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I Two teachers are accused of having a lesbian affair in this revival of lillian Helman’s drama The Children’s Hour, but did they or didn’t they? Find out at the King’s, Edinburgh. See Theatre listings for details.

I last seen playing fifth Beatle Stu Sutcliffe, Stephen norff has swapped guitar for gun in SFW - a film about terrorists, murder, slackers and, of course, television. Is it the youth movie of the 905 as the producers claim? We’ll see, but the soundtrack is undeniably kick-ass, featuring Hole, Soundgarden and Cop Shoot Cop. See Film listing for details.


I Not one guy, not two

guys etc. The smash-hit

musical Five

Moe transfers from London’s west end for a

bit of a song Glasgow and

Outrageous zoot suits and all your favourite Louis Jordan numbers are the order of the day. Expect audience participation,

with optional

lindyhopping. Theatre listings for


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and dance in Edinburgh.




The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Film: Priest On'ginally made for television. this BBC-funded film written by Jimmy McGovem was so good it was given a cinema release. Linus Roache is a homosexual priest trying to reconcile his sexuality and his religious convictions; Robert Carlyle is his lover. See feature. Cameo. Edinburgh from Fri 1 7 Mar. I Comedy: Alan Davies After several years knocking around the comedy circuit, Alan Davies hit a groove during last year's Fringe which put him on the Fender shortlist. His stream of consciousness style is probably best compared to Eddie lzzard. but no frocks as far as we know.

Royal Cancer! Hall. Glasgow, Thurs 16 Mar; Gilded Balloon. Edinburgh. Sun [9 Mar.

I Music: Prince After a magnificently rambling acceptance speech at the Brit awards last month. ‘the artist formerly known as. . .‘ graces Glasgow with his purple presence. Round these parts. he's referred to as ‘hingmy‘ but you can call him what you want.

SECC. Glasgow Man I 3 and Tue 14 Mar.

I Film: Quiz Show Revelations that the top-rated quiz show 'IirenIy-One was rigged shocked America in the late 50s. Television and its stars were trusted friends in millions of living- rooms. Robert Redford‘s film version of the story points to this moment as the beginning of a wider loss of faith in public institutions.

General release. Fri 1 7 Mar:

I Dance: New Moves The cutting edge of contemporary European dance is showcased at the Tramway through March. with highlights including the Lanonima Imperial company from Spain and Gut Reactions, a work-in-progress by four young Scottish dancers.

Tramway. Glasgow from Fri 10 Mar. I Art: Our Bodies Ourselves Making the link between art and health. this exhibition tackles issues rarely raised in contemporary art.

0a! aft/1e Blue. Edinburgh, (nail Sat 1 Apr.

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