formats. NBK is a landmark in M'l‘V-intluenced filmtnaking. See review. General release.

I The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) (Hertry Selick. US. 1993) With the voices of Chris Sarandon. Danny Elfman. Catherine O'Hara. 76 mins. Jack Skellington. the skinny trickster king of Halloweentown. is restless with success and needs a new challenge. so he ltatches a plot to kidnap Santa and create a mixed-up Yuletide isn't quite what the kids of the world expected. Produced and based on a story and characters by Tim Burton. this is a real imaginative treat —-’ deliciously dark stop-motion animation on the big screen. Fife: Adam Smith.

I North (PG) (Rob Reiner.11S. 1994) Elijah Wood. Jon Lovitz. Bruce Willis. 87 mins. Universally popular. but ignored by his folks. North goes out in search of new parents. but time is nrnnittg out as he travels the world: better find a new set soon. or it's the orphanage. And then there's the pressure from the kids of the world w ho are enjoying the new-found power his antics have given them. A constantly inventive fable that shows respect for all ages of its audience. Rob Reiner's only lets itself down by committing a cardinal sin itt the last few minutes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Only You (PG) (Nomran Jewisort. US. 1994) Marisa Tomei. Robert Downey Jr. Bonnie Hunt. 108 mins. Playing with a ouija board as a kid. Faith is told the name of her man of destiny; years later. on the eve of her wedding, she finds out he really exists. and so begins a dash across Italy. The settings ouze romance. Tomei‘s playing is agreeably nutty and Downey's charm has its appeal. but there's no real sense that these crossed lovers deserve each other. making this a poor cousin to Sleepless In Seattle. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. l‘Cl. Strathclyde: UC Is.

I A Page of Madness 1 15) ('I‘eirtosuke Kinugasa. Japan. 1920) 60 mins. Stylish account of an old sailor who gets a job as janitor in an asylum to stay close to his insane wife. A challenging avant-garde piece that uses a wealth ofexpressionist distortions to create a succession of visual shocks. Edinburgh: Film Guild.

I The Pagemaster (1,1) (Joe Johnstone/Maurice Hurtt. US. 1994) Macaulay Crrlkirt. Christopher Lloyd. 83 mins. Child-nerd Richard Tyler (Culkin) buntps his head in the local library and finds himself transported into an animated adventure with a trio of book friends - Adventure. Fantasy and Horror to keep him

company. The moral is that discovering a role for yourself in fiction helps you confront real life. Luckily. the plot episodes conte artd goat a pace that suits the skimpiest concentration span. but that doesn't hide the fact the animation is particularly (11111. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Strathclyde: Magnum. All 1.’C1s.

I The Piano ( 15) (Jane Campion. Australia/New Zealand. 1993) Holly llrrnter. Sattt Neill. Harvey Keitel. 120 ntins. Jarte Campion's masterpiece follow s trrrrte Scotswoman Ada (Hunter) as she travels to 19th century New Zealand with her piano and daughter to ertter ittto art arranged marriage. Soon she begirts a passionate and erotic affair with her illiterate neighbour as the means of regaining her treasured instrument. lrnpeccable performances llft this highly charged piece to the realms of classic cinema. undoubtedly one of the best filtrts of the 90s. Central: Allanpark.

I Pret-a-Portet ( 15) (Robert Altman. US. 199-1) Tim Robbins. Julie Roberts. Richard Grant. Lacking the insider bite of The Player and the skilful narrative weaving of Short Cuts". this backstage glimpse into the world of high fashion will disappoint Altman fans. However. as a fast- paced farce. set during the annual Parisian catwalk show arid starring names as diverse as Sophia Loren and Kirrt Basinger. Naomi Campbell and Tim Robbins. it tnigltt make fora colourful. glossy night ortt. See feature. General release.

- I Pulp Fiction ( 18) (Quentin Tarantino. US. 199-1) John Travolta. Samuel Jackson. Uma Thurman. Brttce Willis. 15(1 mitts. Much more

ambitious than Rr’sr'l‘t'nlr [)ogt. the most awaited second feature of the 90s has many scenes that

crackle with 'l'ar'antino wit. and a few others that fall flat as the writer-director bravely

experiments. Interlocking stories iii the pulp crirtre manner concern ltitrttert. ailittg boxers. gang bosses and their molls. drug fiends. and assorted riff-raff. Last year's surprise Cannes Palme d'()r winner is a trip. all tlte way.

Glasgow: Odeort. Edinburgh: Odeon. I’Cl.

(‘entralz Allanpatk. l-‘ife: Robin's.

I Raise The Red Lantern (PG) (thattg Yimou. China/Japan. 1991 1 Gong 1.1. Ma Jingwa. He (‘aifet. Cao (‘uifeng 125 tnitts. thattg. director of ./u Dori artd Rm! Sorghron, again combines i exquisitely beautiful photography with

formalised melodrama. brrt this time creates one

of the rrrost moving films to appear anywhere on the world circuit irt recent years. Essentially the




Natural Born Killers (18) Leon (18) Shallow Grave (18) Pulp Fiction (18)

NEW RELEASES MARCH 3rd The Shawshank Redemption (1 5) 3rd Pret-a-Porter (1 5)

1 0th Nell (1 2) l

1 7th Quiz Show (1 5)

24th Little Women (U) 31st The Madness of King George (PG)


7th Dumb and Dumber (1 2)

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28 The List 24 Feb-9 Mar 1995

tale of a young girl forced to become a concubine and the jealousies she encounters in her fortress home. it also acts as a metaphor for the repression of individual passions in post- Tiananmen China. Borders: Roxy.

I Red light Zone ( 15) Two screenings to launch Channel 4's Red Light Zone series: White Jazz is a dramatist documentary about American crime writer James lillroy. while Go Go Archipelago follows the fortunes of Russian women who have tried to make a living as go-go dancers iii the US. The screenings will be introduced by Stuart Cosgrove artd the filmmakers will be in attendance for discussions. Glasgow: GFT.

I The Remains of the Day (U) (James 1v0ry. UK. 1993) Anthony Hopkins. Emma Thompson. James Fox. 134 mins. A butler rerninisces on the pre-WWZ days he spent in Darlington Hall. when he turned a blind eye to his employer‘s dealings with the Nazis and his own feelings for the housekeeper. One of Merchant-1vory‘s best. with Hopkins the epitome of English emotional repression. Central: MacRobert.

I Reservoir Dogs ( 18) (Quentin Tarantino. US. 1992) Harvey Keitel. Tim Roth. Michael Madsen. 100 mins. A gang of hoods. known only to each other by colour-coded nicknames. meets at art abandoned warehouse to figure ltow out their rigorously planned heist went so drastically wrong. The best debut in years from writer-director Tarantirto. whose stylish violence seduces the audience into complicity. Brilliant irt every sense of the word. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Cameo. ()deon. UCI.

I The River Wild (15) (Curtis Hansort. US. 199-1) Meryl Streep. Kevin Bacon. David Strathaint. 108 mins. While on a rafting holiday

with her husband and sort. former river navigator

Gail (Streep) finds her trip disrupted by a corrple of armed robbers who force her to take them all through dangerous waters. The actors add a realistic dimension to the cltaracters. brtt otherwise Hanson's outdoor suspense thriller is less a white water rollercoaster artd more at: acquatic log-ride. See review. General release. I The Road To Wellville (18) (Alan Parker. US. 1994) Anthony Hopkins. Matthew Broderick. Bridget Fonda. 120 mitts. Cornfiakes will never taste the same again after you‘ve spent some time with their eccentric inventor. Dr John Harvey Kellogg. at his Battle Creek Sanitarium at the beginning of the cetrtury. An evangelical vegetarian. played to mad comic perfection by Hopkins. he sets out an exhausting regime of meals. massages and enemas for his guests. Fine scatalogical humour and ensemble playing. Edinburgh: LiCl.

I Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (PG) (Stephen Sommers. US. 1994) Jason Scott Lee. Lena lleadey. Sam Neill. 112 mins. Disney‘s new live action version of Kipling's well-loved stories doesn't have the appealing talking animals or songs of the 1967 animated version. but it‘s a great matinee-style wheeze imagine an early Tarzan movie crossed with art Indiana Jones adventure. Jungle boy Mowin meets up again with the British army regiment for whom his father was a guide. but finds himself forced to reveal to a group of soldier cads the whereabouts of some hidden treasure. Great fun. General release.

I Saturday Night Fever (18) (John Badharn. US. 1977) John Travolta. Karen Lynn (iorney. Julie Bovasso. 119 mins. Remember the Bee Gees music. the white suits. the days when Travolta was a promising young talent .’ Nostalgia rrtles again with the revival of this rather ordinary teen rebellion/dance mini-classic in which art ordinary working-class youth finds the only meaning itt his life during his energetic peregrinations on the weekend dance floor. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Shadowlands (PG) (Richard Attenborough. US. 1993) Anthony Hopkins. Debra Winger. Joey Mazzelo. 131 mins. The true story of ()xford don and children's novelist CS. Lewis who. late in life. married feisty American divorcee Joy Gresham. only to lose her to cancer a few years later. Superlative acting frortt all concerned. with Hopkins opening his emotions rrrore than usual and Attenborough showing that he can work effectively on a detailed. intimate canvas. Central: MacRobert.

I Shallow Grave (18) (Danny Boyle. UK. 1994) Kerry Fox. Ewan McGregor. Christopher Eccleston. 90 mins. Three Edinburgh flatmates find their new co-habitant dead with a stack of money under his bed. so after performing a little DIY on the corpse. they reckon all their won‘ies are over. But the cops are closing in. there are two thugs after the money. and the psychological tension is beginning to show. Filled with dark humour and cynical one-liners. this Scottish thriller is bloody and intelligent enough to please the cult audience while remaining accessible enough to be a mainstream hit. Glasgow: ()deon. MGM Parkhead. Edinburgh: Cameo. UCI. Strathclyde: Magnum. UCIs.

I The Shawshank Redemption (15) (Frank

Darabont. US. 199-1) Tint Robbins. Morgan Freeman. Bob Gurtton. 143 mins. Banged up for a crime he didn't commit (ain't they all?) quiet mart Robbitts plans a slow brrt effective revenge on the unnecessarily harsh prison regime. Freeman excels as the fellow con with art rrncartny knack for procuring desired items. The film is certainly overlong. but the apocry'phal sense to the storytelling and the period detail are well handled in wltat is. ultimately. a very fine mOvie indeed. See review. Glasgow: ()deon Edinburgh: Odeort. I'CI. Strathclyde: l'Cls.

I Short Cuts ( 18) (Robert Altman. 1S. 1993) Andie MacDowell. Tint Robbins. Lily Tomlin.

Tout Waits. et al. 187 mitts. Long and absorbing.

Altman‘s patchwork approach sltifts Raymond ("arver's short stories to 1.os Angeles. a city socially arid geologically on the point of falling apart. The stories cross over. character 's lives rub together. threads are picked tip after receeding for a while —- this is classy soap opera at its best. with flawless acting and construction. Fife: New l’icture House. V

I Show Boat (1‘) (George Sidney. LS. 1951) Kathryn Grayson. Ava Gardner. Howard Keel. 108 tnirts. Kern arid llamttterstein's musical gets the MGM colour treatrttent. arid it's one of the best. Set among Mississippi river folk. it contains a batclt of favourites including ‘()1' Man River" and ‘Make Believe". I-Tdinburgh: liiltnhouse.

I Sleep With Me 1 IS) (Rory Kelly. ('8. two Eric Stoltz. Meg Tilly. (‘targ Shelter. 9-1 rttitts. Co-written by the directorial team beltirtd 'l'lrr' ll’aterrlance artd Bot/imp Rt'tl ((- .1Iotion. this is another independent American movie that concentrates on cottterrtrmrary twerttysomething relationships. Quentin ‘l'ar'arttino makes art odd appearance. spouting his new reading of the homo-erotic subtext of 72),; (Ian a reassessment to rival the Madonna speech tn Reservoir Dogs. Glasgow (11"1‘.

I The Specialist ( 18) (Luis r 1osa.1‘S. tour) Sylvester Stallone. Sharon Stone. James Woods. 110 mins. Crack explosives dtro Stallotre and Woods fall ottt when on the job. but soon find themselves going head to head once tnore when Stallone is lured otrt of retirement to provide a few bombs for Stone's revenge plot on the killers of her parents. litequent loud bangs can’t fool rrs into believing this is value for money. rtor can the steamy sex scenes hide the fact that there's no chemistry between the leads. As for the mess that is the plot it's like chunks of raw meat flung onto a 1:11in tertded bat beque. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. All 1'(‘ls.

I Speed ( 15) (Jan De Bont. (TS. 1994) Keanu Reeves. Dennis Hopper. Sartdra Bullock. 115 mins. A white-knuckle adrenalin ride that is the fastest. rrtost finely trrned fairground attraction of the year. With LA SWAT~ mart Jack Travcn (Reeves) up against mad bomber Howard l’aync (Hopper) ltlr'llttvs'Cl"l)1t)Cl; elevator siege. a bus wired to blow if it drops below 50mph arid 1.A's as-yet-unfinished subway. this is a movie that will leave you on a high for days afterwards. Glasgow: GI-T. Strathclyde: Motherwell.

I Star Trek Generations (PG. (1)(1\1L1 (xii-am L'S. 199-1) Patrick Stewart. \\r11r;rnt Shatncr. Malcolm McDow e11. 113' units. A contrived plot brings together Captains l’rcard and Kirk 111 order to save millions of lives at the hands of the demented McDowell. liorget the time w .rr p toslt and clinging references to tltc joys of the family. enjoy instead the self-referential jokes of the seventh Trekkie movie which clearly shows that the Next Generation crowd make for better sci-ti than the original pantomime team. And the effects are indeed spectacular. General release. I Stargate (PG) (Roland Emmerich. LS. 1994) Kurt Russell. James Spader. Jaye Davidson. 13: mins. Was Earth visited cettturres ago by aliens, Seems like it. particularly when ligyptologist Spader solves the key to a huge engraved circle found at the pyramids and unlocks a doorway to