‘No pain. no gain’ is the motto of this tortuous

instalment of the . . .


I Jean I.uc Godard once remarked that all you need to make a successful film is a girl and a gun. As Oliver Stone has discovered, a media turore about copy- cat violence doesn’t do any harm either. Finally, after much certification delay, an un-cut Natural Born Killers opens. See Film listings for details.

I Not, as you might imagine, a device tor unknotting the vertebrae alter a desk-bound week at the office. This man is actually hanging by the ankles in aid ot eternal youth, in the bizarre Mexican movie Cronos. See Film listings tor details.

I Can you imagine lord lteith, the 886’s moral guardian angel, allowing a whole evening of cannabis-related television to be beamed into the living rooms of decent on honest talk. No, of course not - that’s why we love Channel 4 so much. Miss out the inevitable Cheech and Chong movie, but don’t torget to inhale. See TV listings tor Pot Night details.

2 The List 24 Feb-9 Mar I995