Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould


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Appearing on several ‘best of 94' lists. this : astonishing film weaves together 32 vignettes. : based on the structure of Bach‘s Goldberg t Variations. about the life ofGlenn Gould into a l compelling portrait ofthe reclusive composer. : Now it's available on video through Electric : Pictures and we‘ve got five copies to give away. ' The outright winner also gets a copy of the : soundtrack CD on Sony Classical.

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m i I - whole magazine and present it to the relevant box .— l office or cash desk. All offers are subject to m : availability and managements reserve the right to x __ g : refuse admission. 2 g E : Michael Palin‘s first novel llmtinguuy's (‘lmir has COMPEJ‘IJIONIS; Only one entry per perts:n per II- 9 g ‘5 I just been published. and Watcrstone‘s has brought the com” on- You 3'9 e" 9""9 more a" one 2 E § E i WATERSTONE'S former Python to Edinburgh for a reading on Friday companion, You need "59 on” one envelope: but : c E, E : 300mm 3 1 March (George Square Theatre). We‘ve got sis Phase make 3"” that V01" “3939, addiess and < .2 i E : tickets to give away (normal price £2) to hear Palin WWII" are amend.“ EACH OMW- competitions m E E g : talk about the book. To cuter; are open to all UK reStdents (over the age of 18 in _l g g 5 : alcohol-related offers). llo responsibility can be m E 2 '5 . Name three other members of the Python team. accepied by The “St '0' I" has Which cannot be c: 8 5;? : obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To = ‘5 : Send your answers. which must reach us by Thursday 23 March. to: Obtain 3 “st 0‘ Winners: “9339 39'“! 1' 5“ to “I9 g : PALIII come, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. list Competition Winners. stating which issuols) E r results you require.




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