V Tall, mid-30s, professional bloke. n/s. independent. crazy SOH. enjoys film. theatre. music (mostly classical) seeks new female friend(s) for all usual reasons. Preferably Edinburgh. Photo if possible. ALA. Thanks! Box No 250/28. V Male, 26, Gsoll, bright caring. attractive. shy. wild- streak. Likes cinema. writing. meditation. arts. conversation. food. travel. seeking female for mutually supportive. lasting. fun-loving lurv thang. Glasgow. ALA. Box No 250/29. V Pretty woman, willowy blonde. solvent. professional. successful. single parent. pragmatic. hedonistic. immodest! Seeks sexy. stylish. witty. Glasgow-based. 6ft boyfriend. over 30. with brains and buttocks. to enjoy life with. Box No 250/30. V Boisterous, tall, athletic gotxl-iooking male. 31. successful career. likes fast cars. wild places. adventures. log fires. good times. seeks beautiful. attractive. spirited girl. Glasgow area. Box No 250/3 I. V Two energetic females with attitude (22 and 27) laughing in the face of danger. seek dynamic duo. We are intelligent. stunning brunettes who love to dance. drink. eat. ski. talk and explore. You are both solvent (no abusers). generous. broad- rninded. intelligent. creative. gorgeous with athletic btiild. based itt Glasgow or Edinburgh. Photographs guarantee reply. No new-age bullshitters. crooks. spooks. freaks or weirdos. See ya! Box No 250/32. V Male, 27, seeks female friend and moondancer. Prefers reading to books. passion to looks. wants to share life's weather. If you've integrity and sensuality. I‘d love to receive your letter. Box No 250/33.

V Dumtries Professional. fit. gay guy. forties. 5ft llin. fair. blue eyes. sincere. caring. Enjoys wildlife. walking. photography. fitness. seeking friendship. hopefully relationship. similar gay compatible companion. Glasgow/Edinburgh/Carlisle/ Southwest Scotland. Box No 249/58.

V Attractive, intelligent Edinburgh gay guy. 33. Aquarian. seeks independent. passionate. tolerant. sorted guy. 25-35. Edinburgh area. for friendship and the possibility of a respectful. loving. secure relationship. Photo please. Box No 249/62.

V Edinburgh gay guy (45). Reliable. honest. sincere seeks gay friends (23—40) to share good times. Enjoyments include eating out. theatre. cinema. music. Can travel. Photo and phone number appreciated. Box No 249/63.

V Glasgow, soon Edinburgh guy early 30s. 5ft 10in. fair. attractive miss this at your peril! n/s. seeks similar fun professional guys. 25—40. for fun. friendship and possibly more. ALAW phone number. Box No 249/67.

V Glasgow/Ayrshire 28. gay guy. attractive student. into music. books and conversation. Offers genuine friendship. total honesty and respect. sensitive and caring. Possible relationship. Age 20—40. Box No 250/50.

V Edinburgh gay guy, 38, s/a n/s. very wide interests. eg films. music. theatre. books. swimming. travelling. Tall. slim. fit; let down by certain lack of hair and being too kind. Always the best man. never the groom. Seeking mutual likeability with someone younger. anywhere. Box No


V Woman, late 40s who finds- time and friends move on. wishes to meet similar woman. 40s—60s. Interests include cinema. theatre. music. galleries. cafe/bars and laughing! Box No 250/52.

V Pleasant looking, graduate professional. 37. successful. affluent. good-natured. diverse interests. looking to appreciate and be appreciated by another man. l8—40. who shuns insincerity and knows what he wants. Box No 250/53.

V It could be you! Wanted honest. sincere. romantic. good- looking. 28—35-year-old. gay guy with usual [.isry interests. All letters welcome and possible

jackpot awaits. Box No 250/54.

V Glasgow gay guy professional. 40s. 6ft 2in. GSOH. enjoys cinema. eating in/out. theatre. seeks sensitive. caring guy. 21+. for friendship maybe more. Photo appreciated. Box No 250/55.

V Edinburgh gay guy funny.

lively. sensitive. early 40s. seeks

similar for fun times out and quiet times at home. Box No 250/56.

V Glasgow gay tomcat (33) non-smoking. attractive. seeks like-minded. purrfect mate for pawsible relationship. occasional walks on the wild side. Interests cinema. theatre. music. drinks. meals out. travel. Photo. phone number appreciated. Box No 250/57.

V Can anyone take this quiet gay. shy. Edinburgh guy. 40. and shake him out of his current lethargic state. Genuine. sincere friend wanted to share varied interests and longevity. Box No 250/58.

V Attractive, discerning ardent. sensual. witty. pleasure seeking Edinburgh lad (30s) seeks enticing. strapping. virile. hirsute. ‘together‘ guy for humorous. seductive liaisons/ longstanding relationship. Are you man enough to light my tires? Box No 250/59.

V Biiemale, married, attractive looking for friends in similar situation. Varied interests. GSOH. letter and photo guarantees the first round is mine! Box No 250/60.

V Edinburgh gay man, 33 professional. intelligent. enjoys eating out. movies. conversation. seeks similar man for friendship. maybe more. Box No 250/6l.

V Edinburgh guy, 32 going to waste! OK looking. bright. talkative. sincere. sporty btit arty. interesting. sensitive. unfortunately daydreaming. romantic and slightly scatty. seeks the right attractive. open. warm. interesting and interested guy with honest eyes. to share interests. laughs. quiet moments. ordinary things? Intimacy? My heart? A future? Here's hoping! Box No 250/62.

V To let/may sell Edinburgh flat. built l96l. fair external repair. good tlc‘c‘oi‘ative condition. Double glazed. extensive bookcases. requires living fire to become ideal (pretend) family home. Suit gay man. Box No 250/63.


V I saw you You wear a stetson around the Broughton triangle. Every time I see you. my heart skips a beat. Fancy a date? Box U/250/l.

V I saw you Shawlands 15/3 (Wednesday) lvy Court Gym. 8pm. Co-op. 28is‘h. cropped hair. kagoul. white Levis. you're drop dead sexy! Check my pecs? Let‘s get together. propose a date? Box No U/250/2.

V I saw you at Cavendish student night 15/3/95. Me: green jacket. You: pale grey T- shirt. You asked tiie the price of the drinks I‘ll buy you one next time. Box No U/250/3.

V I saw you ()onagh No creo en el amor a primera vista pero. . . Fancy taking Callie for a long walk? George. Box No U/250/4.

V I saw you smiling and arguing with me over a baked potato at Elizabeth's and I thought: you‘re great. You listened to Tosca so attentively. You‘re such an interesting and unusual man! Box No U/250/5. V I saw you in a Tollcross deli around New Year. You are fair. not too tall and picked tip the coins. Still think of you. Do write. Box No U/250/(i.

V I saw you watching the Calcutta Ctip in the St Vincent. You had blonde hair. blue sweatshirt. sometimes black- rimmed glasses. I sat iii front of you. short hair. goatee. glasses. How about an action replay? Box No U/250/7.

V I saw you going to work Lunn Poly. Clarkston. Me. 66a. black hat. You. absolutely gorgeous. At least let me know who you are? Nothing to lose? Get in touch. Box No U/250/8.

V I saw you the new blonde barmaid in Bar Miro. Pamela Anderson eat your heart out! You have the body of a goddess. and the face of an angel. I love you madly. Box No U/250/9. V I saw you at Partick Cross on Friday l7/3. A bus splashed you. I laughed and pointed. I drove a red Polo fancy a lift? Box No U/250/l0.

V I saw you at Reds on Sunday l9.()3.95. l was the German girl in the red dress. We talked for ages and I really enjoyed it. How about going to a pub? Box No U/250/l l.

V I saw you Joanna. weeks ago iii L’Attache. Music too loud so couldn't hear you. bttt we compared hands. Please get in touch. Your smile was wonderful. Douglas. Box No Li/250/l 2.

V I saw you Wednesday (22.3.95). Yott sold me two rail tickets. I thought about you afterwards. We met 4.30pm Friday on South Clerk Street. We laughed about coincidence. I‘d love to see you. Box No U/25()/l 3.

V I saw you slinking around behind the Brewery 'l'ap bar. You looked so fluid in your big shoes. You smiled at me knowingly. The knows. Box No L!/25()/l-l.

V I saw you with glasses. who served me and tiiy friends at Bella Pasta. midnight 25/3/95. You stole my heart with that dreamy accent and infectious laugh. Let's smile together. Box No U/250/l5.

V I saw you ('iai‘tnavel Hospital canteen. every day. You are the beautiful tall blond. drop—dead sexy. haematology Sl It). you adonis. you. Please. doctor me. A. Box No U/25()/l(i.

V I saw you Graham. It doesn't have to be marriage. bttt why tiiake it a funeral? 1 would hate to lose track of an equally ‘wonderful person‘. Box No U/250/l7.

V I saw you you saw me. in Waterstone's. (icorge Street. 28/3. l. l5pm-ish. You wore black and were with your sister t?) I wore brown with short hair. Let's meet soon. Box No U/25()/l8.

V I saw you Royal Crescent. Wed 22 March. skipping along clad in Lycra. exhibiting large lunchbox. l was the voluptuous sex kitten Ill the red sports car. Could I have a home visit? Box No [.5/250/19.

V I saw you Botanic Gardens. Great Western Road. sitting in sttn reading Hem/(l. lunchtime 29th: long black hair. red woollen mitts. small blue rucksack. You put spring in my step: what about meeting? Box No [9250/20.

V I saw you walking ottt of Austins (2S/3/95. around 6pm). Smartly dressed. white shirt. striped tie. carrying case and umbrella. l was on a bus; ant (early 30s) similar. like to have chatted! Look my type. Please contact. Also guys likes 25—35. getting out of suits into shorts! Receiving massaging service. Box No U/250/2l.

V I saw you Kathrin. bttt you gave me the wrong number. March 23rd at The Garage. We kissed downstairs before you left about 2am. You were blonde and gorgeous. I wasn't too bad myself. Box No U/250/22.

V I saw you Edinburgh to Glasgow train 20/3/95. You were returning from a job interview in Oxford. l was reading Rat/in 77mm: We talked TV and NllS. Let‘s meet again! Box No U/250/23.

V I saw you in Gourock in a sports car. You short dark hair. slim. glanced my way as I waited traffic lights. Tall. fair male. come ride in my car. Box No U/250/2-l.

0 I saw you on Mother's Day. You in a blue Corsa. me in a white Peugeot. Let's meet again and slip into something more comfortable together. Box No U/250/25.

V I saw you the last 6 months (your car as well). Me Dutch. you old. Me great. you too. Thanks for all Blackie! And if you want to do nice things to me? Box No U/250/26.

V I saw you on the subway —- St linoch's. You reading I’i/ik Paper on platform. Me blue coat. glasses. Saw you again 'l‘esco metro. that same week. Third time lucky? Get iii touch! Box No U/250/27.

V I saw you in House of Fraser wearing shoes without socks before Christmas. and asked ‘are you French?‘. You smiled sweetly. said. ‘I speak French. my dad is French' to this oriental-looking guy (long hair arid legs). You've been in my mind ever since. Now I‘m back from France. please contact me. Box No L7/250/28.

V I saw you in that small. safe room. You were my witness. easy case. lucky you!! If it‘s not that useful to you. just destroy it anyway. bttt. be careful. BMA. Box No U/250/29.

O I saw you at King Tut‘s- eating lunch. You were small with long dark hair. You were with three blokes. They called you Linda. I swooned. Let‘s dance. Box No U/25()/3().

V I saw you 23/3/95 house hunting. It rained. we talked. You're in hotels. I'm the scientist. Leesa (spelling)? I kicked myself for not asking for your phone number. Let's meet arid talk some more. Box No U/250/3 I.

V I saw you at the ‘Scotia‘. Wednesday 29. by the door. '()nr eyes met' btit I wasn't sure those looks were sympathetic. I‘d still like to find otit. over a capuccino somewhere . . . Box No U/250/32.

0 We saw you at the UCI (Edinburgh) 26.3.95 around 6pm. You. long dark hair. leather. with blond friend. hanging around entrance. You saw us too. You know where to find us. Box No U/250/33.

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