I Mayfest's international scoop is securing hot theatre director Robert lepage, who comes to Glasgow with a reworked version of 1992’s Needles and Opium. This startling production links Miles Davis, Juliette Greco and Jean Cocteau in a bizarre dreamscape which ‘defies gravity and logic’. See Mayfest listings for details.



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I 0i, speccie! Time to get up! Following in the illustrious footsteps of Noel Edmonds, Dave Lee Travis and Steve Wright, former Big Breakfast presenter Chris Evans returns for the early shift on Radio 1FM. See Radio highlights for details.

I It’s Beltane time again when 5000 fire- worshippers gather on Calton Hill for a bit of a pagan sing-song. It’s a fertility rite kind of thing, but remember kids - always practise safe sacrifice. See Days Out for details.


The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.


I Music: Hole When their second album Lire Through This came out just over a year ago. scant attention was paid to it as the world's eye zoomed in on Cobain's suicide and Love’s public displays of grief. All of which is inevitable but still a great pity since the album showed a previously hidden maturity and real songwriting skills while retaining the anger and energy of their previous release. Barrow/and. Glasgow. Mon 1 May. I Theatre: The Castle This is the Scottish premiere of Howard Barker‘s play performed by the Wrestling Company who were formed specifically to produce Barker's works. A knight retums from the Crusades to find a new world order in place one that excludes men. Having just fought a religious war the knight is thrown head first into the sex wars. Royal Lyeezon. lizlinlmrglt. Wed 3—Sal 6 May.

I Comedy: Scott Capurro At last year’s Fringe he picked up the Spirit of the Fringe Award as well as a Perrier Pick ofthe Fringe Best Newcomer. A lot of his routines revolve around his homosexuality and his questioning of his audience‘s preferences. Once on the subject his tongue can be incredibly cruel but his vitriol is usually delivered with such charm that it is impossible not to laugh out loud.

The Tron. Glasgow. 'l'lzurs 27/11)]:

I Theatre: An Me Wi A Bad leg Tae/When llair Was long And Time Was Short A timely resurrection of two plays written by the Big Yin in the 70s. Directed by Connolly's chum John Murtagh and performed by Borderline. the two plays promise a feast of bevvy-fuelled guffawing.

The Pavilion. Glasgow. From Tue 2 May.

I Film: Muriel’s Wedding P. J. Hogan directs this buoyant crowd-pleaser about a young woman who finds herself in the unfortunate position of being the ugly duckling ofthe fading seaside town where she lives. Fed up with small town mentality she heads off for the bright lights of Sydney in search of her very own Prince Charming. The disgustineg tacky Abba soundtrack sets the tone.

()n general release from Fri 2/ April.

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