shows was given by Faith No More. What was the other artist formerly known as‘.’

Send your entries. along with a daytime telephone number. by Wednesday 29 March. to: CARACE COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

w 2.5 "’ E i E h 2 a: .g -' 5 3-5 2 g 3 Tennents Live in association with CPL are 2 offering you lucky List readers the chance to win a much sought-after : .2 3 VIP Access All April laminated pass for themselves and a friend for all of April‘s I... :- shows at The Garage or The Cathouse Rock Club in Glasgow. Forthcoming delights we’re one,an Nu m" mice “on” (“many £5 a ; include The Boo Radleys. Juliana Hatfield and. Downset.‘ each) '0'. the mice of one for the final performance m E g Traditionally. roadres have asked a high price for this type of favour. of [a cane deg Lombes at the Tramway, Glasgow on :2 8 g- All you have to do is answer the following question: Say 25 March at 9pm. Take ""3 copy of The “st m u g The Garage recently hosted. at the artists' requests. two secret shows. ()ne of these the box omce- subiact ‘0 availability- ‘3 U E‘ < i

I.“ E L; < ‘3 _ . . . :5 , § ' . Despite having only been released for a couple of weeks. _E interplay's new last action virtual reality game for PCs has , _ . . a a ‘g‘ ;_, shot to the top of the game charts. Set in the mines of Pluto Lake ""5 "mom" 3""!!! to the “mum?” cmema! m .8 2 your mission. should you choose to accept it. is to save the eWbame TenaFe’ Ed'nbufgh.t° see “we women .- '= °§ earth from an evil alien race. hell-bent on us poor little and you 9.3“ 0'3"? a "88 medium popcorn worth 3 ~50 .8 , canhlingss destruction £1.70. This otter Is open until Thurs 6 April. l g E Set in a 360 degree. 3-D environment. players have to '. E .3 keep on their toes as they twist. turn and hurtle °~ =3. - g around never-ending tunnels and vertical mine shafts. You’ll O 8. 3 need more than fast co-ordination to beat the monsters since they adapt '- . to yotrr strategy and change their plans accordingly. '2 u '5 Normally Descent would cost you £39.99 or £4.99 on shareware. We have three full “I. versions on PC format and ten runner up prizes of the shareware for the readers who can rama u ; answer this question: CENTRE m - 5 What was the name of the ship's computer in the film 200/? \at the RamShom Irlrrl 9

Send your entries to us by Wednesday 29 March. Address them: OESCEHT COMP,

The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. DRAMA CENTRE AT THE RAMSHORH

The-Plow at the namshnrn, ingm sum, Glasgow & Chocolate

on Tue 28 and Wed 29 March at 8pm. Take a copy of this edition of The List along to the Box Office. Otter Those nice people at Tartan Video have just released Strawberry and Chocolate on sell

subject to availability.


Tickets are two for one for any performance at the Grosvenor, Glasgow; Kelburne, Paisley and Allanpark, Stirling on

Competition Voucher (Entry valid only vrhen accompanied with relevant voucher)

rAnrAN vrorao

through. The movie scooped Best Film. Best Tue 23 March and me 4 April, take a copy of Director and Best Actor at the Havana Film Festival with its tender tale of the growing this edition of The List along to the Box office. For friendship between Diego. an extravagant gay artist. and David. an uptight macho degans of programme see advert in mm section, communist student at Havana University.

Usually you couldn’t get your mitts on one of these vids for less than £15.99. in a fit of "T‘s/"\C/‘ffl

generosity we‘re giving five of them away. courtesy of Tartan Video. to anyone who can 0A.

answer this: K ,//‘

Who directed Strawberry and Chocolate?~ '

Send your entries to us by Wednesday 29th March. Mark them: ——TL/ CHOC COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

- OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box oiiice or cash desk. All otters are subject to

availability and managements reserve the right to




D 1: . . . . . .

- 25 95’ Attention all hairheads and closet arr guitar players! This is your mills? adoliSSion.

> m . . , '5 g .: chance to re-enact your favourite rock god poses and snake hip COMPETITIONS. Only one entry per person per

g g 8 g wiggles in the privacy of your own homes. Pioneer and Kermng competition. it you are entering more thaln onebut > g 3 have colluded to produce a karaoke video of the best metal competition, you need use only one enve ope,

D = :-

Q g g ‘5 monsters’ most rnoshtastic tracks. Now you can headbang to please make sure that your name, address and

t E 3 3 your heart’s content with the added bonus of being able to read voucher are attached to EACH entry. Competitions

: '3; E E the words to those timeless classics like Van Halen’s Jump and are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 In a. a r; r Guns N' Roses‘ Sweet Chi/(1 0' Mine. alcohol-related otters). No responsibility can be

a. E, E- : Thanks to Pioneer's goodwill. we've got ten of these little beauts to give away to anyone accepted by The list for prizes which cannot be

._ u E : who can answer the following: obtained due to unioreseen circumstances. To

In " i . . . . , . . . . . . obtain a list at winners, please send a SAE to The

E E Suryrv or s Eye Of The Tiger was used in which pugrlrstrc movre. “st competmon wmmn’ mung which we“)

r Send your entries to us by Wednesday 29 March. Mark them: KERRAHC COMP, The List, results you “Wire. )2 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

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