V Glasgow West Coast gay 33. straight-acting. professional. genuine. thoughtful. reliable. enjoys music. cinema and eating out. seeks similar. 28—45. for l-2-l relationship to share life‘s highs and lows. ALA. Box No 245/72.

V Edinburgh gay professional male. 41. 5ft 10in. n/s. s/a/l. interests classical music. photography. work out. travel. seeks similar. genuine. sincere. professional gay male. 21—40. to share life’s friendship. fun and quiet times. Discretion assured and required. Phone no appreciated. Box No 245/76.

V Glasgow Gay professional male. early 30$. slim. straight- acting. considerate. seeks non- scene. younger. shy. sensitive guy for friendship. hopefully leading to something more. Box No 245/77.

V Ayrshire professional gay guy. 35. 5ft 10in. slim. seeking guy living between Ayrshire and Glasgow. aged 25—40. Your virtues will include an ability to dance and a love of music. I’m looking for emotional and intellectual rapport leading to a lasting relationship. Only non-

smokers need reply and a photo

is essential. Box No 246/50.

V Edinburgh professional guy (25) straight-acting. probably straight but confused by years of gay feelings. seeks similar for sharing of thoughts. Am I the only one? Absolute discretion expected/assured. Box No 246/51.

V Edinburgh professional gay guy, 26. vegetarian. non- smoker. GSOH. seeks guy (25—35) with pulse to enjoy quiet nigth in. irresponsible nights out and long lie-ins. Interests include music. concerts. theatre. cinema and eating out. Box No 246/52.

V 32 male thinks he is bisexual. wishes to meet similar inexperienced for discreet liaisons. Am 5ft 10in. ll'Ast. blue eyes and reasonably fit. ALA if photo enclosed. Box No 246/53.

V Edinburgh gay guy quiet. 40. interests include music. travel. seeks warm. romantic guy for loving relationship the sort of guy who likes to fall asleep in a sensual embrace. Box No 246/54

V Male, early 30: n/s. GSOH. enjoys the outdoors. Seeks bulky. hairy male. Bulky enough to carry tent. hairy enough to keep it warm at night. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 246/55.

V Glasgow professional male (26) 6ft. seeks similar macho men for fun. friendship and men-only activities. Interests: pro-style wrestling. football. swimming. jogging. saunas. etc. Can travel or accommodate. ALA. Box No 246/56.

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V Feminine bisexual woman. fairhaired. passionate. trustworthy. Edinburgh-based. seeks sensuous. non-butch. attractive woman for wild. tender exploration and friendship. Genuine replies only. (Photo appreciated.) Go for it'. Box No 246/57.

V Edinburgh Quite good- looking. professional. discreet. straight-acting guy. male (early 40s) looking for friendship. possible relationship. with someone similar or younger with good sense of humour. Box No 246/58.

V Glasgow gay man 31. workaholic. Seeks romantic interest. 25—35. Me: GSOH. caring. fun. sensitive. bored. You: whatever you are. I‘ll

cancel work for music. holidays. walking. pubs. theatre. nights in.

Box No 246/59. V Edinburgh gay guy, 33 good-

looking. creative. seeks cute. bright. down-to-earth (slightly) younger guy with daft SOH. for something more meaningful thanjust fun/friendship. Photo. phone appreciated. Box No 246/60.

V Glasgow professional man (27 yrs) quite good looking. likes music (any). cinema. pubs. looking for non-scene guy with GSOH. discreet and genuine.

for fun. friendship. maybe more.

Photo/phone appreciated. Box No 246/61.

V Mid-twenties, Edinburgh male. seeks sensitive. open and trustworthy male. Must be comfortable with selfand sexuality. ls this too much? Please no photos nor ‘straight- acting‘. Box No 246/62.

V Edinburgh gay man (30) non- scene with usual Listy interests (classical music. art. theatre. cinema) seeks similar male early 30s or younger for. potentially. long-term relationship. No mixed-up types please. ALA. Box No 246/63.

V Attractive, Intelligent male (25) seeks similar for first-time bisexual adventure. Edinburgh area. but can travel. Discretion guaranteed and expected. Letter and photo please. Box No 246/64.

V 0K looking guy, 33 Likes; old cars. beaches. Fry‘s Orange Cream. Dislikes; careers. waking up alone Sunday mornings. Jurgen Klinsmann. Feel compatible? Then please write with photo if poss. Box No 246/65.

V Gay professional male (37) Glasgow. straight-acting, honest. content (almost). into theatre. keeping fit. eating out. nights in. seeks similar. attractive man to share fun and future. Phone. photo helps. Box No 246/66.


V I saw you on the dance floor of the Love Boutique. You were a girl with a nun’s habit. I was a boy with a blue dress. Was that really your fiance? I hope not. Get in touch for more touch if you‘re not too busy in the St Enoch’s food court! Box No U/246/l2.

V I saw you for the first time 31.1.95. Looking so very beautiful. Keep well. Can‘t wait to see you again. End Aug? Box No U/246/l3.

V I saw you Mr Delgardo on your mean machine racing down the Mound. Yellow helmet. blue jacket and rippling thigh muscles. Want to go tandem? Box No U/246/l4.

V I saw you at Alastair's 30th (Filmhouse 14 Jan). You were wearing a brown cow fur hat. You looked interesting. Box No U/246/15.

V I saw you in the Original Black Bull. On 1 Feb tall. white top. long. dark hair. sitting by the window with a friend. Were you going to see Sister? Box No U/246/l6.

V I saw you Dogtastic 21/1/95 you had a tie-dyed orange dress over lb-hole docs. l was the cider and blackcurrant man. Where did you disappear to? Box No U/246/l7.

V I saw you on Princes Street at Hogmanay. You were wearing a windcheater. woolly hat and an intriguing shish kebab motif on your jeans. You ran over and kissed me at the Bells. You still haunt my dreams. Box No U/246/l8.

V I saw you at the Kenny gig last month. You had on a slinky black dress and we did “The Bump’. I’d love to do it again. Please get in touch. Box No U/246/l9.

V I saw you at Love Boutique on 2 Feb. Me small. short red hair and suede mini skirt. You long hair in a pony tail with Stussy T-shirt. I danced next to you a couple of times and noticed your sexy smile. Will you be there on the 4 March? Box No U/246/20.

V I saw you at Big Shuggie’s tattoo parlour last Saturday. You were having an attractive unicorn rampant etched into your left buttock. l was having stitches tattoed across my throat. Let's get together and swap skin stories. Box No U/246/2l.

V I saw you Seeking tall. dark. pensive 8.30am Meadows man walking Tollcross way. I see you every moming but have you seen me? l‘mjust one ‘Hello‘ away from the centre of your life. I’m petite with green eyes in a black bomberjacket. Box No U/246/22.

V We saw you behind the bar in Stones. You look like Satan and you told us to bugger off. Free pian? Box No U/246/10.

V I saw you Want to Katch Rocking Horse Bjork. seen but not stopped Saturday 2l January. I’m a ‘John‘ of all trades. but I’ll never ‘Hurt' you. Anchor me to your big time sexuality. Box No U/246/23.

V I saw you at Yip Yap. Your name is Adam (I think). I could be yours. Please speak to tne or I‘ll scream and scream and scream. Box No U/246/24.

V I saw you at the GF'I‘ on Friday 3 Feb in the queue for Amateur. You were more beautiful than Isabelle Huppert. long curly blond hair and pale blue eyes. You sat opposite me in the bar after the film and I tried to catch your eye. Eat Drink Man Woman next week? Box No Ul246/l.

V Isaw you You grind my coffee beans every other Saturday night in Peckhams on Byres Road. I like your voice and I love your style. Come and share a cup of coffee with me at my place. I want to get to know you and it's my turn to serve you. Box No U/246/2.

V I saw you at the SAM benefit on the Renfrew Ferry you were in the tightest of trousers. I liked what I saw and I would love to get some more. We met at the bar and again at the dance floor. Please get in touch. I don’t want you to be just another phone number written on a matchbox. Box No U/246/3.

V I saw you You‘re on the number 11 when I get on at St John‘s church. I want to speak to you but I don’t have the guts. You're always reading the paper. You‘re an Andy Garcia lookalike and I want to be your Meg Ryan. We could maybe get together for a drink!! Please talk to tne soon. Box No U/246/4.

V I saw you at Joy Sat 28 Jan. Llama waistcoat and thigh high boots. You promised me ecstasy. when will you deliver. . . Box No U/246/5.

V I saw you at Fetish at La Belle Angele last Friday. You were wearing a pink boob tube as a skirt. fishnets. white stilettos and a lime-green Lycra bra which was partially obscured by your long. flowing wimple. So was I. Where do you buy your nail varnish? Box No U/246/6.

V I saw you at The Cameo at the late night screening of Shallow Grave on Sat 28 Jan. You were sitting in the front row, long black hair and leather jacket. I sat behind you with two girlfriends. Did you notice me too? Box No U/246/7.

V I saw you hovering over the broken biscuits stall at Glasgow's Barras. We were both weighing up bags of macaroon. You smiled at me, helped me pick the bag with the biggest bits and left. Help me consume them. Box No U/246/8.

V I saw you on Thursday 2 Feb. running for the 9.18 train to Stirling. You sat next to me.

You look kind of cute. Can we meet soon? Box No U/246/9.

V I saw you 3.2.95 buying lunch in the Netherbow cafe. Edinburgh. You black and beautiful with little beard and big brown eyes. you stood behind me in the queue and then passed me in the street five minutes later. Me: tallish. longish. blondish hair. black leather coat and grey beret. When will I see you again? Box No U/246/l l.

V I saw you on the green bus. Thursday 5.30pm. heading out of town on North Bridge. You had long blondish hair and looked bored. then something caught your eye . . . Was it me? Black leatherjacket. checked shirt. jeans and Timberlands. in a hurry. Box No U/246/25.

V I saw you at the Star Trek exhibition opening. Your phaser was set to stun me. Were those pointy ears for real? In that Lycra top. you were from another world. This dark-haired. black-clad. warm-blooded earth-being (surrounded by fellow crew members. but you noticed me seeking out strange new life forms) would love you to beam down to my planet and‘ render me helpless with your death grip. Come and warp my factors! Box No U/246/26.

V I saw you at The Cathouse. Friday 29 January. standing at the bar. You were wearing leather lace up trousers. We exchanged glances more than once. From one blond to another. are you ever going to talk to me? Box No U/246/27. V lsaw you at Siouxsie And The Banshees gig in the queue for the bar. You asked me if I wanted a drink but I said no. Is it too late to change my mind? Box No U/246/28.

V I saw you Lux leather lover with tattoos to boot. You sold me an antique Highwayman and now I can’t put you out of my mind. I‘ve eaten all the baked potatoes 1 can manage and now I’m plucking up the courage to come in and introduce myself. Can l come in and see the rest of your stock!!!!! Box No U/246/29.

V I saw you at Forbidden Planet. Saturday 7 January. leatherjacket. glasses lingering at Blake‘s 7 video section. I’m keen on bungee jumping. inter-active games and all things inter-planetary. I'm rather shy but a one on one extrovert. It's been a few weeks but you’re still on my mind. Box No U/246/30.

V I saw you It was a Friday night at the dogs in Shawfield stadium. We both had our eyes on the same bitch. She won and you hugged me before leaving to collect your winnings. We must have more in common than a gambling habit. How about a night at the bingo? Please get in touch. Box No U/246/3l.

V I saw you Bloke with high testosterone level but mediocre communication skills wanting to meet his fantasy femme fatale. You work at the Safeway (Momingside) at the delicatessan. I am on Cloud Nine! 1 would be the proudest man alive with you by my side. You have long hair and a pale complexion and I always buy pots full of humous. Let me see you out of your work clothes please! Box No U/246/32.

The List 10-23 Feb 1995 87