entirely with Ronnie‘s idea that you can't taste the difference between chillies in cooking. He pointed out that many chillies aren‘t hot at all. and famous Mexican festival dishes like mole. use combinations of different mild dried chillies for their llavours alone. In fact. he says. he hasn't got a very hot palate. ‘but loves chillies for their incredible variety of taste. texture and colour.’ in his shop. definitely the best place in Scotland to buy chillies and all things Latin American. he sells loose dried AIM/103'. Mir/arms. xtnynras. Habenems. (Iainrli/las and (‘lmrit't'ms

Lett to right: The hot red Jalapeno, the green Jalapeno. the hottest of all. a handful ot Serrano chillies and the sweet Peter pepper

most famous of which tuust be ta/rasm, but there are many others including Scale/2 Bonnet sauce. You can buy chillies floating in alcohol including [id's Original (‘are ('reck Beer which has a definite chilli flavour without

; being too hot.

You can easily spice up your own spirits by adding a couple of whole

3 chillies, fresh or dried. and leaving

Hanging from his ceiling. ready for you i

to pluck. are strings of beautiful. crinkly. black Nyoras and on his shelves are swollen jars of pickled Banana Wax Peppers. (‘lierry Peppers. C/iilpotles and Jalepenns. He also stocks different powdered blends of chillies and fermented chilli sauces. the

The Scotch Bonnet chilli trom Jamaica - so hot it’ll blow your mouth and your mind

them in the bottle to brew for as long as

Strangely enough, Asian cooking knew nothing of chillies until 400 years ago. Vindaloo is a culinary product of Portugal’s occupation of Goa.

you can wait. Bar Kn/t/ in Edinburgh serse four different chilli vodkas. including their own home-triade recipe.

If you have green fingers. you can grow

chillies yourself and although they probably won’t ha\e a strong flavour. they make beautiful houseplants with their bright berries.

Whatever you do with chillies. don't rub your eyes or cars after chopping them. Mexican girls used to be punished for kissing boys by having chillies rubbed in their eyes and if they had actually slept with them then the punishment was administered in a far tnorc painful place. If you are suffering from too hot a mouthful. then drinking water only dilutes the heat. it won't take it away To extinguish a burning mouth. try yoghurt. soured cream or a hunk of mild cheddar cheese. Just remember. eating chillies is an act of subversion. and you may be punished

accordingly. But then that's the best bit.

l’ani'lm Vii/as. (Qt/tailgate. Royal Mile.


(Ilasgmr: (kt/itina del Rey. 6 King Is (Tau/'1. 552 5044.

(‘ltintnty Changas. 4 99 (irmt ll’estern Road. .934 0884.

("attic/1r. 93 Hymllaml Rural. 357 5825.

litlinltttrqlt.‘ ('m‘onat Grove. 3 [.Ut'lll'ftl 'li'rraee. 229 I569.

Viva Mexico. It) xlne/mr ('lnse. (:(H‘klmm Street. 236 5/45: 50 [fast Fauntainbriilge. 228' 4005.

Blue Parrot (.‘antina. 4 .9 St Stephen is Street. 225 294/.

Basement Bar. [trough/(m Street. 557 0097.

557 44/0.

Brmks.‘ The Great (flat/i Bank by Mark [Miller (Ten Speed Press til/.99). Delis: Lupe l’intns. 24 Lew/1 Street. lit/i'tt/nire/I. 228 624/.

Herb/e 's. ()6 Rae/2am l’lar‘e. lz'din/ni/jeli. 3‘3 2 9888.



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