ll'ilil 'ii’ We! (him and her disiiiietiye iiii\ of words and song.


Theatre is listed by city, then l alphabetically by venue. Touring shows are listed alphabetically by title at the end of the section. Shows will be listed, . provided that details reach our ollices at least ten days before publication. Theatre Listings compiled by Ellie Carr.

It )Il\ BARR


Access: I) : l’arking i‘dCllilies. I’I’A = l’arking to he l’re-.-\rranged. 1,: l.e\e| Access. R = Rtilltt‘ed .-\eeess. ST 1: Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC : Adapted Toiieltsi. \VS : Wheelehair Spaces. :\S : Adiaeent Seats. H = lnduetion loop System. C = (itlitlt‘ Dogs :‘xllo‘m‘d. R :2 Restaurant Aeeessihle. (f : (‘ateiiiig .r\eeess'ihle. T —‘ Adapted 'Il'lei'zhone.

Help: :\ —' Assistanet .-\\ailal‘le. .~\ -\ ‘— ;\d‘. ise \eiitie Ill .-\d‘. atiee.


'l'iekets tor iiiaior xenues’ in Glasgow are a“. ailahle from the Tieket (‘eiitie (‘aiitlleriggs. Mon llldllaiii until (i.3llptii iii person or until l)pm hy phone thrill-11227 5511. Sunday opening is noon Spin. .-\ii_\ 'l'ieket l.iak ho\ oltiee eat: sell tiekets t‘or other \enues.

Betrayal l’ntil Su 22 .-\pr inot Sun or Mon). 7.30pm. to 4L2). (‘irele Studio. ' (‘itz own resident Colitpally take on Harold I’inter's moody drama of sexual inl'idelity in this new produetion designed and directed hy I)a\ id l-ielding. See review.

The Double Until Sat 22 .-\pr tnot Sun or .\Ioni. 7.3tlpm. to it‘2 i. Stalls Studio. I)os‘[oe\ sky's L lassie tale of the unassuming eiyil servant who eoiaes :aee to lace \\ ith his doppelgaiigei sees Jon

('it/. See i‘eyieyy.

I CUTTIER THEATRE 935 ll} IltllLIilLI Street. .2357 3303.

The Passion Until Sat S .-\pi‘. 7.30pm. to tUi. 'l‘iekets l'ioiii SYT on 332 2333. .‘\Il Easter oilering trom the young tliesps at Seoitish Youth Theatre with Urahaiii Ilnnter directing this song and (lanee yei‘sion ot' the lite oi~ (‘hrist


I ARCHES THEATRE Ml‘llilll‘l Slli’d- 23' Cuiiihei'nanld. ()230 732857. [.-\eeess; ‘)73(i. [Aeeessz l.. i‘at'1littes; \VC‘. “(8. (‘. ppA. [H 5'1“ R pacilmcx: \'\'(" “'8‘ H‘ (L 0 Help: .-\. .-\.-\l (K Help: .-\. AA]

niches Comedy 38350" Tue H in 3-“ Cumbernauld Youth Theatre’s Double Bill ' .-\pr (not Sniii, \‘arions times: See eomedy [mm guy 3 AW; 7.45pm, {4 (.4: ,1 a.

and preview

I CITIZEHS’ THEATRE (iorhals Street. 42‘) (i022. {Aeeessi l.. R. liieilities: \N'C‘. \VS. ll. (1. (' Help: .-\..-\]

IWild ’n Wet Ones lintil Sat 22 Apr tnot San o; .\lt2llt. 7..’~tlpiii. to 152). Wild and \taeky diya Terry :\'eason and her hand eoiiies to the Cit/ with an all-new show

siioyy ease t'eattiiing tyyo plays: 51 limit!

«of In Sit Allen and lit Hui/iii iaiiiei and Daisy Campbell. and Sin/iv .‘a’uu/Lhy ludith Johnson as part oi the RT National

playwrights and youth theatre groups lrom all ox er the eoiiiitry

l’ope dii‘eeting the resident eoiiipatiy at the

Journey in ."/I(‘ (trim of .'/It’ litirI/i hy Ken 5

(‘onneetions protect \\ hieh hi iiigs together i

i Brilliant Traces Wed l2 Thurs i: apt. I 7.45pm. £5 (£2.5tii. See Touring and

: l'L‘\lt.‘\\, T

t 7.45pm. to iL‘Si. The Hall Triiek Theatre Company John (iodhei‘ eoiiihination that I produeed the cult sliee-oI-lile di'aiiia liosiiitt'i‘x in a new show that sees Yorkshire eouple Jaek and Liz on a nostalgie trip to Blackpool alter 3t) years all :iiai‘ried lite. See ’l‘oin'ing.


l Faith. Hope and Charity \\'ed [2 A'I‘luns i3

V -\pr. Spin. lii‘ee. Resei‘yations on 332 :, 7W0, Studio Theatre. iiiain huildiiig. ' (ilasgoyy—hased youth theatre group.

\loral Support in a ITL‘SII adaptation of this ll play hy ()doii \on Hoi'xath.

I KINGS THEATRE Halli Street. I’Itoite

hookiiigs‘. Ticket Centre. ('andleriggs. see . 'I'it‘k‘et I.iiik details ahoye. [Aeees‘sz I’I’A. l.. Facilities: \VC'. WS. H. (i. (,‘. Help: A. ‘.\,\t

; Hot Shoe Shuttle l‘ntil Sat S Apr. 7.30pm.

Sat mat lpni. L'RFH- £195”. New tap iiiusieal that reyiyes the good old days of

Geein' it laldy: Terry Neason performs Wild 'n' Wet Ones at the Citizens’ Theatre

; September In The Rain I't‘i H-Sai 15 Apr.

Gershwin. lilhngton and hats Waller iii linger siiappin' splendour. and direct from its sell out I‘K l‘i'eiiiiere on London‘s West lind.

The 1995 Glasgow Gang Show ‘A Tribute To America‘ Mon 10- Sat 15 .-\pr. 7. l5pltl. Sat mat 2pm. £3- 9; l0. local hroyynies and seouts' take to the stage.

Chicago Mon 17- Sat 22 Apr. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. L‘s-t l4. The Pantheon (‘lnh do (.‘lllt‘tl’e't’.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranyille Street. 227 55! l. [Aeeessz l’l’.-\. l.. ST. R, I‘ilL'lllIlt'\I \\'(,‘. \\’S. H. (i. (‘ Help: .-\. ,-\.-\i

A is for Abba l'iitil Sat S .-\pr. 7.30pm. See Touring,

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley SS7 lillll. [:\eees\‘i I’l’x‘x. l.. R. l‘aetlities: Wt‘. \VS. H. (i. (‘ Help; .»\. ,-\.-\i

Salar SO Far iii 7 .-\pr. l,.‘~()pm/7,.‘~(lpm. Lil t£2 i, See 'I‘oui'ing.

Freak and Thumb Sat 3 .-\pr. Spin. ill tL'2). : (ilasgim -hased company ol the same

name as the shim in a thought proyoking ? physical theatre/Usual arts spin on

" Fitter? '

Saturday 8 Arches A Citizens Main Theatre Citizens Circle Studio Citizens Stalls Studio Cumbernauld

Wild 8; Wet ()iies

\K'iltl (k \Vet ()iies

Betrayal Iletrayal

The Double The Marble

CYTI)onbleBill l (‘Y'I‘Douhleliill

SundayQ Monday 10

Your at a glance theatre guide

_ ne’eey 1W1— Wednesday 12 - _--§s:s_9<2t3¢9_>;-_

Wild S; Wet Ones

See (‘omedy

Wild & Wet ()nes'

Betrayal Betrayal

The Double The Double

i Brilliant Traces

King’s » e . a Hot Shoe Shuttle g H _ . (iang Show _ fiang‘Sliow ,MitchellTheatre , h _!_______A_ isle}: {xiiiia _, e A is m ABBA * ‘__ - _ h *_____ N: _-__ __V_.

i Sogliar - I M l~reak tk Thnmh --_#_-_S~e_e_.Ia/_.z_tg fie"; _ -— I d -__ _ - Tbgatiefioyal flojylifigyic Soil. , rough x the Sims r V____ __7, - _ f _ __ leeway, .L-____ ’Etlelkm.-- _ _- - _ _ i .—_

Tron ' Venus A: Adonis Venus & Adonis Disappeared Disappeared

_ _ g i :_ __ g _ _- _ .r__g____g ~ ~ Oklahoma! ()klalionial -EESII‘WTI‘FQTTE _- .- _ _.§93S‘91i39slz; - ', 3w (T'ttmt‘

_ _ ~ _ _ l)uiiihstrtiek Dumbstruck Dumhstitiek _ .

, Royal Lyceu_mglii___ M-

The Gowk Storm The (iowk Storm

I fienrinoflgoegnheem _ Theatre Workshop Traverse 2

Rosencrantz . . . Rosenerantz. . .

Told By An Idiot 'l'old By An iaim

Brilliant Traces ._ Brilliant 'l‘raees

The (iowk Storm

Brilliant Traces :

The 00ka Storm The (iowk Storm

Modern Problems . . .

so The List 7—20 Apr l995