After being offered, and of course declining, more bungs than 21 wine bottling plant, we bring you the corruption—free . . .


I The Brits are coming with the kind of lavish costume drama Hollywood gets the hots

tor. Nigel Hawthorne is _ the loopy monarch in

I I Alan Bennett’s Oscar- nominated The Madness of King George. As the publcity line run: ‘llls maiesty may have been all powertul and all knowing, but he wasn’t all there . . .’ See Film listings for details.

I ‘Divven tell a sowel but the album’s shite, man!’ Don’t get us wrong, we like the acting and the scripts; we could even learn to love the nose but Jim, please, stay oil the guitar! Jimmy Nail packs his Crocodile Shoes tor the tour of the album of the television series. See Music listings for details.


2 I Crazy jacket, crazy

guy! The king of the

cowboy love song Jim m Reeves is long dead after

he went the way of the = best of ’em in a plane

crash. But Jim‘s spirit lives on in the body of tribute singer Paul Wheater, who gets the Radio 2 thumbs up. Catch up with Paul beating out a rhythm on the ‘Dlstant Drums’ at the Queen‘s Hall. See Music listing for details.

2 The List 24 Mar-6 Apr 1995