'- FBENCH ms‘n‘nflf 13 Randolph both the director Rohin Hcrford and the t Crescent 225 5366. designer Michael Holt are long-little

Drama workshops gal 25 pet, for {ml associates of .‘\_\'Cl\l‘t)lll'll and his Stephen

wcck3_ 9'30mn_nmm. £7 (55 L 1.061% Joseph Theatre in Scai‘hoiol'gli. l’ilchaids.

Mung law from [he Conscrvcrmn-c dc DH. had hacks. tailed marriages and

Rennes leads a series of \K'Ol‘ksllops based “m” ‘ll"cr““”-‘~ 5* l'L‘f"“~“‘- _

on body and vocal expression using I TRAVERSE THEATRE ‘~ “Vill‘lhls’t? 3‘1"“. Dance performances and classes are listed by city, then alphabetically by

~ , , 328 l-ltll. l.-\cccs>: l.. l acllittcs: \\'(' I' [1‘ L. - ' l” e “hf” . ws. ii. (i. cg I KING 5 THEATRE 2 L‘wc” Strum 2“) Marisol Sat «1 «Still :6 Mai. ot‘lii. L8 venue. Shows will be listed, provided $3


lACCCSSI FilClllllL‘SI (£.tltt;’_);. [.‘I.L.L. prcVi‘.“ pti 1 31;”. lititopeaii oreiiiict': of ti pla) h} lqadtiic that details reach our ottices at least ten days before publication. Dance Listings compiled by Mark Fisher.

H. G. Help: AA]

Patience and Trial by Jury Until Sat 25 Feb. Sat mat 3.15pm. The Gilbert and Sullixan Society of lidinburgh give an airing to these two ever-popular operctlas. The Desert Song Mon 27 "eh-Sat J Mar.

lhspanit ,\iiiet'icaii i‘iil}\\llglll Jose Rivera who brings itiztgtc realism into New York cit\ lll .iti apocalsptil

liigltllinir'c :lt‘altiti. l’hilip llo‘.'.'.ittl liticcis

this 'li‘ax'ct‘sc i‘t'odticiioi‘. w

b D " P " 7.30pm. Sat mat 3.30pm. The Southern ; muting Rum. ta. “101.140 shaken“. um I MITCHELL THEATRE Granville Street. ' 0mm 0 u i Light Opera Company in the l’i'ench : Home 3 327 Fil l. (Access: l’l’A. l.. ST. R. ‘i Moroccan rotiiance. The Keeper of the Keys W101; \ i.“ m i Facilities: \\’(‘. WS. H. (.i. C. Help: A. 2m lllllllllllllllllilllll William l I PLAYHOUSE mums (simian mm. i i\.'5“l‘(:\f;‘)l “not; «fit ’-‘-ft’i_‘*t: fit; KW "W l - .t .- - t l ‘i‘i in am am. ..\i,-1:: aft _.. i. . m 2592.]lALLcss. R. l,. l .icihtics. \\( . Tommy and I“ WW : l Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor | W t l Dreamcoat Until Sat l Apr. 7.30pm. ! t r i m mass,“ 5 Various tilats 2.30pm. itiitt-L‘ZASU. 'l‘lil‘ ; This section lists shows that are touring i ' early Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim ? the cennal Belt- There is 3 phone l Rice hit continues its long post-London ; Hump“ TOT ERG? COMEBDV ShOUld YOU 5 ' I‘lll‘. with [IN/116tl/ltl‘i’tlltl‘flS David Dixon reunite mom I" Ofma IDII. t , in the lead role. linergetic pei't'oi‘inattc:s I Bflmsmne and Tleacle “(33335 lil’lit’l' \ cvcn it the plm “1311); u littlc thin tale til Lfttttil lllltl t".'ll * lllc‘ \ :tc lllltl shillctl

Sting in the l‘l‘w“. i:' ‘.'x l stun ;s tu‘i'lot'iizt‘d

. . . .. in New 31 lg“ ‘l‘lle‘alic‘ ( it ‘illi‘hiH l‘il’lc‘l' llit‘ l Cot‘stoi'phiiie lhe'stt'e. t lL‘!".\tit‘\l lL‘ll'thL‘. ' ~ -

‘17 xx“ tlil‘cclttill "l.,l‘llll Slc'istill. (Kill illll 46*) I

I .All’)' "ottr‘lls,

llnlllllllfll llltSl.ll.l$llUl I The Country Wife Until Sal 25 my politic; [lettitwlv {WW/W . 7.30pm. £3 t£2/£l). 'l‘errs' Wale tlll'c‘t‘lx ' N ' " '-‘ ' " t L ‘~ '

. .. . . , . . Well I .\l;ll‘. inept“. i dialiia Sltl lents iii \\ illtz'i‘t \‘l‘; ‘iiet'ic\' s . , ,_ - l H 'k ' ( ttittttci'ttttx'ltl Hit til/r l hairs -. Mat.


°""°“"""“""' t Restoration satire. a - t " Don-pothowntco Dunn. .~l\'l‘tlll. ' '_ “o'collomonsmbw Podotmncos" TM Herald I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Grindlzl'j flirt/lock .‘irtx (“"111 la". 3 . lztz'. 'z’f‘itll‘tti. v ¥ 4: q Street. 32‘) 9o“)? l.‘:\CCCS'\'L l’. l.. liicilztics: L Dar/tier Latin (‘i/t til.“ «1 Hill» , limiter I Richard Alston Dance company Thurs 23 ' 3 WC. W5. H. (i. C. T. Help: A. AAl lU's‘ i Mi“- ’.»‘”l"‘t‘- ' . loo-Wed 1 Mar 7.3t)piii. £6 (£4). Richard l Beumom Farce Ulll'l 53‘ ‘1 M1”. 7450m- 1 [‘1‘/.“"””"" (‘I””"t"""'5." ‘i “'"7'." It'll‘fl‘ “M ‘\ .~\lstoit, cs-thrcclor of Ramhert Dance. USO-£14. Sat 25 mat at 3.15ptii. Student Mill- 7.30175“. _ hrincs a comp;th of leadinc dancers to stand-by tickets available for £4 oti ; RIU'/t‘<"'.k’/<‘f-' “ll” lit-“’7‘ “-‘ “'1‘” T—l‘l’lm Q pcri'oiitt four strong plCCL'SI‘Altll't’lllt’lll)‘ Wednesdays from 6pm. The Royal ; Tm” 09111171115?“ l ,‘i. in: /)("."II'I!.\/.'A'tl, Strut/nit Rr’tl/Itl. Lyceum has gone to the experts for its I Coming Apart [he latest pioltagtion [N “flunk, and 5-“,m,,/“-W m 1/“, Ci”.

production of Alan Ayckhouriis coziiedy t “W” “CWlH'lH‘Ei 5P“ 151‘?“ -‘\'“l'~'\'~' I TRAMWAY 35 Albert l.)t‘i\'c. 327 551 l. ' lhcltll’c ( ttiiit‘atij 1\ hf: ilo" .\d;iiiis and !_\_L.\.,\.\._‘: p PP‘,\' R. talcum“: WC. WS. takes a dark]3 httiiiott-m look .t spate-part i H. (5‘ (“1.

Hell Bent Wed l-—'l‘hnrs 3 Mar. 8pm. £6

Sill'ficl'} as l‘.&t' ‘rcr; «liift ret'l iiic-it -.l\‘.1lll

l ti.iil:~;‘lutl'~~*- ‘\ l H ‘1»\-~ W)“ W “‘1‘ W » «LINN. Another New Mt res season ol

. ill-1i H15 wwl-i. . international cutting-edge dance kicks oll (‘I ll‘;" Vii], " /."\'l"‘ l '33 i|| \'\ -'

t’li’t’ /"' ‘1‘”. W” .s‘ l 5' ‘- in sl}lc‘ with Nigel C harnock s new show

t..t azt,... .. “' l l "' - that looks niio his own hie as a

. {TWV‘I I’D'Illlm- ‘7'” ’H “'l‘“: 3'".- l'ill“ iiiasecltislic pctfortiier. See preview. “llll‘l” . »_ g _ Rapta l-i'i 3—Sat 4 Mar. 8pm. £6 (£2.50).

[it'll/“"14”! l l‘) l“? -~‘ l1“ V ll’l‘m- (‘atalan dancer Vicente Sael. was last seen ("””l"""“”“l‘/ Ill/"'“ll'” *‘l l W“ in the IWR New Moves with a show

: 7"fill'll- called t'Tttl/t'. Here he resiirrects a

'l“'"‘/"l" 'l’“ “W” '1 ll'“ ‘i 3 1‘1” thcsicallv and lilc‘llldllV testing piece “‘S’T's"l‘l"/" ("’“li’l‘ ‘- l." ""I‘lk W‘” l’ t ahout two strangers meeting and affecting M’” 73ml)“ _ H each others destinv.

"5”" 7”"“~""" l“ l““ ' “‘17 7 ? Rapta Masterclass Saw Mar. llam.

‘r)"[”"”"3’_’”“ H ' 1mm" H 31““ l' £2.50 \‘v'orkshop with Vicente Saez.

Tm” C””““”'~“~ . Peter Boneham Daily Class Mon b—Sat la I The Keeper at the “it? ““f ,l‘m‘m‘ .\l;ir. lttam. £3.50. The artistic director of i I‘m-Ht...1m[kll‘llliliuiim \ I" H.“ mm” , ()ttawa's l.e (‘it‘oupe Dance Lab leads a

Wm” “ml by YM’ ll"““""'( "Elixillijjmc technique class for professional dancers. * l) “l” ' Alcool Tue T—NVed 8 Mar. Rpm. £6


’- /


gt'cs'tew .‘\lt)il' tlcl‘ltlis til; lll-ll

tlit/:lu‘t'tl'lsolo" f’lt'.’t.".'( Sal-1 .‘Klati ~§T“tl‘lii.

I 3 ' I. ' I" . I I I “I _. H i (52.50.). Fear aiid freedom are the themes Ito! ANN-w W“ ~ ~ 1 ""‘l of Desiree Dc‘llltlllt'}"s British pretiitet‘e All! I N I'll , [link ' .\. _ . \ I for NewoMoves. H " :SIlBRCBISBRhYtRMTOO lue 7~~\Vcd8 l l” M“- .‘J'ir. Rpm £6 (£2.50). Solo performance

Other l’eaple‘s Footsteps lung llak

’i' lieati'tr t'otiipaiif. ii:.tkcs tlllc‘\'l"t‘-‘l:"l l‘trriiiecliolis lli Johli ll;t"\.c_\ 's llot‘:=c‘.aliii';. l‘l't} -.ctoli ;lli1‘.llllllllc‘ilt. Dct;il~ llt'li fillil 22H 261‘ l.

lxll'riillf/T/ (‘t Il1."t'_ (;trlti"l/lltll. (T/La‘hk’l 'rl I Mon :7 l'.‘li. 7. ‘itlznii.

PUTS/CY .rlrts ('t/i/lt' llllll~ 2 Mar 7.10pm. 3 I DANCE BASE .-\sscinhl_\' Rooms. 54

i-i chn \an Schuylenhurch. who has

maki- l il‘ the past with Michael Clark and l ;t.;:i-' Booth. ptit together iii ct halal; .ttton with Daksha Sheth iii liidla.

. f . t 995

. ti AWN“ Olllllllgllléltsntlattt

' its“


Two? ' (.‘t)t‘(ll"i" 1'./Zt"1.'l't’, (1'.l.l\'c’tt'.'. “fill 'l .‘iloj Slit‘c‘l. Ticketlinc: - “1%; (If; pP¢,f fr “.0 v’):r (CH-5. i Rl‘lll- . I will), l:\CkL‘\'\' l‘ilL‘lllthS. “i \th 5, A"; l Vii/'5’ L! “cw—"(Til 'v' «K 3" i I All Reiteach Scotland s ollo.‘ (ll ‘2 professional (.iaelil: llit“lllt' coinpan}. The X Factor Workshop Sun 26 Feb.

; Dratiia iia h'Al'oa. follows on from the l lam «1pm, £3 475 t. Alan Greig leads a THr .11fo Roy H GL AC“)(')\V,\'/ i success- oi its first production. Hie 'ip/i/e ; class aimed at nonprofessional dancers ' h i v 3 lice. wzth .! :icw t‘l'iu ht loiiil \ltit‘izt‘. f and based on The X l’actor's current show H099 GlOSQOW l pct'loi‘iiiel iirtrtiav 1‘; l';(iilt‘llc‘,1l\lc‘ll\lDl) Ken". Box Office 041-332 9000 t .l l()\t_' slum. int: ill-t l.:l's’c‘,: .il-i-yc; ' Shapechangtng: Kator Workshop With the | . v ~ . . ; - Hoke“ __ 3 questions about language mil. cultural 'Stlent Foundation Sun. Mar. l0am~5pm. sepaiatlon, More details .m on 78' '_-‘iti3: i. |thi (£3). Mark Hamilton and Alan Catg

An Amulet: Prod-man by arrangement with thistc3cope and Stage Musicals ltd at New Yodt.

(Murine (‘t'tttrtc _\';-,--]l;te Mon 6 Mar. explore opposing tensions in the body in a C'iun/il'ritutt/u’ )"lil'ltrrt \\'cd fs’ Mar workshop aimed at experienced and 7.45pm, l no\ ice perlorml‘rs.

58 The List 24 Feb-9 Mar 1995