Beyond the greasy spoon

Jonathan Trew puts on his Sunday best and checks out the best brunch and breakfast spots around.

334 5898. Here's one for those who like to believe that every cloud has a silver lining. The ceiling collapsed recently at the Bay Tree. Unfortunate. but then it did allow the installation of a new higher ceiling thus creating a more airy atmosphere than was previously the case. Not that anyone spends too much time staring at the ceiling - eyes down and

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day's specialities. The Sunday brunch. served from 1 1am to an incredibly civilised 8pm. features an enormous vegan fry-up fora wallet-friendly £2.90. Everyone frotn bleary-eyed students to posr-service church-goers make the brunch a popular choice. A ten per cent discount is available for students and the unemployed while OAPs can take advantage of a fifteen per cent discount. I Change At Jamaica 11—17 Clyde Place. 429 4422. This is a breakfast and brunch joint for people who like to party. Hard. On Fridays and Saturdays from midnight to 6am Change At Jamaica serves up everything which serious clubbers needs to replenish their batteries after a frenzied dancing session. The traditionally inclined can get stuck into a full fried breakfast of

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public house rule no. all Lair musl' Le l‘asl'eless anal preferably frozen

sample lunch menu

cream Of hr soup

grilled mushrooms wills sl'ill'on

borne-made chicken liver pale

soul's pork fillel' wil‘is sun-dried imioos, olives and l‘lsvme chicken and pram/n gumbo aulnrgine cheesecolm wil‘ls l'omal'o

M4 ooulis

home -mosle pecan pie cheese and biscuil's mr Lonis ice creams

l'wo courses €4.50. one course €5.75

served many l’o friJay, noon l'o 55m». "\omonuhow‘dlv-Twumulikustoiu

Lani your bongover wills riolgs nul’isenho

enchillagats, Lurril’os, chiroiclsang


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a snaolc menu is also available foaluring obilli (veg ans, soup, oluL saanioixos, nachos, Lurril’os el’o. serves} loom noon lAl’e, seven days a weelc

line basemenl' - lbs lam ignores l'ise rules

is - Fla larotiglsion eslinleur‘gb


either the vegetarian or carnivorous

persuasion while the more adventurous

. can opt for chilli. potato skins. burgers.

stuffed mushrooms and other savoury revitalisers. The decor takes its cue frotn the trains which rutnble overhead and the menu is equally unusual in that it contains

assorted self-(leprecating witticistns along the lines of ‘Don‘t Be Fooled By Better . Food At Cheaper Prices. There is only one

Change At Jamaica‘.

§ I The Ubiquitous Chip 12 Ashton Lane. _ 33-1 5007. If you're of the opinion that ? branch is a bastardised amalgam of lunch

and breakfast that fails to satisfy the

criteria ofeither meal then you'll love the I Bay Tree Gate 403 Great Western Road.

Chip's set price Sunday lunch. The menu contains none of the usual brunch

standards but it does fall into that early

. Sunday afternoon brunch time slot. For

: £15 you can feast on a three course tneal ' starting for example with roasted soda

scone savoury with watercress. spiced

. pear and Lanark blue cheese topping. The main courses offer local delicacies such as ' warm Ayrshire ham cooked with butter beans Buchan style or if inventive exotica is more your bag. try the pan fried fillet of cod with a lemon butter sauce on a bed of

cucumber spaghetti. The desserts lean

: towards the traditional bread pudding

3 with double cream or Scots gingerbread

with honey and lemon sauce. Recognition of the Chip‘s dedication to excellence has 5 recently arrived in the fortn a Michelin

Red M. the first to be awarded to a

5 restaurant in Glasgow.

I Tron Theatre 63 Trongate. 552 8587.

f The Victorian Bar at the Tron does an interesting brunch menu from

10.30am—4pm every Sunday. Sit in front of the open fire and make a leisurely

choice between the traditional fry-up.

eggs Benedict. pancakes with bacon. eggs and maple syrup. huevos rancheros. French toast with creme fraiche and maple

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moxioan ooolcing al’ Tine wooth

ShfiCiCS nachos - 92 Lurril'o -


main sleals

l’aioos, quesavslillaes or l‘osl‘aidass fillings - olsioloon or beef 94, veggie 95.50 all uLovo served with rice and roler Looms iatjil'os at new aclsiil'ion l'o riclc’s reperl’oire oisioioon or Loci - Sal'ursloys noon - 89am.

sunslatys noon - 7pm.

syrup or the Greek breakfast fresh fruit with natural yoghurt and honey. The atmosphere is laid back and the prices are very reasonable.

I Cate Royal Oyster Bar 17 West Register Street. 556 4124. Sunday afternoons aren‘t often associated with unbridled hedonism but there's more than a whiff of culinary decadence coming from the kitchen here. From 12.30—230pm you can

5 feast on some of the most mouthwatering

goodies Scotland has to offer. There are

two set price menus: one at £12.50 which

kicks off with Bucks Fizz before moving on to blueberry muffins or croissants.

' there then follows something of a a dilemma as you are faced with the choice

of five main courses including Eggs West Coast. Louisiana Beef Hash and omelette with prawns in a cream sauce. If you can face it a sweet and coffee will fill any residual spaces. Alternatively. go the

. whole hog and gorge on half-a-dozen oysters and grilled salmon at £17.50.

Spoil yourself.

I Sey’s New York Style Deli and Coffee House 48 Nicolson Street. 667 2094. ‘Yo! Gimme a salt beefjerky on rye with

pickled gherkins and hold the mayo.

please’. Well you could if you wanted to

5 but for those of a more delicate ' constitution first thing in the morning how

about doorstep sized slabs of French toast washed down with hot coffee? From 7.30am seven days a week the team will be happy to deal with those early morning hunger pang blues. The breakfast extravaganza with smoked salmon. scratnblcd eggs and onions on toast as well as rolls. croissants and coffee (free refills) is yours for £4.95 and is on sale

i throughout the day. The place is often

busy with a healthy mixture of professionals. students and shiftworkers.

9 :1. breakfast 0 morning coffee 0 lunch 0 afternoon tea 0 pre show meals a evening meals 0 l 0 pm 0 cakes 81 pastries 0 bar 0 late SERVING EXCELLENTFOODAMJDRIM AWIDE SELECTIONOF INTEMATiONAL MKS,8PIRIT‘8AM)BEEM OUTRAOEOUSMRPKJMOTIOM AWRFULLY RELAXEDAPD



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350 Saucniehali Street. Glasgow. G2 3.10 tele ~ 041 332 7864


Open seven days for a wide range of foods and drinks. Breakfast 900-1200 noon. Cafe Menu 12.00 noon-12.00 midnight. A La Carte Menu 5.30- 12.00 midnight. Daily Specials. Full International Wine List. We cater for all occasions, special menus available, parties no matter how large or small.

Fully Disabled Friendly

From Sunday 20 February Nicolsons All Day Cooked Breakfast available 10.30-5.30 every Sunday

fax - yh‘l :‘.U "

(4/1 L Nicolsons fresh food with imagination.

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