f see separate section tor residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Pertormances will be listed, provided that details reach our ottices at least

one week betore publication. Jazz

' Listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.


I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian

Church. 72 Berkeley Street. 7.45pm. Dick

Bluer with 'Claude Bolling - Part 2'.

Dates listed below are tor one-ott shows:

Contact Bill Winter on 944 4-102 for membership details.


: I Bobby Wishart and Jackie Murray Jazz

Brunch. Pizza Express. l5l Queen Street. 221 3333. 2—5pm. No cover charge for diners. but phone for reservations (programme riiay be subject to change). Duo featuring two well-established (ilasgow musicians.

' Edinburgh


I Jazz At The Tron Tron .lazz (‘ellarz Tron Tavern and (‘eilidli House. Hunter Square.

taking a break over the Easter period. btrt

the twice—weekly gigs iii the cellar w ill resume on Well 1‘) w itli the Roy Powell Quintet.

Fri 5

179311799 lVlO

BursitieApo jouiwijqns l or eAeijeq Luseop SJG|Jn3


NIGEL CLARK QUINTET Fusion grooves & Iatin rhythms + NITIN SAWHNEY TRIO East meets West jazz fusion.


FRESHLY SQUEEZED +Blackenized Jazz-funk & hip hop

+ BYRON WALLEN'S SOUND ADVICE Jazz, funk & reggae with a Brazilian angle.

Futuristic funk 8. jazz

STEVE WILLIAMSON'S M.O.D.E. "Hip sax s/inger" delivers jazz meets tuture~tunk rollercoaster session


TOMMY SMITH SEXTET “the most important Scottish composition ever“. Jazz history in the making.

Fri 12 May

CLAIRE MARTIN Cool, harmonious & sensual jazz lyrics. + EDDIE SEVERN QUARTET Hot & sultry jazz.

All concerts at Queen's Hall 0131 668 2019


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For a tree programme call 0131 557 4446

s I v, "- ‘Vr LJiilJ LMJ 9J,\/

220 I550. The Edinburgh Jazz Project are I

I Jack Duff and Friends Braidburn Inn. 200 Maytield Road. 667 3867. 3—5pm. Free. Saxophonist Jack Duff launches a new Sunday residence which will concentrate on jazz standards with his

quartet and singer Wendy Weatherby. who ~

has also begun a new Thursday night gig on alternate weeks at T.J.'s in l..eitli.

MONDAY 10 Edinburgh

I All That - And Jazz Pleasaiice Theatre.

1 The l’leasairce. (ms 20“). 7.30pm. This

concert is part of the Edinburgh Harp Eestival. an event which has featured jazz liarpists in the past. notably Deborah Henson-(‘oiiaiit. This time. they will play host to the German liai'pist Uschi Laar, who has made something of a speciality ofjazz harp. ()ur own Billy Jackson teams up with Canadian lrarpist Tina Tourin and cellist Wendy Weatherby on the same bill.

TUESDAY 11 Edinburgh

I Edith Budge and Friends Fat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56—58 l‘ountainbridge.

j 228 3l l l. 7.30pm. No cover charge for

diners; phone for reservations. Blues and

E gospel-based singer.

I Bill Kyle Jazz Pool Whistlebinkie‘s.

South Bridge. 557 5! l4. lllpin. Erec. The second of four gigs iii an experimental run at this venue. as a prelude to a possible residence later in. the year. Drummer Kyle and his various collaborators introduce their usual llll.\ of modern jazz with a fusion flavour.

; Edinburgh

I Fat Sam’s Band Eat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56-58 l‘ountairrbridge. 22S 3l 1 l. Rpm. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. Swing and jump jive.

_ pool tip until now Presumably they won't

. Edinburgh

I Picante Eat Sam's Down Tow n Diner. 56—58 Eonritaiiibi'idge. 22S 3| l l. 7.3(lpiii.

. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. l.atiii aiid bop.



I Glasgow Jazz Record Club .‘s'o ltlcclittg.



I Jeannie Maxwell and The Jazzwegians The Gyle Park. (iyleniuir Road (behind PC World). info and tickets 55 | I237. S.3()pm~midnight. co l :5 in advance). .-\

not so new band to liatisel a new traditional jazz venture from ("apilal Jazl. Whether singer Jeannie Maxwell will

persuade the punters to part with their

casli remains to be seen. but their nest

projected gig is a more substantial affair. featuring clarriietist Saiirirry Rirnnrriigton at the Tartan (‘liib in June.

Glasgow . I Eliot Murray Jazz Brunch. Pizza

Espress. l5l Queen Street. 221 3333. 2—5piii. No cover charge for diners. but phone for reservations (programme may be subject to change). Singer and solo pianist.


I A Night At the Cotton Club r-t-aa al

'I'ltcatr'e. 1.3-2‘) Nrcolsoir Street. 52‘Hillllll

celebration of the nostalgic side of Harlem's famous (and often infamous) Cotton Club. where black musicians and dancers entertained white patrons. and showbiz celebrities rubbed shoulders with underworld figures (including the club's owners). Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway were the most famous artists. and their music will doubtless figure prominently in the repertoire of Harry Strutters’ Hot Rhythm Orchestra, while the Jiving Lindy Hoppers provide the exuberant dance routines.


I Carol Kidd and Her Trio Jazz in the Park. Eastwood Park.. Roiikeii (.ilc'll Road. info 638 (i5l l. tickets 227 55l l. 4pm. £3. Standing room only tor bring your own chair). Outdoor events are always a gamble in Scotland. but at least the organisers of .»\rtsfeas't. the first Eastwood l’estival of the Arts. know that singer Carol Kidd can be depended on to provide a crowd-pleasing afternoon. even if the weather can't. Alternative arrangements will be made in the event of the elements turning unkind.

TUESDAY 18 Edinburgh

I The Jazz Masters l‘at Sam‘s I)t)\\ a Town Diner. 56—58 liountairibrrdge. 22S 3| | l. 7.30pm. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. 'l‘raditional and irrainstreain.

I Bill Kyle Jazz Pool eristlebinkie‘s. South Bridge. 557 5l l4. l()piri. Eree. Sec Tues ll.


: Glasgow

I Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra

Eastwood Pool and Recreation Centre.

Eastwood Park. info (r38 651 1. tickets 227 i 55 l l. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£5 l. The excellent

SYJt) have played in some odd places.

but I don't think they include a swiiirmirig

E actually be in amongst the splashy stuff

wouldn't do much for instrurriental

. soiiority. would it'.’ »- but expect the usual

bubbling perl'oi'rriances ofclassic and coiiteirrporai'y big band charts under the direction of Bobby Wishai't. Part of Artsfeast.

I Jazz Masterclass (iuiness Room. RSAMD. l()() Rerit’rew Street. 332 5057.

2pm. I'l'CC. .-\ jazz workshop conducted by Start Barker.


I Roy Powell Group 't‘i-on .lziz/ (‘cllaiz Tron Itncl'll and (‘eilidlr House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. S.3llpm. £4 (£3). A return to action for the Edinburgh Jaz/ Project with this highly regarded fusion outfit from Manchester. The band also

a Play at The lemon Tree. Aberdeen. on

Thurs 2t). See preview.

I The Hollywood Rockets l‘at Sam's Down Town Diner. 56-58 Eouiitairibridge.

1 228 3| 1 1. Spin. No cover charge for


diners; phone for reservations. Eat Sam's Band are engaged elsewhere tonight. and their place is taken by this energetic blues band.



I Eastwood Big Band (‘arnnchael llall. Eastwood Park. 3pm. info 633 (i5l l. 3pm. L350. An old-fashioned tea dance (admission includes teal. Part of Artsfeast.


I Baby Isaac l-‘ar Sam's I)thll Tow-ii Diner. 5o -5.\‘ I'iltllllttlllltl‘ltlgc‘. 228 3l 1 l. llpiir. Nocoxei charge lor diners:

7,3(iprrr. £5.50 £l2.5tii£.l.5tl thlfilii. A I phone lor' reservations. Blues.

50 The List 7-2l) Apr l‘i‘)5