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At: The Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh Tel: 0131 662 0005 Fax: 0131 662 1115

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JUST BETWEEN US l Qualified counsellor and t psychologist offers confidential counselling to help you find a

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: Elaine Goldsmith Bl)S 1 Foundatlon course i

39 Fi'erderick Strezelt’. Edinburgh. , starting |

; el: 0131 2 4077. '

I 1 29/30 APRIL 1995 0131 553 7896 I Transcendental meditation For details contact: relaxes. revitalises and RICHARD BLAIR MRSS. Ed.S.S.. recharges your batteries. A i 104“ 0”“ St- Edinburgh EH6 eHL I Therapeutic beauty

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l’C{‘Cl'lS-.l:"" "cc “dc” 2 life? Confidential one-to-one information pack. phone 0 l 3| ; counselling service Offered by (’68 ,1 6219- . i fully qualified counsellor. I Ellmmafe sue“ WM" i Telephone Monday—Friday. contained talks and stmple ; 014] 637 9717.

meditation techniques led by a 1 Buddhist teacher. Thursdays 7.30pm at Steppingstone. it i Royal Terrace. Glasgow. For information ring Johanna 0141

423 4830.

I Homoeopathy is sate

effective and illuminating in treating all forms of acute and

therapeutic massage and many others only natural products used. Student rates available. Call Amanda Turner on 0] 3l 229 6283.

63 P“b""'Y ; chronic illnesses. For an ‘59 distribution appointment or practice ' . ,e“ nationwide E bmhl'w P'casccvmclmh“ Sporting Inlunes, Aches and Pans?

Watt on 0131 667 I333.

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a8 At The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre, .Qo H mm" “m” t i Chartered Physiotherapists assess and treat your problem \9 """“”“" I ”" ml I in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Sc lcl mmmw : TIERAPEUTIC , C D M k. \F M “gigglwfi MASSAGE E ontact awn ac: 1e

Lucinda Cunningham 0131 556 1116 I

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Com 1 The : mam“ “‘99 Cm“ THE LAWS OF CREATION Relieves Pain 0 Reduces Stress o Revitalising o Relaxing. A pubnc Leann 031 343 6584


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1 _ Health Plan (MRP £4.99) with Atl no 8 l ) each urchase f 90 TbeGmsvenor Hotc( unjc ute. & rAmigxidamyclzst £6.95. levenorTcrrIcc. Gm! Western Road.

Craiglogan Pharmacy. 98—100 Glue" 0‘2 "A

By Craigenlinn)’ Road. Edinburgh. on Sunday 23rd April 1995 at 3.” p.m. 0131 661 2523 for mail order GRAD. ACRES PUBLISHING co. LTD. 111:0181300 0379 01 3 1 and p/p charge. __ _ -_._ l

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