I He may have dressed David Letterman in a tux to hand out the Oscars, but Georgio Armani ain’t too grand to do his bit for charity. Fora fund-raising fashion show in aid of Scottish European Aid and the gynaecology clinic at the Royal lnfinnary, there’s gonna be Armani menswear, ladieswear, swimwear and underwear. Where? At Tramway in Glasgow, that’s where, and it’s on Thursday 20 April. Call 0141 227 5511 for details.

I He’d like to thank: BBC Scotland; the Scottish Film Production Fund; the Tartan Shorts scheme; Richard E. Grant for his marvellous performance as Frank Kafka; the wonderful production crew without whose dedication and skill etc, and everyone else who helped bring an Oscar to Scotland for the first time in over 30 years. Nice one, Peter Gapaldi!

I Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels; the guys who put the gulf back into guffaw. You want puerile? They got it in spades. The movie’s called Dumb and Dumber but it’s really the dumbest of them all. Go see it and you’ll laugh till you hurl. Gheck Film listings for details.


The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Music: Van Morrison Van the Man

first toured Britain 30 years ago. long before a fair proportion of The Lisr's readership were in swaddling rags. Amazingly Morrison has stood the test oftime. becoming more grizzled admittedly. but still earning respect and a pile of kudos which many of his contemporaries would give their larynx for.

Glasgow Royal Coneerr Hall. Glasgow Wed 19. Thurs 20.

I Music: New American Music Tour MCA, in their wisdom. have decided that country and western music is dead or rather that the C & W tag is stopping more records flying offthe shelves than is already the case. Hence this repackaging job. Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yeanvood and Marty Stuart are all fine artists who probably couldn’t give a flying cowchip what they're labelled as anyway. Just don‘t mention gingham or rhinestone. SECC. Glasgow, Fri 6.

I Theatre: Disappeared A young woman leaves a bar in Hell‘s Kitchen. New York after meeting a strange man and is never seen again. Did she meet a horrible end or did she want to vanish and escape everything? Phyllis Nagy‘s play examines questions of identity in an urban evironment.

Tron Theatre. Glasgow. Tue / l—Sa! /5.

I Film: Hoop Dreams A superb documentary that follows two young black kids in Chicago as they try to earn a basketball scholarship to college. Filmed over four-and-a-half years the film captures the highs and the lows of the boys' struggle against a background of deprivation with the utmost integrity. Unlike the movies the good guys don't always win in the last minute.

Cameo, lir/r'nburg/z. opens Fri 7.

I Art: Grapevine

Photographer Susan Lipper spent five years living in a small community in West Virginia's mining hills. The resulting exhibition is fascinating a mixture of savagery and tenderness. brutality and beauty.

Portfolio Gallery. Edinburgh, front Sat 8.

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Probably the best lager in the world. I


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