I Network First (Scottish)

1040—] 1.40pm. Documentary about the athletics trainer who makes Linford Christie the fastest man in the world.

I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Videos. gossip and the Scottish chart with Mari Steven and liwan Macheod.

I Sharpe (Scottish) S—ltlpm. New series with Sean Bean as a bounty hunter in search of Aztec gold.

I One Foot in the Past (BBCZ) 8.30-9pm. Special programme presented by Kirsty Wark which looks at some of the modern architecture recently recommended for Listed status. Talking architecture are Glasgow commentator (iavin Stamp. Lucinda I.ambtoti and trends guru I’eter York.

I The Baldy Man (Scottish) SSH—9pm. First in air occasional series of spill-offs from A’tiket/ lit/m with Gregor Fisher as the folhcally-challenged character.

I Modern Times (BBC2) 9—9.5(lpni. A camera crew follows in the flamboyant wake of PR's glamour queen Lil. Brewer as she lrypes everyone froin lvana Trump to Mona Bauwens. Basically this is Absolutely Fabulous the documentary.

I Chiller (Scottish) ‘)—I()pm. Last in the series of ghost stories. with a story/ about a writer who is sceptical about the supernatural occurances in a supposedly haunted house.

I Harry (BBCl ) ‘).3()-- 10.30pm. Last in the series with Michael lilphick as the down—at-heel news agency boss. Tonight he gets iii the way of a kidnap case putting a child's life at risk. All in a day's work for your average hack. really.

I EB. (Channel 4) l()-I().55pm. It's Christmas Five. btit the hard-pressed l)r Greene hasn‘t done his pressie shopping yet.

i "\

I The Best of The Tube (Channel 4) l().55~-l l.f~-()pin. The Thompson Twins. Chaka Khan and BB. King are among the

9 pop show highlights introduced by Paula

and Jools.

I World League American Football (Scottish) ll-l 1.30pm. First in a new series which follows the new litiropean league. Tonight the focus is on the Scottish Claymores. See feature.

I The Bigger Picture (BBC I ) 7.30-8ptn. Billy Connolly continues his journey through 500 years of Scottish art and has his portrait painted by David Bellany.

I Gary Lineker is Dead (Channel 4) 8—8.3(lpm. Fantasy fast-forward into the future; 13 April 2019 to be exact. The news is Gary Lineker has died. in a world where organised sport has declined. What happened?

I Wild Texas Wind (BBCZ) <)-—tt).3t)ptn. Country and western movie. starring Dolly Parton. Willie Nelson (as himself) and Gary Busey. about a singer who travels the honky tonky circuit with her band.

I Naked News (Channel 4) ‘)—l()pm. Last in the series tonight looks at the role of television news anchors. from the grand-

daddy of them all. Walter Cronkite. to a new breed of supremely ambitious

I American presenters.


i i



1 I Television has always been hospital drama daft; most recently two major American

i imports, ER. and Chicago Hope, transferred their ratings battle to this side of the

1 pond. Meanwhile the homegrown series Casualty, which recently finished its

: umpteentli series, has for years been the BBC’s only real contender in the

, heavyweight drama stakes. And then there’s the BBC Scotland-produced Cardiac

} Arrest, which is returning for a second series. Houseman doctor John MacUre’s HHS satire has always been a quirky oddity, but anything with David Hayman as director is

usually worth a shot. If that doesn’t appeal there’s now the Aussie hunk factor which

has been added with the recruitment of Peter ‘Shane from Neighbours’ O’Brien on the

v rrd. O’day matron!

Cardiac Arrest starts on Wednesday 19 April at 9.30pm on BBC1.


I World Snooker (BBCZ) 11am—2pm.

First session in the seventeen«lay-long

l Embassy World Championship from the

Crucible in Sheffield. Will Stephen

« Hendry successfully defend his title and

pick tip his fifth world championship?

I The Clothes Show (BBCI) 5.15--5.55pm. Supermodel special from New York with Naomi. lille and Claudia. plus a gatecr'asher's report on Malcolm

McLaren's glitzy fashion week party.

I The Wildlife Special (BBC l) ().4()-7.3()pm. Gripping (liar. har) film about the great white shark. which Jun-s creator Peter Benchley (lecribes as ‘the finest shark tltX‘lllllCIillll‘)" he‘s ever seen.

I Marsalis on Music (BBCZ)

7.3()~B.25pm. New series presented by virtuosojazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis which aims to demystify musical composition. using botli jam. and classical examples.

I Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (Channel 4) 9—] 1.30pm. First showing for this sentimental story with Jessica Tandy as an elderly woman telling Kathy Bates a story about two women living in the deep south in the 30s.

I Charles: The Private Man, The Public Role (Scottish) ‘)—‘-l lpin. Repeal of Jonathan l)iinbleby's controversial profile of Prince Charles in which the future king

; talks candidly about his life and l()\ es.

I Our Man in . . . Hawaii (BBCZ)

l().3()—l l.l()pm. Clixe Anderson travels to the tropical paradise where the local people are trying to reassert their cultural identity. which has been trampled tinderfoots by tourists.

I Fantasy Football league (BBCZ) ll.l()—l 1.40pm. David Baddiel and Frank Skinner are joined by Alan Ilansen and Elvis Costello for football laughs.

I Baadasss TV (Channel 4) ll.3()pni—midnight. Ice-T. who was recently described as Shaft meets George Melly (but don't say it to his face). and Andrea ()liver present reports from the frontline of black pop culture.


I I InSpector Morse (Scottish)

7.50-9.5(lpin. Repeat showing of the classic detective drama based on Colin

Dexter's books. with John Thaw as the

cerebral and intensely grumpy ()xfoi'd

copper and Kevin Whater as his eager


I Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (Channel 4) l5—9.15pm. Bomber. Moxy. ()7. and the

'e~t of the lads have another adventure on

ll": Gerrllan building site.

I Wilde Night ( BBCZ) 8.20pm—2ain. An

E evening devoted to ()scar Wilde to mark

the centenary of his famous homosexuality trial. The running order is: Oscar Wilde (8.2(lptri) Wilde authority

Alan Siiifield looks at Wilde's influence r on the 20th century in this Open S/itit'e f special which traces his legacy of foppish

carnpery. Sinfield argues that this legacy has riot always been helpful. The Life and

I loves of Oscar Wilde (0pm) In April

1895. one of the most famous ()Id Bailey trials opened. with Wilde III the (lock to answer charges relating to his lioiriosesuality. This programme looks at the impact on the life of the author who was at the height of his fame when details

; of the trial hit the headlines. The Trials of i Oscar Wilde ( Illpni) Peter Finch plays

l | i

Wilde in this dramatic retelling of the trial story. Portrait of Dorian Gray (midnightm-Zain) Film adaptation of Wilde‘s chilling story about a man who has seemingly discovered the secret of eternal youth.

I Big Deal at Dodge City (Channel 4) (r.l5--t<pin. ()ff-beat western with Henry Fonda as a tiiiId—tnannei‘ed fartlter and reformed gambler \\ ho buys into the

biggest poker game It) town. The tension

gets to him antl his wife has to finish his


I Hamish Macbeth (BBC 1 ) S—BSSpm. Robert Carlyle is the dope-smoking Highland policeman who solves crime his own way in this entertaining comedy drama.

I Bugs (BBC 1 ) sits —s.55pin More espionage and intrigue with the crack squad of intelligence agents in this homage to The Avengers.

I Wagner’s Women (Channel 4) ‘)—I()ptii. The ll’tiglieriiuuiui season continues with a dramatised story about the riiiportant women in the composer‘s se\ual|y active life.

I Band of Cold (Seotiish) 9.- Iilplll. Second last episode of the gritty drama about Bradford prostitutes who are being picked off by a Ripper-like serial killer. I Chicago Hope tBBCt ) t). l 5-- Illplll. More medical drama from the latest US import which was compared. tinfavourably. to If. R. by the critics in America.

I Nine to Five (Channel 4) |()~l ISSpm. Well entertaining movie with Ilolly Parton. Tomlin and .Iane Fonda as three office girls who plan to get one over on their sexist boss.

I A View to 3 Kill (Scottish) 4 t),< -().55pill (including l'li\" News). A creaky Roger Moore's Iast Bond film. which is memorable for Christopher Walken antl Grace Jones as the baddies.

I Drop Dead Fred (Channel 4) 8.05—l0pm. Awful comedy film with Rik Mayall as a young girl‘s fantasy friend. I Bottom (BBCZ) ‘)—()._‘)()pm. Rik Mayall and Ade lidinondsoii are the oxergrown schoolboys in this repeated sitcom which continued The Young Ones vein of humour.

I NYPU Blue (Channel 4) l()- 10.55pm. Sipowicl. and Simone get involved in a triple homicide. while the hunt for the rapist of an elderly woman continues.

I Atlantic Records: Hip to the Tip (Channel 4) Midnight—2am. Documentary film about the influential RtyB label. including interviews with Ben Ii. King. Mick Jagger and Aretha Franklyn.


I The Holylands (Channel 4) ‘)--|()pin. Special documentary trilogy for liaster week about the Palestinian and Israeli peace process through the eyes of individuals on all sides of the conflict. The first programme covers the last days of the Israeli occupation of the Jebalya refugee camp in Gaza.

I Peak Practice (Scottish) 9— lllplll. Kevin Whater is the doctor in this popular country medical drama.

I Fist of Fun (BBCZ) ‘)-‘).3t)pni. Stuart Lee and Richard Herring throw another combination ofcoiiiedy punches. See preview.

I Blackadder the Third (BBCI) l()~l().3(lpm. Another chance to catch ' Rowan Atkinson in Ben Fltoil and Richard Curtis's inspired period comedy. I Paper Mask (Channel 4) |()— I lfifipm. lixcellent black comedy with Paul McGann as a hospital porter who steps into the shoes of a young doctor killed in a car crash. His diagnoses. as you'd imagine. aren't always correct and the iiiiposter runs into big trouble.


I The Great Outdoors (Channel 4) 8.3()—‘)pm. A look at how the Criminal Justice Act could affect people's ‘freedom to roam' in the countryside.

I The Holylands (Channel 4) l)» -l()pm. In ‘Children of Abraham'. the second ill the series of programmes about the Palestine problem looks at why the peace process repeatedly stalls.

I ER. (Channel 4) l()--l().55pin. Lewis ponders family values after screwing up the release of a heart patient.

I The Best of The Tube (Channel 4) 1055—1 l.3()pm. More pop highlights from the 80s with Jools aritl Paula.


I The Holylands (Channel 4) 9—IOpm. The filial programme in the series looks at the loss of life on the West Bank since the signing of the 1993 Oslo peace accord.