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j FRENCH SELECTION f Sweet FM radio returns to Glasgow for the 5 TO EXISTING l month of April and is looking for new ideas to ! SMALL RANGE. L add to its current weekday schedule. CALL 2

Programming is required for 2 breakfast slots ; ol3l'658 .287 . 1 Scottish Opera is Scotland's largest arts organisation and is Ind 0'" 0' “N “km” “"83"” 5M“ V“ l ' currently enioying great success. The Company provides are also considering a change in format to the

5 t t I f mumming musk show, op class opera, 0 al scales of per ormance throughout

Scotland and in the North of England. Scottish Opera also owns Glasgow's fine Theatre Royal, which also presents international dance and drama, in the centre of this most culturally dynamic city.

Apply if you think you could research/present one of the above or think you can offer something sweet in the way of radio.

Volunteers also required for Studio Manager posts and production (some experience preferred).

Scottish Opera is seeking a Press Officer. This person is a key member of the team, promoting both the opera and the Theatre Royal’s programme. We need an animated,

Send programme . . o . . _ proposals to Sweet m, organised, experienced media animal whose interest In ’° NV": “P ""1 opera and the arts is matched only by his/ her outstanding " "d" I a d c'm‘m’ press and broadcasting contacts. This is a demanding post Glasgow, 680 “ll. , . O . . Phone/lax l which offers unparalled opportunities to show the ""439 75“. When increasingly diverse and exciting aspects of Scottish Opera 0°is! 4-“ 15”! Mud! replying to and the Theatre Royal to a variety of publics. 2 Salary £13, 250 A Jobads, -- I u . 9 Applications by letter and (V should be submitted by l0th March, \V—J./ ' T995 to Roberta Doyle, Head of Marketing and Press, Scottish 5‘ i : Opera 39 Elmbank Crescent Glasgow 62 4PT. w“ r ou saw them , ' ' - y . . For iob description, telephone Susan Wilkiéon 0] 4i 948 4567. BONNAR KEENLYSIDE mThe LISL H y

Bonnar Keenlyside offers a unique service to arts agencies and "' " r r " '

companies in artistic. financial and managerial development. . . Apporntment - Scottish Arts Lobby

. iARTSlLTD. We are seeking to recruit l Part-time Administrative


Scomsh Arts Lot-W Assistant to Director c £|5K to manage all aspects of BK's operations. A part-time post of 2 days per week (l6 hours) arranged in mutually convenient half day units. This post requires excellent communication skills and the ability to manage The job requires office skills - word processing, dealing with correspondence and a number of complex [asks simultaneously, filing. answering initial enquiries and developing membership.

CLOSlNG DATE FOR APPLICATIONS 6 MARCH The job will provide a useful foundation for a person developing a career in arts management and offers opportunities for personal initiative. Please contact us for a job description:

Bonnar Keenlyside. Distillery House. The Grange. Applications invited by letter. including CV. and two referees to: Bumtisland, Fife KY3 ()AA, The Director. SALVO c/o Royal Lyceum, Grindlay Streeet, Edinburgh EH3 9AD Tel: 01592 874478 Fax; 01592 874565 l from whom further details are available.


82 The List 24 Feb-9 Mar 1995