More spivs than a gangster’s funeral in the East End, here’s the . . .

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I ‘Come back you torgot your keys!’ Charlie Sheen bails out alter

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mank you very much. So movne and does he care altogether now: ‘We are "he." “'3 have “"5 "1”" the Diddy Men, the Diddy "I" lumpmg 0!" 0', , Men, me mud, Men planes?.See Film listings [repeat to tade]’. Let Ken '0' “W's- Dodd tickle your fancy at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. See Theatre listings tor details.

I STOP PRESS; Gary Lineker is Dead. Those who mourn his passing also mourn the end of an era of lair play in sport. The year, incidently, is 2019 and this fantasy football story is set in a time when the Premier League is Sponsored by Prozac. Find out how it went so badly wrong in Gary Lineker is Dead on Channel 4. See TV listings for details.

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2 The List 7-20 Apr 1995