1 BOX OFFICE 3 (01592) 260498



Fri 10 or 8.( lprgi in‘the studio "‘th1‘ " " 06 mg tra tttonal l r [>72


[,9 {1)

INS}! hand _ J‘- £6.50 (£4.50) Studio Student Special £3.00

Tue. 14 Mar 8.00pm 1” the SlUle‘ £650 (£4.50; Studio Student Sporial 5.00 Silk-splitting” funny conwdian lrom( hannrl 4‘s Viva (‘amret

Wed 29 Mar 9.39pm .55 'GRLGa-é PROOFS

from 'Whose llfk“ is it Anywvay?’ r7 00 {£500}


GayiLesbijans 7 * 's'B-i‘5exual?

_ We offer counselling, Support, intorm'ation " ion sexuality, sexualheahh,_ :- relationships 12 in..." . . complete confidence '4-ph0ne ' 'S-TR ATHCL‘Y DE .

041 2211-8372 .. , Evetygevening

: .7pm' to -1 0pm. .

_ Minicortt "available-

; The Keeper'ofithe Iteys Until Hi 10 Mar.

§ Accidental Death of an Anarchist Tue

l~1-—l*‘ri 17 Mar. 7.30pm. £3 (£2/£l ). Dario l1: s brilliant police-state farce is performed by second-year students and

directed by .»\ndv Mackie.

I ROYAL tvceuivt THEATRE Grtndlay

‘Stz'c et. 22‘) 0097. IAccess: l’. l.. Facilities:

wt". ws. ll. (‘1. c. '1'. Help: A. AA] Waiting for Godot l‘rt ll) Mat—Sat 1 Apr.

“nifil‘lll {-1.5‘1 *iIl-l Sat l8. Wed 22 and Sat 25 trials at .3. lszn. Student stand-by tickets available tor £4 on Wednesdays

tiom ppm. Samuel Beckett's compelling and enigmatic modern classic is l‘t'ottght to the tt1am stage by artistic director Kenny lzeland with Tam Dean Burn and l‘ric Barlow in the cast. Sec preview


Place. 22(» 5425.. [Accessi l’l’A. ST. R.

lacthtics: WC. \VS. H. C. C. Help: AA]

Mothers, Daughters and Wild, Wild

Women l7tttil Sat 11 Mar. 8pm. £6 (£3). A group of w omen with no previous theatre experience has L produced this mixed- nmlia plUtltltilT-‘oll lll celebration of women's hv es. See prev iew.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE (.‘ambridgc Street. 225' MM. [Accesst l l-acilities: WC. \\'S. 11. (i. ('l

Marisol l'sitil Sun In Mar 3pm. £5

1:11 ’L2; the liuropean premiere of a play by leading Hispanic American playwright lose Rivera who brings magic realism into New York (‘ity in an apocalyptic nightmare drama. Philip Howard directs this Ti averse production which stars l’auline Knowles. Michael Nardone arid ttlltt‘l's. See l'L’Vlcw.

liii ll).3();nn arid 1.30pm. £5 t£2.50). Sec 'l‘ouring.

Next Stage Thurs to Mar. 7.30pm. Free. Performed readings of plays produced iii a

Joint venture betweeen l‘idinbtn'gh Touring I (‘ircuit and the Traverse in an attempt to L‘llCUlll'ngC llt'W \VtHIiCll \K'I‘IICI'S.

The Best 0t FebFest Thurs 23~~Snn 26 Mar. 7.30pm £5 @2511). Second chance

to see some of the best work that appeared

in the recent new writing festival

organised b. lilinburgh L‘niversity

Theatre Company. L‘all box office for details of which shows have been


THE TIME WIZARD 25 MARCH AT 1.30?" 8: 3.30PM . l, - BOX OFFICE. 03 I 6 6 5 2 2 4 O

L...____.---_ ,. - 58 The List 1023 Mar 1995


MAKING up 1m:

IO- II 8: l5- l8 MARCH AT 7.30PM

(performed at Musselburgh Town Hall) TICKETS: £6.00 (FULL), £4.50 (CONCS), £4.00 (MATINEES ALL TICKETS) THE ALL-ELECTRIC PUPPET COMPANY present '

l l l l


This section lists shows that are touring the Central Belt. There is a phone number for each company should you require more information.


I Brimstone and Treacle Dennis Potter" tale of good and evil »- the one that was ‘too strong' to he screened by the BBC. and starred Sting in the movie version —- performed by New Stage Theatre Company under the direction of Judi Stewart. See review. Call ()141 46‘) 48-14 for details.

l’t'urt‘t' Institute, (iorun liri ll) Mar. 7.30pm.

l’oislev .‘trts ('entrt' Sat 1 1 Mar. 8pm. The Arr/res Theatre. (i/nsgou' Tue 14» Sat 18 Mar. 7.30pm.

I Coming Apart The latest production from new-writing specialists Annexe Theatre Company is by Bob Adams and takes a darkly humorous look at spare-part surgery as two very different men await transplant surgery. More details on ()141 945 444-1.

l’nislev Arts Centre Fri 10 Mar. Spin. Deans Theatre. Livingston Mon 13 Mar. 7.30pm.

Bishop/(It‘ll Rt’s‘lt/(‘Ilts Httll, litttlt‘l‘ltthA‘t' Tue 14 Mar. 7.30pm.

Net/terltou' 'I'ltetttrt', lit/tn/mrg/t Fri l7—Sat 18 Mar. 7.30pm.

Tour continues.

I Haroun and the Sea of Stories Benchtours returns home frotn the Netherlands with its lively. fluid and entertaining adaptation of Saltnan Rushdie's fantasy comic tale. More details on ()131 225 4651. See review.

Deans Tllt.’(lll'('. Livingston Thurs 16 Mar. 7.30pm.

I’uislcv Arts (fentrc Fri 17 Mar. 7.30pm. Dell l-‘ttrqtt/torson Community Centre. Dun/ermhne Sat 18 Mar. 7.30pm Birgit/ale ('ontp/et. Glasgow Mon 20 Mar. 7.30pm.

lair/{field Centre, (ilttsgoti' Wed 22 Mar. 7.30pm.

Drumu (‘entre (ll (be Rants/torn. (ilosgou' Thurs 23 -Sat 25 Mar. 7.30pm.

Tour continues.

I The Keeper of the Keys A new fantasy- thriller for teenagers by \'ivien Adam. performed by TAG Theatre Company. More details on 0141 429 2877.

TT'UI'CI'A’L‘ 'Ilteutrt', [Edinburgh Until Hi 10 Mar.

I Safar So Far Fablevision has a look at life in a mun-cultural Scotland tn this play by Chris Ballance about racial tensions. The production. co-directed by Fablevision's Liz Gardiner and New Delhi‘s Barry John. features Asian dancers and Scottish-Asian actors. More details on 0141 425 2020.

Pearce Institute, Glasgott' Wed 17 Mar, 1.30pm; Sat 18 Mar. 7.30pm.

C alton Neighbourhood Centre, Glasgow Tue 21 Mar. 7.30pm.

Muir/rouse Festival Activity Centre. Edinburin Wed 22 Mar. 7.30pm.

Tour continues.


Catch the best theatre this fortnight.

I The Children’s Ilour Well—built dratna by Lillian Hcltnan about the downfall of two teachers after a pupil tnakes tnalicious allegations about them. King's 'l'ltenrre. Edinburgh.

I Haroun and the Sea of Stories Benchtours got the backing of Salman Rushdie himself when he turned up for this adaptation of his allegory about censorship and the imagination. On tour:

I Alan Davies Lovable likely lad with an endearing. not to say hilarious, onstage tnanner that almost won him last year's Perrier Award. (It/(led Balloon (.‘onn'tly (.‘i'rt'ntt.

I Nancy Sleekit and Howard’s Revenge [)ouble bill of one-person shows ptit together by the tireless Fifth Estate Theatre Company. C'ttisens' 'I'ltetttre. Glasgow and on tour.

I New Moves More progressive dance from Europe. Britain and Canada with classes. talks and workshops to boot. 'I‘rnnni‘uy. Glasgow.

I Brimstone and Treacle New Stage Theatre Company in the Dennis Potter classic. On tour.

DANCE mam-

Dance performances and classes are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Dance listings compiled by Mark Fisher.

I CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. (Access: l’l’A. l.. ST. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C]

Dance/MovementClass Sat ll Mar. 10am--noon. £2.5()(£1i. An introductory class led by Marisa Zanotti aimed at people with little ()I no movement experience.

Dance/Movement Workshop Sat 18 Mar. loam-noon. £2.50 (£1): Sat 25 Mar. 10am—4pm. £5 (£1.50). l-‘urther explorations of tnttlti-disciplinary work with Marisa Zanotti.

I DRAMA CENTRE AT THE RAMSHORH 98 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). [Accessz ST. Facilities: WC, W8. G. Help: AA]