0 Nearly one year and l have not yet moved on. I wonder did you even know? Happy Valentine plus one (again). c. No love, far too much feeling.


0 To c. I love the looks. of you. The lure. of you.

The north. south. east and west of you.

I love all of you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

0 To my precious huggy. Thanks for making me so happy. I will always be in love with you. let me be the only one. From your S.W.F.

Q My Bonnie lies over the ocean.

My Bonnie lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. 0 come back my Bonnie to me. Miss you heaps Mum (James).

Q To Margaret Anne,

You and I collapsed in love You and I are gonna live forever.

I’m the human blanket. Nadia. All my love, always. Keith.

Q Ilello Honey Bun If you're

looking for sex on Valentine’s

Day. . . try Page 1072 in the

Oxford English Dictionary!

Love Jimbo‘s Bimbo.

Q oarllng Jack, Love you

always and forever. Elaine


0 I. light or my lite. Let‘s

make a date to meet at home

one night next week. I miss you.

Love and hugs. N.

Q From dawn the early rise,

Till dusk. red moonlit skies.

I think of you.

Through all this time.

Sharing song and wine.

I think of you.

Remember. remember my love.

Q Team Mascot When will we

four meet again? Love. The

Witches x.

Q Sam Let‘s follow the Nazca

lines through the Peruvian

desert. OK. how about a cold

February afternoon in Dundee

watching the “Rovers‘ in the

cup. Lots of love. Gogs. xxx.

Q Panzer Don't be mean to

Weed. She loves you. Please

love her back.

nudoIi Be my Valentino.

Love and slobbery kisses from

Red Nose.

Q Mr Snlity You scare away the

monsters for me and help me

fly. Don’t lose your stuffing.

Love Sparky.

. To Froopy Loopy love you tons. lots of love on Valentine‘s Day: keep it hot darling. yours for keeps. Snooky Buns, Frizby Grizzy and Jeep the Freep. xx

Q ‘Flumpy’ be my Valentine. Love ‘Butty’.

Q To my Honeybun Feels like I’m in love! From your wee teddy bear. xxx

Q Who put the bump into my ' honeybumpkin? It doesn't

l matter anyway because I love you Jules more than ever. PS

come on down little Miss Hollywood.

lQ Goat loves FuiTybelly.

.Q Flatbed Bagamuitin - you're l the one for me. Post and i packing not included.

lQ Sweet Jane thanks for

! making the last few months i bearable. United in sadness. Lots of love. D.

,Q leanne Stuff. Bloke.

i. To my happy flower. hugs '1 and snogs galore on Valentine's l Day. All my luv Olly xxx.

lQ Andi thank you for making my dreams come true. All I want from you is your caress. Let‘sjust slow grind. Love always Clydie. (Yes Clydie —-I know! !).

Q Joe I've only just met you but I like what I know. Love from Gabbie xxx.

Q lollypop will you share a cup of tea on my desk ifl wear a tanktop'? Roger.

C Sensual saxophonist sublime. though you may never be mine. I'll always be your ‘funny Valentine‘. You're ace!

0 Rose you bloom and blossom before lily eyes. I love you forever. From your Pumpkin.

0 Dearest Johnson's Cottonbud. I love you with all my important little places. Bas says me too (or was it miaow!)

Q I hope you enjoyed the

weekend in New York. and let’s

hope this is the first of many

Valentines together. All my love

always. Paul.

Q The face that launched a

thousand ships. the theme from

Doctor Zliivago. with love in

my heart. l reached for my

trusty old biro!

U Karen ROses are red.

Violets are blue.

God made girls pretty.

What happened to you?

x Admirer x.

Q To OVH the tall. dark Dutch

stranger who can be my hot date

anytime. From your Funny

Valentine. xxx.

U Leeenie What can one say

after nine years of ecstasy! You

make it all worthwhile. I love you more than life itself. Don’t

forget Delores! Love now and

always. Lynda xxxx.

Q To the delicious Rachel sex

kitten of the EIF. Big bad love

on Valentine's Day. xxx.

0 Doctor 0: We’ll meet for that game ofcards. shall we? ~ Jean- Luc.

O C.J. There is only one true happiness in life. to love and be loved. I have found that happiness with you. Happy Valentine‘s Day. “Tony‘.

0 Flachna My biking furry. Keep me warm at night. come up and see me. make me smile. Big hugs. Love S. xxxx.

0 Well, Jane here we are: Who” would have thought we'd come this far? Bremen. New York City and Bermuda . . . lobsters. yachts. Tetris. cars babies? The captain of your heart. Caroline.

Q To 6090: Whoever or whatever you're waiting for isn't going to show that's how it is on this bitch of an earth. Lucky you've got smelly old me to fall back on. eh? Yours in

dodgy boots. Didi.

1', I. , g;-f?'-;.

"mwar i e; .1 v , 4W ,, ,,_

Q Mary you. me. wine. food. hugs. kisses . . . not forgetting the dog. Cautious? Not us. Love Pete.

U Sweetpea and Push. my happy family. Love you lots. Top wife.

Q Jonah how glad I am that we chose to swim together. how your diving has improved. Let‘s keep making waves together. Forever yours. Shameera.

O lwuii you lozza pops wiff all my heart. When you gonna make me an honest woman? Wuff and Puggy Wugs Co- Coanut Cyborg Bonnie.

l l l l

. KS: We've scarcely met at this stage. but . . . l‘ve silently admired you from the cheap seats.

If you‘d allow me to make an entrance.

l‘d descend from the gods into Paradise!

0 Dear Miss Beautiful Tulip Here‘s to our huge. pulsating love tbang getting even bigger and better. Sugarpop you are so beautiful to me love in abundance. Mr B.

Q Jasper I want to always rest my head on your sleek. black thigh. Love. your mistress.

U Hill Show us our navel!

O To the tall, I) ond “flossy‘ one. even though your heart belongs to another, I would like to take this opportunity to say. Happy Happy Valentine's Day.

Q My number 11 You grow more beautiful every year. I'll be there to sing you to sleep. always. Keep the good times rollin'.

0 Austin If you see me walking down the street. don’t walk by.

Please stop!

Yours are the eyes that watch me pass . . .

Maybe it's my shyness?

N xxx.

0 George Love you always but even more come 1.4.95. x Admirer x.

O oear Mom. RIP. Yours, Oedipus.

0 Tom Special thoughts. . . a wee dram from a wee flask. Red wine and the red felly. Piaf. Pissarro and Paris. Will ye go laddie. go? Love Jane.

0 Sconie You're the only thing that can satisfy those ll o‘clock cravings. The Gutbuckets in the ad dept.

C Paul My very own cartographer.

Thinking of you constantly. Five hundred miles is merely a trot up the road.

See you in two weeks.

I love you. Euroboy xxx.

0 Milly Living with you has been Heaven. although cramped. Let's get rid of Fitz. Bubbly love. Molly.

Q Although you are a sailor man.

Which means that you wear flares.

I write this letter from my heart, To show how much I cares! With all my love. Christine.

U Mr Swan 1 wish you knew I

existed. One day you will.

Yours in lust. x.

0 To Hannah the flaming haired beauty. Stay passionate and you will find the happiness you deserve. A Big Valentine’s Kiss.

0 near Jamie I love you best in your Chelsea strip and even forgive you your bad taste in football teams. From an admirer. xxx.

Q Dr B - Will fate be kind and indicate you’re free to meet an attractive, young woman like me? If I can convince you to meet face to face. send me a message and keep watching this space!

88 The List 10-23 Feb 1995