v Edinburgh (recently arrived) professional guy. 35. medium build. seeks attractive guy. 25-35. with GSOH. for friendship/possible relationship. My interests: travel. music. nights out/in. good food and good fun. Box No 248/54.

v Edinburgh professional guy (40s) 5ft 6in. slim. seeks slim Edinburgh guy (23—45) to share meals out. theatre. cinema etc. Please write with phone number and photo if possible. Thanks! Box No 348/56.

v Edinburgh gay guy forty- something. handsome. clean- shaven. perceptive. into cinema. theatre. seeks similar (gay or bi) over 30. for eventful evenings. good times. friendship. Photo appreciated. Box No 248/60.

v Edinburgh gay guy, 34 straight-acting. professional. interests include music. travel. good films. eating out. keeping fit. stimulating conversation. seeks guys 21—36 for fun. friendship. perhaps more. Photo if possible. Box No 249/50.

v Gay professional male, 30 Glasgow. enjoys eating out. cinema. theatre. G & T. Non- scene. seeks similar professional. 25—35 (photo appreciated though not important.) Box No 249/51.

v Tall, lean, lonely gay guy 40s. seeks younger. smooth- skinncd. sensitive friends for companionship and maybe more. Slim-built guys are especially welcome. Box No 249/52.

V Interesting feminine gay woman. 30s. seeks adventures and romance with that special someone. GSOH. intelligence and honesty essential. ALA. Box No 249/53.

v Reformed solipsist (26) male Gay? Bi? Uptight as hell anyway! A travelling companion is sought. together we will pursue luxury. romance and endorphin rushes. Photo. phone appreciated. Box No 249/54.

V Edinburgh Extremely young 30s. very late ‘out'. consequently relatively inexperienced. Looking for similarly inexperienced younger boyfriend (20s?): mature. self- respecting. non-smoker. fit. sporty. creative and fun. boyish. straight-acting and waiting for someone special. We'd make a matching pair. Photo and phone if possible. Thanks. Box No 249/55.

v Fife/Edinburgh gay male (28) young-looking. (slim). extrovert. witty. SOH. warm. caring. honest. sincere. Likes SF/F. music. good conversation. You: tall guy. similar interests. like a genuine friendship more? ALA. Box No 249/56.

v Glasgowish gay (30) n/s. s/a. genuine. outgoing. caring. faithful! Fed-up being let down. convinced there‘s more to life. someone must be meant for me. Hurry. sweep me off my feet and restore my faith in men. Box No 249/57.


V Dumfrles Professional. fit. gay guy. forties. 5ft 11in. fair. blue eyes. sincere. caring. Enjoys wildlife. walking. photography. fitness. seeking friendship. hopefully relationship. similar gay compatible companion. Glasgow/Edinburgh/Carlisle/ Southwest Scotland. Box No 249/58.

V Male, 37 seeks first bi-sexual

experience with younger bi or

Edinburgh area. Box No 249/59.

gay male. non-smoker. Total discretion. All letters answered.

v Shy, central Scotland guy 30. 5ft llin. medium-build. inexperienced. not out and a

non-smoker. seeks like-minded

l i

genuine guy for discreet friendship. Photo appreciated. Absolute discretion assured. Box No 249/60.

V Non-scene but well-adjusted Edinburgh guy (31). tiring of

the bachelor life. seeks similar attractive. articulate.

professional guy for possible long-term relationship. Usual Lisly interests - especially music. Photograph helpful

ALA. Box No 249/61. v Attractive, intelligent

Edinburgh gay guy. 33. Aquarian. seeks independent. passionate. tolerant. sorted guy. 25—35. Edinburgh area. for friendship and the possibility of

a respectful. loving. secure

relationship. Photo please. Box No 249/62.

v Edinburgh gay guy (45).

Reliable. honest. sincere seeks

gay friends (23-40) to share , good times. Enjoyments include ' eating out. theatre. cinema.

music. Can travel. Ph0to and phone number appreciated. Box No 249/63.

v Average-looking gay guy (Glasgow). straight-acting. shy but GSOH. Likes cinema.

drinks. music (all kinds). Looking for genuine. fun male.

l'm l8. you're 18—25. Photo would be appreciated. Box No


v Glasgow, professional gay

male (31). genuine and sensitive

(but not boring). s/a. n/s. seeks similar for mellow and merry

chats on the meaning of life.

and hopefully more. Box No

249/65. v Attractive gay guy, 23

' intelligent but shy and alienated.

seeks friendship and/or first time relationship. Lots of love and genuine commitment here

1 for the taking. Discretion ; assured. Box No 249/66.

v Glasgow, soon Edinburgh guy early 30s. 5ft 10in. fair. attractive miss this at your peril! n/s. seeks similar fun professional guys. 25—40. for fun. friendship and possibly more. ALAW phone number. Box No 249/67.

V 28-year-old male champagne finely bottle. well structured. Lives in own chateau (Lanark) seeks caring gay guy to open and sample perhaps more? Add some sparkle to your life! Box No 249/68.

V Glasgow gay man, 40 out and proud.just a tad daft. wishes to hear from people. 30+. who likes good laffs and conversation. So what does ns/sa mean? Photo appreciated. Box No 249/69.


V I saw you Busters re-opening night. We had one glorious night of passion. I left my boxers and you never phoned. I'm not looking for commitment. just my underwear. Box No U/249/l. V I saw you You were buying Capstan. l was buying Rolos. You in a rugby shirt. trying to sell your friend a book. Give me trade price. and have my last Rolo. Box No U/249/2.

V I saw you at Courtney Pine. Queen’s Hall. You were the red- haired babe at the bar with the purple hat. You really blow my funky sax. Call me. Box No U/249/3.

V I saw you You served me in Watersones kids‘ department (West End. Edinburgh) last week. Red lipstick. bobbed hair. We laughed at taste in toddlers' reading. Let's do something grown up. Box No U/249/4.

V I saw you You are the new girl at the museums. Fantastic leggings and a gorgeous smile. Fancy a private viewing? Box No U/249/5.

V I saw you You were ahead of me in the queue as Mr Sciphest at Laserquest. I missed your game and then you were gone. Fancy a rematch. cute buns? Box No U/249/6.

0! I saw you You were the dude in the silverjacket (Sound Control. 28th Feb). I fumbled my stairway as you put me in a purple haze. Let‘s strike a chord. Box No U/249/7.

V I saw you at Scottish Office canteen. you told me about the healing properties of garlic. 1 was too tongue tied to answer. Please recycle my application. Box No U/249/8.

V I saw you playing bass at ‘Data Bass‘ in Glasgow. Dig

your piercings and your attitude.

Crowley loved sex. drugs and rock ‘n' roll. Wanna indulge? Box No U/249/9.

O I saw you at Edinburgh Art College. wearing ‘cosmic babe' shirt. I was in Albertina‘s with a veggie burger and dreads. Can 1 be your galactic hunk? Let‘s mind melt. Box No U/249/10. 0 I saw you playing flute at ESPC reception. Signet Library. Christmas time. 1 gatecrashed with no suit or interest. Things were dull until you came along. Too drunk to talk. Box No U/249/l l.

V I saw you Bald guy on the phone. Ceilidh House. 2nd March. 7.30pm. smoking a fag. I sat by myself. I haven't slept since. Cure my insomnia. Box No U/249/ 12.

v I saw you On a sunny Thursday (9.2.95) outside 19 George Square. You were carrying slides and a warm smile. we spoke briefly. I‘ve thought of you often since then. Let's be friends? Box No U/249/l 3.

V I saw you dancing at the Westport Bar. Short black hair. slim. pretty. cheeky. smiling. the eyes have it! Take another little piece of my heart. Box No U/249/l4.

V I saw you on 14.04 train from Birmingham to Edinburgh. Sunday 19th February. You were reading Joanna Trollope‘s

A Spanish Lover. I sat to your

left. Please get in touch. Box No U/249/15.

V I saw you Carwash.

Beautiful. black hair. popular.

caught in the rain. You spilt your drink. laughing. Bring me some more sunshine on a rainy day. Box No U/249/16.

V I saw you Love Boutique

(November). You tall. dark and

fit. in black vest. snogging girl

' with ringlets beside body piercing area. This foxy chick

wants to trace you. Hot sex? Good stuff. Box No U/249/17.

O I saw you Love Boutique 4.2.95. We sat and talked for ages. You: cute Woolworths manager from Cumbria. Troon connections. Would you like to

talk some more? Box No

U/249/ l 8.

V I saw you standing in the Cameo cinema. You were tall. with a shaven head. You wore a cardigan. had a goatee beard and were carrying cans of film. I bumped into you. you smiled sweetly and said: ‘Nae bother

. hen.‘ l think your name is 2 Fraser. We should get together and discuss film formats and

sprocket holes. You can check my gate anytime. Box No U/249/l9.

0! I saw you at Viewforth/ Gilmore Place bus stop on 1/3/95 at approx 7pm. You

i walked past heading for Polwarth. I wanted to do

something about our prolonged parting glances. Now you can.

Box No U/249/20.

V I saw you Little Sparta 1991/2 (1’). Me short. black top.

; stripey skirt. escorting elderly 3 white-haired friend. You asked about the flowers me clueless.

Do you want to meet and discuss lHF? Box No U/249/21.

- V I saw you Petite Asian girl. '- waiting outside the Filmhouse at

2.30ish on Friday 3rd March.

; also outside the Cameo 2% years

; ago. 1 ve been waiting long

, enough. you? Box No U/249/22.

V I saw you driving your silver ‘E' reg Jeep in the Rosyth area. You didn't look very happy. How about 1 put a smile on your face. PS. Love the DAFC wobbler. Box No U/249/23.

V I savv you at the Capella Nova concert at St Aloysius Church. Glasgow last month. Our eyes met. See you at the Bel Canto concert. same place. on 25 March? Box No U/249/24.

V I saw you Emma. when you came to look at my horrible flat. 1 really only wanted to be friends; anyway you owe me a letter. (Persistent aren't 1?) Box No U/249/25.

V I saw you in Safeway's in Byres Road. with that blue shirt. exactly the colour of your eyes. You move like a woman. Exceptionally sexy. You have found a way to stay in my mind. Show yourself to me again. Box No U/249/26.

V I saw you Heraghty's 4/3/95. Dark. slim. l asked for bacardi and coke. I couldn't keep my eyes off you. Don't pretend you didn't notice. Make it a double. Box No U/249/27.

V I saw you on Tuesday 28/2/95. 1 1.35am. striding towards me from La Riviera. Dumbarton Road. You: tall with never ending legs. deep eyes . . . Need I go on? Me: small female with unforgettable jacket! Memory lapse? Let's relapse together! Box No U/249/28.

V I saw you at The Cathouse on March 3rd. (nurse) Don. You weren't boring me. 1 wasjust too deaf and drunk to listen. 1 liked you though. fancy seeing me again? Tim. Box No U/249/29.

v I saw you Leon. at the Odeon. l'm lost. Forget Mathilda. I'll be your plant. Let's clean up the West End together. But first. your face. Send photos to Nancy and hurry! Box No U/249/30.

U I saw you at the CCA one Tuesday. You wore a beige arran knit. (and you were with a plain-looking girl). Despite your gestures. 1 might choose to talk the next time. don't be a baby. I won't bitel! Box No U/249/31. V Je t'ai vu au Cafe Florentin. 7 Mars 95. Nous avons partagé une ‘French Connection'. Ton sourire m'a charmé. Es-tu libre pour un autre defeuner? Box No U/249/32.


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