I The Mai The Tron. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). t

The celebrated .Abbey Theatre Company

from Dublin in a new Irish play by Marina 1

Carr. a wistful famin drama centring on a woman whose husband has left her. and on the life and the house she has built for herself and her five children.

I On A Stone Bridge The Arches. 9pm. £5

(£3.50) Ramshorn New Playwrights Initiative present a study of racism in urban Yorkshire. where a yotrrrg skinhead lad embarks on a dangerous liaison with a Pakistani girl.

I Persons Unknown Citizens' Theatre. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). See Tue 2 and preview. I Shak Edi Bobo Tramway. 7pm. £l0 (£7). See Thtrrs 27.


I La Traviata Collier Theatre. 7.30prrr. £7.50 (£5.50). Verdi's tale of Violetta and Alfredo is brought to life courtesy of ()pera ()rr A Shoestring.

I Desmond 0ekker & The Aces The Perry. 8pm. £7 (£5). Dekker first made himself noticed in the UK with his number fourteen hit ‘007 (Shanty Town Y. He was influential in the ska/two-tone scene btrt. unfortunately. he is more likely to be remembered for the commercial rip- off of his later hit 'The lsraelites‘. Such is the lasting testament of the advertising industry.


I Ford Kiernan and John Paul leach The l3th Note. 8.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

I Exotica Glasgow I-‘ilm Theatre. 3pm.

5.45pm. 8. l5pm. £2—£~l. See Fri 28 and Film section.


I The Magic Island Mitchell Theatre.

l0anr. 1.30pm. (rpm. £5 (£2). See Tue 2 and Kids section.


I Maytest Club The Old l5ruitrrrarket. l0pm—early morning. £5 (£2). See Thtrrs 27.



I An Me Wi A Bad Leg Tae/When Hair Was Long And Time Was Short The Pavilion. 7.30pm. £9.50 (£8.50) £8.50 (£7.50). See Tue .. and preview.

I Bedfellows Citizens' Theatre. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). See Thurs 27.

I Blood and Ice Ramshorn Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Thtrrs 27.

I Born Guilty Citizens' Theatre. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). See Thurs 27 and preview.

I Breadmakers Pearce Institute. 7.30pm.

£3.50 (crsot. See \Vctl 3 and preview. i

I Chekhov Three Absurd Comedies The Arches. 7.30pm. £7 (£4). See Mon l.

I Dancing/Lite, Loves & Happiness Strathclyde Arts Centre. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). See Wed 3.

I Doing Bird ()Id Athenaeum. 8pm. £5 (£1.50). See Tue 2 and preview.

I Dumbstruck Kings Theatre. 8pm. £4—£I3. See Tue 2 and review.

I Elegies tor Angels, Punks & Raging Queens The Arches. 8pm. £5 (£3.50). Created by American writer Bill Russell as a kind of theatrical version of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. this compilation of speech and song mourning the loss of life to AIDS is presented by a large cast of Scottish notables.

I Hysterical Asians/Breastfeeding & Air In Three Movements CCA. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). Aberdeen-based performance artists Sarbjit Sarnra and Peter McRae in a double bill involving soap opera and politics. flags and physical sensation.

I Linneaus, Prince of Flowers Botanic

Gardens. 8.30pm. £5 (£2). See Wed 3. i I The Mai The Tron. 7.30pm. £5 (£2 ). See Wed 3. . I On A Stone Bridge The Arches. 9pm. £5 (£3.50). See Wed 3. I The Overcoat/The Nose C‘ottter 'l‘heatr‘e. : 8pm. £(r (£3). Ridicultrsmtts 'l‘heatre Company present a double-bill based on two of Nikolai (iogol's best-know n stories. suffused with the Rtrssian writer's : sense of paranoia. pomposity and the absurd. I Persons Unknown citizens" 'l‘heatr'e. 7.30pm. £0 (£2). See Tue 2 and preview. I Shak Edi Bobo ’l‘ramway. 7pm. £ l 0 (£7). See Thurs 27.


I Melos Ensemble Wien (ilasgtiw Royal (‘oncert llall. 7,30prn. £7.5l)-£l2.5(). Christian May conducts the Orchestra in Mozart’s Sir Ger/nan [hr/ices. Schubert's Svrrrp/rmrv .Vtt .5 and Strauss‘s 'Iilre .‘fo’llifilfltl/(C l-trirv 'lir/t't. lit')lllt'.\t' Flowers and Magic [inf/err.

I Gifted Young Musicians From Rostov- ' 0n-uon (ilasgow Royal Concert Hall. 8pm. £5 (£2 )_ Alexander .lakovlev and Alexi Khevelev present a programme of works by Chopin. Liszt and Prokofiev as ; well as some of their own compositions.

' I Martin Taylor Paisley Arts Centre. Spin. £7 (£5). Veteran. genre crossing rrrusreiatr who has played with everyone from

I Yehudi Menuhin to Chet Baker.

I Whiteout and The Supernaturals The Perry. Spin. Mop top retro sounds a la Small l‘aces from the headliners and ()0s intluenced pop and weird threads from the I support.

F I Diesel Kings and Tinderbox King Tut's

Maytest shows which tour the Community circuit are listed alphabetically. Please note that some or the following performances also take place at regular venues, and that some shows are not pertormed every day between the dates given. For Community venue details see Maytest programme or call 0141 552 8000.

I Doing Bird Fri 28 Aprw-Sat 6 May. See Tue 2 and preview.

I Hippy Crits Thurs 27 Apr--Thtrrs 4 May. I The Carmylites present a comedy of

l revelation about a group ofchtrrchgoirrg

t women who aren‘t as pious as might be hoped.

I I Spy Mrs Peery Tue 2—Wed I7 May.

Pipe dreams: Dublin’s Abbey Thetre in The Mai i

\\'ah \\ah lltrt. S30pm. £4. The. second DKs are riding high at the rrrornerrt after the re-r‘elease of their .lltrrat/trrs and

Strive/recry- lil’ wlticlr mixed hillbilly

stomps and \\'urlit/er folk rockers with a cracking Prince cover. 'l‘inderbox blerrtl energetic rock w rtlt Celtic fringe mist,


I Kitkat Club Illackfr'rars l'ndergrotrnd. Ill3liprr: L5 1250). See Thurs 27.

I Project Ability Event (ilasgovv i'llll) 'I‘lreaire 2pm. £l.5ll. l’roiect .'\l)lill} is a centre for duelopmental arts. working

speckrl treetls groups to encourage creativity m :t w i:le range of artistic media. This is a selection of lihtis produced lry its members. \\ ho will be present to discuss their work

I Exotica (ii.l\g()\\' I-‘rlm Theatre. 3pm. 5.45pm. S.I5prr: £2 £4. See Hi 2.\‘ and film section

I The Strange Boutique (ilasgm‘. turn 'I l:e;;'re. "par £31 I £3) l-iIrrrrttaker"artist I):‘-.‘\v \larlhollantl and Jane liorrr Barre present an e\. esrirrg of early movies and harmonrum music. and promise a few


' Kids

I The Magic Island Mitchell 'l‘heatre. lilarrr. 1.30pm. £5 (“2) See The 2 and Isttls scelittll.


: I Maytest Club The ()Id l5rtritmarket.

l0pm- early morning. £5 (£2). See Thurs


communrrv CIRCUIT

l‘rona Knowles in a one-woman play she

co-wrote with fellow Msl‘it Rona Mtrrrro.

about a nosy neighbour.

I Joe Cordon & Sally Logan Ttte 2--Sat o

May. Tartan songs and comedy from the globetrotting duo.

I Michael Cannon Band Thurs 4—t-‘ri 19 May. Atmospheric Celtic blues from Strathclyde ()rclrestral Productions.

I Nae Angles—Nae Preterrce Fri 28 April-Iii l2 May. Homegrown stand-up comedy. See preview.

I War Ends In Europe! Thurs 4—Mon 8 May. The Paragon Iinsemble Irave a reputation for consistently producing innovative and challenging music. This celebration of peace is unlikely to be any different.


Ally Thompson whose exhibition

chance to become a household


'l'lrc Lisr‘s Mayfest coverage will be a game of two halves. This issue covers events up to Thursday 4 May; beyond that you‘ll need our second Mayfest issue which has full listings and previews of the most exciting and innovative events. Here are some to look forward to:

The Climbing any

In keeping with Mayfest 95’s community slant. Castlemilk Peoples' Theatre presents a new work The Climbing Boy about a Iive-ycar—old boy who wrigglcs up chimneys for a living. From France. Theatre (In Kronopc arrives at The Tron with an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Notre- Dame de Parls. After a Mayfcst triumph last year with Borrjorrr Trisrcssc, Theatre Cryptic returns with Child-Lover. a play about an rrrfertile couple’s desperate attempts to conceive a child.

On the music from. Cockney rhymers Supergrass hit Glasgow with their punkcd-up. oik-pop. just as the latest single ‘Mansize Rooster" peaks in the charts. At the (.‘itz. celebrated Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith takes his sextet on an excursion through Misty r’lfarning and Na 'Iime in a jazz/poetry collision inspired by poet Norman McCaig.

The visual arts programme includes an innovative exhibition at the Tramway called Irust featuring an international group of artists who explore relationships ranging from the personal to the political. Coming home is Glasgow Art School-trained artist

title The Glaswegian Surrealist gives a clue to his style. Already feted in France. this is Thompson’s

name in Scotland.

Next issue is out on Thursday 4 May.

The List 2r Apr-4 May 1995 27