Cottier Theatre

Call 0l4| 357 3868

Cartoon Sardines Theatre's

Le Malade Imagine Thur 27-53: 29 Apr 8.00pm (Si/£2

RSNO Allander Ensemble Sunday Classical

Lunchtime Concerts Sun 30 April & Sun l4 May l2.30pm (Si/£2.50

Tue 2-Sat l3 May in Rep Details on 0.l4l 357 3868 a

Music Theatre Lab Marry MeA Little


Opera On A Shoestring ' LaTraviata



The Overcoat and The

Nose £6/£3

Chamber Group of Scotland

Singing Outside Heaven Sun 7 May 2.30pm (5/0

Golden Age

CloserThan Ever

Sun l4—Tue l6 May 8.00pm £5l£2 Phillida Bannister & Fran Lima with Alpin Smart

KurtWeill and Hans Eisler: Nanna’s Song

Thur l8—Sat 20 May I |.00pm (5/0

CPT The ClimbingBoy

Wed 177-53: 20 May 8.00pm. {5/0 Fri l9 & Sat 20 May 2.30pm 8. 8.00pm


Fri 5 & Sat 6 May 3995,8309!“

C().\'.\( R]

Ticket: £916 concessions from dse‘ficket Cemfiamfieflgswiephone OH! 227 55! 1, fax OH! 227 50%. and all "Wk «1801:.

The Shed

BBC S.S.O. Britten’s War Requiem

Britten's powerl'ul and evocative masterpiece scored for massive orchestral and vocal forces. sets the Latin mass for the dead interspersed with the anti-war poems ofWilfrcd Owen.

Sun l4 May 7.00pm £Sl£2

Wood Hall, cm»: Swot, Gingow

W cm as Mrs Arms Braccgirdfe

john Sodas Mr Thomas Wu

mm and Mar Batman, 80er Stuart 9am, tenor v flea-y W, bass

Sm‘nge lute, harpsichord and chorus

Davised, Staged anddimaed by the: Brown

Music dilatation by Gregory Squ, violin

Associate Musical Binder and Adviser Warwick Edwards

ltistheeodochvemba £695.1‘he WRWW “03%mede ry Amory

unfolds. ltlsaozleofastonishmg misundmessesand

‘mnmcicmwivial evenings and domqumlsandfimllyadeaflz, smmprmre.

Thomson Partners Search and Selection

"IMAM 59mm

The Tron Theatre

Call 0l4| 552 4267

Traverse Theatre Company

The Collection _ Thur 27—Sun 30 April 7.30pm £7.50/£6 (Ii/£2.50 conc.

The Abbey ' .

The Mai Wen 3-Fri S May 7.30pm £S/£2 Sat 6 May S.00/9.00pm {5/2

Compagnie Yvette Bozsik

The Countess Sun 7-Tue 9 May 7.30pm £Sl£2

Theatre du Kronope

Notre Dame de Paris Thurl 1.5a: l3 7.30pm May (5/0

nippy sweeties

Tartuffe Mon l5-Fri l9 May 7.30pm £Sl£2 Sat 20 May 2.30/7.30pm £Sl£2

Liz Lochhead and Micheal Marra

In Flagrant Delicht Thur l8-Sat 20 May l0.30pm

Late Night Comedy

see Tron brochure for full details

King’s Theatre

Robert Lepage's Needles & Opium

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yin-M'nuumn I hair «'11-: \(‘l'll Observer-

Fri 28 Apr 8.00pm Sat 29 Apr S.00pm & 8.30pm {Si/£2

Terry Neason with The Paragon Ensemble Over the Rainbow

ll’i'u'n (iml i'ulfx Ilu' /)/('\\('(l m IhliHlifv' nil (in his! 11m: I'm I'uii'i‘ :11]! m; ifiiiiir [If I'i'l I; him (I‘ll' I'Iu i' u' 4/4": I ,\‘i'(!\til! .m:nm'niin::: umi ulhnm: u: Iiii' slum Ignu‘ I/i'i i'imi' \mmps Ilia u \mi’iu. [his Ilu‘um'li‘ulu I; ;_.'(!lllllll.lllll'li\11111.:

(ll'l'll\l(lllll‘.: run «The Sunday Times Wed IO-Sun l4 May 8.00pm £S/.£2

A Charity registered Scannd No. 80062

r _ n \ i rm unimuAu‘lstmsu: I L—. - .‘. J. 1

Thursday 27 April to Saturday 20 May 1995 ' Mayfest ticket Hotline: O l 4| 305 7666 0 For a free programme call: 0 I 4| 552 8000! _ a, l

The List 21 Apr-4 May 199519