various animal chums help rescue his olfspr iitg front a terrible fate as the intended coat of Ci‘tiella De Vil. Plenty of frtrt. acres of cuteness. arid tlte best villaiitess iit animation hrxtoiy. (ienetal release.

I The Pagemaster (I I (Joe Jolinstone/Slarri ice lltirtt. I'S. I‘)‘)-lt.\1acatil.t_\ (‘trlkrrt (‘luistotthei Lloyd. 83 nuns. ('lriId-tieid Richard 'l'y lei (Clllkllll butttps his ltead in the local library and finds himself transported into an animated adventure with a trio of book friends Adventure. l:(llll£l\) and Horror - to keep him contpany. The moral ix that dtxcoterutg a role for yourself in fiction helps you confront real life. Luckily. the plot episodes coiue arid go at a pace tltat suits the skimptest concentration span. btit that doesn‘t hide tlte fact the aiuirtatiorr ix particularly drill. (ilaxgow' ('aiinon Iidrnbtirgh' L'('I.

I Priest ( l5) l.’\lll(tlll;l Bird. I "Is. I‘I‘HI I.tuus Roache. Robert (‘aily Ie. 'I‘om Wilkmxou III.i mitts. Writer Jimmy .\1c(io\ein ((‘rti. kt'l. lll'rlll\ :lritl .Ilimlt r goes frottt strength to strength w rtlt another tiitcoittpiomixiitg rota}. into art area or social contention. w ltile director .'\lllrttll.t Bird (Sit/e) show s tltat slte too is adept at balancing political attd eittotional impact I’lt'i'\."s handling of homosexuality within tlte clergy rx no e\ctise for tabloid scandal. instead. what citteigex is a story of personal freedottt. compassion arid the struggle against hypocrisy (ilasgttw' (il’l'. Iidinbrirgh: ('ameo,

I Pulp FICIiOh ( l.\‘r (()tieiitrtt 'I'arantiito. IS. 199-1) John 'l‘ravolta. Samuel Jackxon. I'irta 'I'hrri‘man. Brrrce Willis. ISt'I mitts Much more arttbttiorts tltatt lr’eu'i r “I! Duet. the most aw atted secortd feature of tlte ‘Jlls has many scenes tltat crackle with 'l’aiantuto w rt. and a few others that fall flat as the writer director bi.r\er experiments. Interlocking xtoiiex iii the ptin crittte manner conceiri lutittert. ailing boscix. gartg bosses attd their iitolls. drug trends. and assorted riff-tall 'I‘ltrx year 's stripi ise (‘anites l’alme d'Ui winner is a trip. all the w ay. (ilasgow: ()deon. Iidtnbtiig t: (Iritreo. ()dcon Strathclyde: ()deon .-\yi

I Puppet And Animation Festival ‘1 qu year. the animation side of the liextival bases itself at Stirling I'niveisity‘s \IacRobert .~\its (‘eitue (apart from two workshops on L” "'Sat S itt [Edinburgh's Axxeutbly ls‘oomxt

Aardman Animation (l’(il .-\ xt-Icc-tion ol ltottseltold favourites front the .tw aid-w inning team. including (‘mrxmt' ('umrmrt. .l (int-mi

/)¢I\ (hr! and The ll'IlHIL' finrm‘i \. Sat l5 only, Classic Hollywood (LI 7t) mtirx. ’l'ert of tlte best from the wild arid wacky world of In Avery. (‘huck Jones and Tom And Jerry. preceded by films ntade itt schools animation woikxltops Sat l5 only.

Duncan 0t Jordanstone College .\ prograittirte of work by the I‘K's leading e\poitertts of student e\pctiuteirtal \ rdeo art and corttputer- aided aniittatron. Sat I5 only

Edinburgh College Of All .-\ prograrrtirte of w oik by the talents at the ('ollege's x\|lllll.ll|rtll Department Sat l5 only

Fairy Tales ( l ‘I 70 tttitts Drlfetertt \eixrorts of the CllllvllL‘IIS classics ~ /’i Hit i' (rut/t I \. 'l'e\ Avery is Little Red lt’rrr'rrie llirutl. Betty Boop as Srrniv ll'ltr'ri' and l.otte Retttrgct 's Slew/trite li’itirirt. .\Ion III only.

Faust ( l’(}i(Jan Svankiiiaiei. Czech. l‘N-ll l’ett (stick. with the voice \'l .'\|lrllC\\ Sachs. ‘)3' turns. Surrealist attiiriatoi Svankittaiei trrrits Itix attention to the l'atistiait legend .-\s he draws fioitt (ioetltc arid .\l.ttIowe. btrt principally lrortt (‘zech ruaiiottette theatre. he brings iii a political aspect about personal choice With the (‘lriay Brothers. e\eellerrt Sun-r (it ('im tit/.2} \ 'I'huis I} only

The Nightmare Before Christmas t I’( t I r IIeiuy Sellck‘. LS. I‘m 1 \Vitlt the \ oices of ( ‘ltr is Saiaitdoit. Danny liltiriati. ("atheiitte (I'llaia. "(t nuns Jack Skelliitgtort. the skinny trickster king of llalloweeittow n. hatches a plot to kidnap Sarita aitd create a tuned up Yuletide isn‘t quite w hat the kids of the world e\pccted I’iodrtced arid based on a story and character s by 'l‘iiit Burton. this is a real ritraginative treat. \Vitlt l'i'rir‘errl, T/ie' .Ilrrit‘ur. and The thllrfllltlll. l‘ri I‘I only

The Wings Of Honneamise ( I5) (lIiroy riki Yaiitaga. Japan. ION) With the voices of Robert ~\Ialtltew s. Melody Lee. Lee Stone. Ill ittitts. The best rillllllr' feature since ."kf/‘(J is neither a splatter fest rtor a techno-thriller. but a space race satire. (ireat animation. art absorbing story litre artd even a touch of character developiitent. .\lon Ill only.

I Ouiz Show ( l5) (Robert Redford. l'S. 100(1) Ralph liieitnes. John 'l‘rittuiio. Rob Morrow. I33 ruins. \Vhett television was tit its intimacy arid America itself was iidtttg on a wave of post-

w at 'pre-Kettnedy innocence. the disclosure of cheating on the game show ’Iir'e/rrv ()Ilr' catrsed a rtatrottal scandal arid sense of shock. Redford sets tip the inevitable collision of ethics and

I r !

glamour. morality aitd profit. while Ralph l‘lClIIle‘. John 'l‘tirttirro. Rob Morrow- arid l’atrl Schofield acquit themselves with style. (ilasgow': ()deon. lidinbtiigh: ()deon. l'('l. liife: \‘ew l’ictute House.

I Rebecca tl'K. 1070i Zoo mitts. Not the llitchcock classic. but a brilliant 'I'V seiiahsatiott starting Anna Massey as the suppressed lesbian housekeeper .\lrs Dartvers. Jeremy Brett artd Joanna David play the rtew .\Ii arid Mrs w ho come home to the memory of first wife Rebecca. \‘ideo screening. Iidirtburgh: lirlmhotise.

I Red Beads ( I5I (lle Yr. ('Itrrta. l‘l‘lfii ‘)(I ruins Ile's debut feature is a vivid black-attd-wltrte dream that shifts between nightmare and black comedy w hen a rttale nurse iii a psychiatric Irospital becotttes obsessed w itlt a yorrrtg female patient. lidrrtbrtrgh: liihtthotrse.

I La Reine Margot ( 18) r l’atiice ('lter'cau. lirattce. I‘M-I) Isabelle Adjaiti. Daniel Atrteriil. Jean-Hughes Anglade. I45 mitts. :\ forced

w eddiitg between the Protestant Henri de \tlHlllL‘ arid the (‘atholrc Marguerite de \‘alois can't calm lotlt century Iiiance'x religious wars or stop the St BaitIroIorttew 's Day Massacre. (‘hereati's breathtaking epic is perhaps a tad gory for the costume drama crowd. but it's a subtitled spectacle that is remarkable iit its scope. (ilaxgow: (ilfli.

I Reservoir Dogsr lts‘i (Quentin ‘l'aranriiro. l'S. I‘l‘llr Harvey Keitel. 'l‘tm Rotlt. .\lichael .\Iadserr. 100 films. A gang of hoods. known only ioeach other by colour-coded nicknames. meets at an abandoned warehouse to figure ltow out their rigorously planned heist went so drastically wrong. The best debut iit year‘s front writer-director 'l‘arantino. whose stylish violence xedrtces the audience into complicity. Brilliant in every sense of the word. (ilasgow-z ()deon. lidinburgh: ()deon.

I The River Wild ( I5) ((‘rtt'tis llansort. I‘S. l‘)‘l~ll Meryl Streep. Kevin Bacon. David Sttatltatiit. HIS ittins. While on a raftittg Itolrday w ttlt Iter ltusbattd artd sort. former river navigator (iarl (Stieep) firtds her trip disrupted by a couple of armed robbers w ho force Iret to take them all through dangerous w aters. 'l‘he actors add a

realistic dtmettsion to the characters. btrt otherwise Hanson's outdoor suspense thriller is

less a white water i'olIetcoaster arid more art acquatic log-ride. Stiathclyde: .‘slagtttint.

I The Road To Welhiille ( IS)(:\I;1n I’arker. I'S.

I‘M-I) Anthony llopkrtts. Matthew Broderick. Bridget I‘onda. Ill) mitts. ('otnt‘lakes will ttL‘\ er

taste the same agairt after you've spent some time w itlt their eccentric inventor. Dr John Ilarvey Kellogg. at his Battle Creek Sanitarium at tlte beginning of the century. An evangelical vegetarian. played to mad comic perfection by llopkrns. he sets out art exhausting regime of meals. massages arid enemas for his guests. Fine scatalogical humour aitd ensemble playing. lidiitbrirgh: Cameo. I les Roseaux Sauvages ( ISI (Andre ‘l‘echrrte. l‘lilIICC. 1003) Frederic (ioi‘ny. (iaol Morel. lilodie Borrchez. II3 tttiits. Landed at the l-rench (‘esais. ‘l‘echrne's follow-up to Mu Sir/amt l’i't’fi'n-e is a totrcltirtg attd beautifully observed ensemble portrait of French provirtcial adolescence irt 1902. Set at a time of political unrest due to events irt Algeria. the film xeitxitively handles its young characters w itlt unforced mastery. lidrnbrrrgh: liilltlllrtltsc. I Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (PG) (Stephen Sommei's. LS. 1094) Jason Scott Lee. |.ena lleadey. Sartt Neill. I II mitts. Disney's new live action version of Kiplrttg's well-loved stoi tex doesn't have the appealing talkirtg animals or songs of the 1007 artirnated version. btit it's a great rttatiitee-style whee/e -- imagine art early Tar/an movie crossed with an Indiana Jones adventure. Jtritgle boy .\lowg|i meets tip again with the British army regiment for whom Itix father was a guide. bttt ftrtds httttself forced to re\eal to a group of soldier cads the w Itereaborrts of some hidden treasure. (iieat ftrrt. (ierteral release. I The Scent Of Green Papaya rt 1 t (Iran .»\nh llung. France. IWM Yen-Kite 'I‘iait .\'u. Man San 'I‘Iti l.oc 'l‘irtong. Ill-I units. A young girl Ztlll\Cs in Saigon to become servant to a middle- ;Iass family whose house is filled with rirtdeictiri'ents of tension. Likewise. beneath the film's cloak of shimmering beauty lie valleys o emotion: this is definitely one w'orth slowing down for. Edinburgh: Iiilnt Guild. I Schindler’s List ( 15) (Steven Spielberg. US. l‘)‘)3) Liam Neeson. Ralph liiennes. Ben Kingsley. 195 mins. During WW2. German industrialist and Nazi Party member ()skar Schindler saved the lives of over a tltorrsand Jewish employees by demanding they work in his factory rather than be sent to Auschwitz. Spielberg's magnificent movie attd Neeson's performance capture this ettigmatie brand of lteroism. w'hile depicting traumatic events itt documentary-like bIaek-attd-white images. l’sychologically complex. emotionally


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