I The old dandy

AdOpting riskier positions highwaMan is back, as yet another early 805

than a derivatives trader in corpse is revered out“

the Far East, here’s . . . "5 resting place for another tour at duty.

Interest in Adam Ant has been rekindled by frequent namechecks lrom exponents of The New Wave of New Wave. The jungle drums are beating as Ant Music lives again, but please, go easy on the lace paint. i See Rock listings lor

I details.


I What is it with lat men? From Oliver Hardy to John Belushi, some at the biggest laughs in the movies lrom guys with waistlines to match. Sadly another lat lunnyman John Candy bit the dust during lilming ol the comedy western Wagons East. Computer | trickery placed Candy in scenes he hadn’t actually shot and the lilm was completed. Not much of a swansong, but ain’t that always the way? See Film listings for details.


l lley, Elastica! We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to get Justine

(second Ielt, cheekbones) and Adam Ant on the same page. They’re just , good lriends, honest, but I it demonstrates that old ; maxim about what goes around comes around. Pop will eat itself, indeed. Elastica are twanging at the Queen’s

Hall, Edinburgh. See flock listings tor details.


2 The List 10-23 Mar 1995