic comedy about 505 singer Josef Locke (Ned Beatty) who has disappeared to avoid a hefty tax bill. Adrian Dunbar is a concert promoter who tries to find the singer and persuade him to do one last concert.

I Ex-S (BBCl) 10.20—10.50pm. Tonight's film, ‘Once Upon a Time in Ruchill‘. follows young actor David McGowan as he goes to study at the famous Lee Strasbourg Theatre Institute in New York. McGowan‘s fees have been paid by Robin Williams. who he met on the set of Being Human, but he still has to find living expenses.

I Network First (Scottish)

1040—] 1.40pm. Documentary filmed in Jamaica goes underground to look at the yardies who dominate organised crime on the island and asks whether fears that their influence is spreading to Britain and the US are justified.

I Jack Dee (Channel 4) llpm—12.20am. Highlights of the deadpan stand-up’s last series.


I The Real Holiday Show (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. New series that examines the reality of holidays the bits the brochures never tell you about.

I Modern Times (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. First in a new series of 40 Minutes-style impressionistic documentaries. starting with a film about a 53-year-old divorcee who goes on holiday to Gambia where she meets. and marries. a man nearly 30 years herjunior. Shades of the Street‘s Deirdre Barlow perhaps?

I E.R. (Channel 4) [0—1 lpm. Fast-paced medical action from a busy Chicago hospital. Tonight Carter tells the wrong parents about the death of their son.

I The Best of The Tube (Channel 4)

ll—l 1.35pm. Tonight‘s highlights from the 805 rock show include lNXS. Culture Club and The Pretenders.

rnunsov 23

I Mind the Baby, Mr Bean (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. Repeat ofa story from Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling anti-hero.

I Secret lives (Channel 4) 9—10pm. New series of documentaries examing the fiipside of famous people's lives. Tonight Walt Disney is exposed as a racist who took an active role in the McCarthy communist witch hunts.

I The Giant Metal Detectives (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Wacky post-modern comedy from Comic Strip creator Peter Richardson. See preview.

I Hearts and Minds (Channel 4)

lO—l 1.05pm. Second episode ofJimmy McGovern's excellent Liverpool school drama in which Drew starts his probationary year. See feature.

TB The List l()-23 Feh I‘I‘JS