V I saw you BBC reception. weekend afternoon. early February. You were cute and dark and earnest. you'd just parked your car opposite and your name befuddled the security man. I was only there briefly. beside you. but I was impressed. Are you always so earnest attd would a drink help? Box No U/247/l.

V I saw you at the parking meter on George IV Bridge at 2 o’clock on Tuesday. Your ticket got stuck attd I helped you tui- stick it. You touched tny arm and thanked me. We can take to the road in your blue Citroen ZX any time. Box No U/247/2.

V I saw you Saturday evening. 4/2/95. Fast Forward. Henderson Row. You were serving. cute. baby-faced. We exchanged glances and smiles. Did you want to talk? Box No U/247/3.

V I saw you You were dancing on stage at Joy. You and your

b & w bra changed my life. Could we link belly buttons? PS Who is your frieIid?‘.’?‘.".".".’?'.’? Box No U/247/4.

V I saw you in Florentin‘s almost every time I go iti. You always provide setvice with a smile you can pour creme anglaise over my chocolate cake anytime. Box No U/247/5.

V I saw you Funky hat man. you were dancin' H.195. Are you always alone? BTS would like to meet you. Box No U/247/6.

v I saw you at the Captain Shifty gig last Friday. You were doing your funky stuff on the dancefloor red jeans. shades and groovy purple cap. Please come and shake out my negative vibes! U/247/7.

v I saw you Debs. Nico and Clarisse. We met but didn’t say goodbye come back Sat . . . and . . . ? Box No U/247/8.

V I saw you Sunday 1?. Feb having breakfast in Maison Hector. You were nibbling a croissant when I knocked over your cappuccino with my bag your smile melted my heart. Smile at me again? Box No U/247/9.

V I saw you at Victor Hugo's. where our eyes met over a stinky Gorgonzola; then l saw you again at Jenner‘s delicatessen. where we drooled together over a very runny Camembert. A fine romance. with no Jarlsberg . . . please cheese me (oh yeh) like 1 cheese you. Box No U/247/I0.

V I saw you We met at Helsinki Airport. You wore a kilt and you told me your name was Douglas (I saw your luggage ticket). Our flight was delayed and yott kept me smiling with your magic tricks arid patter! Bttt then . . . you disappeared! Izzy Wizzy

. . . let's get busy! Box No lJ/247/l l.

v I saw you slotting up the Bridges on Friday Ill/INS. evidently the worse for wear. Yespa scootered by 8.30pm what must your workmates be like?” You asked me for directions to your flat . . . I wish I (lit! know where it is! Next titne. I'll direct you to mine. Box No U/3—17/l3.

V I saw you at James' book launch. 11/2/95 (life is Biggar . as the song goes). You were cutting a dash to the Dashing White Sergeant. and.l didn't fancy either of yours much. What say we strip a few willows together? Box No U/247/I 3. V I saw you buying your pants at Markie's. a week past 'l‘uesday. You opted for the mauve silk boxers. but I know you were enjoying my disapproval over the aubergine Ys. Step this way. sir. and I'll measure you up for a tight lit! Box No U/247/15. V I saw you score at liaster Road against Motherwell. Your goal was stunning so are you. It's good to see you back. Box No U/247/lb. V I saw you in your brown knitted tie. You should always wear it. Box No U/247/l7. V I saw you in Waterstones West lind. lidinburgh on Saturday IS February looking at travel guides. You. tall. brown hair. blue eyes. Me. gorgeous. Fancy a weekend in Paris? Box No U/247/18. V I saw you through the penguin enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo. I was very taken with your green silk scarf butjust as I was going to approach you the parade started and l was knocked over by a king penguin. Box No U/247/l‘). V I saw you AJ. Ramsays. Hogmanay. A young Ursula Andress with a deadly smile. Would-be-bond seeks rendezvous. Box No U/247/20. V I saw you in ()ddfellows on Friday. I have never seen such a beautiful woman play pinball so well. Truly. I am lost on the twilight zone. How about a replay? Box No U/247/21. V I saw you enjoying a chip buttie in the Frying Scotsman on Saturday I8. I was going to make a move to the empty seat next to you but all the chips fell out my bag and covered me in brown sauce and I ran out crying. Cheer me up? Box No U/247/22. V I saw you the night of Ireland v Scotland. 9.45pm. Sneeky Pete's. You were the girl in the black polo neck. I was the boy in the same. Can we meet? We share the same taste in clothes! Box No U/247/23. V I saw you all last summer. You used to serve me coffee in Negociants. You were the pretty blond girl with the sun tattoo and the sunny smile. I was the shy design student with the nicotine habit. Where did you go? Box No U/247/24.

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