STYLE Second-hand chic

Second-hand clothes culture is thriving, making more statements about style than economics.

On this page, our model Rebecca Lipscombe describes to Ellie Carr the lure of the salvage, while opposite, The List goes prospecting for the best period clothing in two Glasgow and Edinburgh second-hand havens. Photographs by Chris Blott.

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and the fabric is beamtft‘l- I‘d definitely beautiful she takes that material and 511)’ they‘re quality. You don‘t really get makes a completely different garment. quality any more or You (10' bet you We have mountains of material. clothe: have to pay for it F‘IShtO“ gees mun" which aren’t wanted. and it's good to

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An eclectic collection of second hand clothing, jewellery and accessories including 505, 603 & 70$ Retro, cashmeres, men's and women's contemporary clothing, cuff links etc.

Top left: Snakeskin PVC jacket. Armstrong and Son, Edinburdt. £10; silver strapoy sandals,

—J g T M Row Covent Garden, 215; Charles Joudan ‘Jackle 0’ sunglasses. reduced horn £99 to £35; 92.5 L: H diamante hairslide, Becca’s own handiwork - made from an old belt buckle. 2 3 E 95 Main picture: Becca’s black suede jacket with take tur collar, £25 from W. Armstrong I EAST FOUNTAINBRIDGE 8 w 'r-———— and Son, Edinburgh; Hawiian 503 style dress. Flip, Edinburgh, £5.99; calf-length ED'NBURGH 0' 3' 228 2589 H8 1: 3 platform boots, Portobello Market. london. £15. MON - FRI l0-6 SAT I 2-6 6 l———

Thanks to the owners and staff of the Iauuderette. 343 leith Walk. near Pilrig.

88 The List 24 Feb-9 Mar 1995