Seen at King’s Theatre, Edinburgh. On tour.

umtruck! ‘a kitsch night out’

. first hit the Tron stage in Glasgow in 3 impressive clutch of prizes including

; regional play.

with a few songs thrown in for good measure. Set in 1965 in a Glasgow

' dreams of West End stardom, only to

David Kane’s comedy Dumbstruck! April 1994 and has since picked up an the Writers’ Guild award for best new

Currently on tour across Scotland, Dumbstruck! is a pacy farce of the ‘in- one-door-and-out-the-other’ variety,

theatrical boarding house, the show introduces us to a bewildering and colourful array of has-been and hopeful performers, presided over by Elaine C. Smith as the randy, pill- popping landlady.

Singer Johnny Ramone, played with charismatic zeal by Jimmy Chisholm,

have his hopes dashed by his smarmy agent Paddy, who reminds him of a sordid past he’d rather forget. Enter

; even the most demanding farce lover.

Herman Katz (Forbes Masson), a Scots- German illusionist who also does a nifty sideline in euthanasia, and Johnny thinks all his problems are over. This is, oi course, where the fun begins.

Any plot analysis would be futile but there are enough misunderstandings, double identities and corpses that refuse to lie down and die to delight

The script is punchy and occasionally surreal (witness Johnny and Paddy’s Beckett-style debate whilst suffering temporary amnesia) and the cast

throw themselves into their roles with . energetic relish.

llumbstruckt, which follows closely

; in the footsteps of Joe Orton, is British I farce at its best and if you’re looking

for a kitsch night out full of i knockabout humour, look no further. I i

(Cathryn O’Neill)

directed by Mhair‘i (iilbert.

I PEARCE INSTITUTE l.ithgow Theatre. 840 Govan Road (opposite (iovan Underground). 445 194]. [Access: l’. ST. Facilities: WC. WS. H. (3. Help: AA] Extremities Wed zo—rin 28 Apr. 7.30pm. £3 (£1). lattice Draper directs William Mastrosirrrone's tale of a worrran's thirst for revenge against her rapist for fledgling Glasgow theatre company. Cascade.

I TRON THEATRE (i3 Trongate. 552 4267. (Access: PPA. ST. R. l.. l‘acilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: AA]

Diary of a New York llueen Until Sat 22 Apr. 8pm. £7.5()/£6.5() (Li/£2.50). Adapted by ex-Trarnway main man Neil Wallace. directed by Lucille ()‘l‘lanagan and starring Harold liinley as Nicky. the young queen and fashion slave who embarks on a sex. shopping and scandal ridden voyage of self-discovery.

I‘VUI' all ll'lttvft'xt ('l't’lll.\' at this l‘t’tlllt’ we separate listings.

1 available from Queen's Hall and Usher


Morningside Road. 228 1155. Tickets

Hall Box Offices and J. and A. Cruicksharrk or Harvest (iarden (opposite theatre).

I Chan Fhada Gu Maduinn/Not Long Till Morning liri 2S Apr. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£3.50). The l‘fdinburgh liling offering from Edinburgh's (’iaelrc Drama (iroup, who present a one-act pla} about the last night of a World War I soldier condemned for desertion. Music comes courtesy ol a capella choir performing (iaelrc. Scots. African and medieval selections.

I Young At Heart Wed .‘x .\l.t_\'. 7pm. L25!) (USU). The l€dinburglr Young 'l'heatre take aiaunt through musical history llt‘lt! the 20s to the present day v. ith a special performance for the lidinlrurgh l'llllL',


Nicolson Street. 52‘) (Mill). [At‘c‘cssi l.. Facilities: \\"(‘. \VS. AS. II. (I T. Help; ."\) Three Steps to Heaven Mon 3-1»-l-’ri 2s

Apr. Spin. Sat 2‘) .-\pr‘ (rpm & 0pm. : £3.75 U350. (iel out those blue stlt‘tle ;

shoes for [tax id (‘osgrove's musical comedy romp through rock 'n' roll lusto: x with the ll‘itl\lc' l‘l Ruddy lloll}. ‘l he lire

Hopper and Ritchie \alens.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE l3 l-landolplr (‘I'CSCL‘IIL .735 5 Wm

Cyrano De Bergerac sat 2: \k't-tl 3n ,\;~ Sat \‘(etl 3.10pm: 7.30pm. Mon Went -l..iilpnt. (5.50 t L RFD/USU tor l,l<t' school students) See 'l‘ourirrg.

I GLASITE MEETING HOUSE 33 litllirll‘. Street. W sow. ' No Earthly Kingdom int-3 stir n .\l.t} Spin 9.31 (£950), lldinburgh lr‘ling (‘la‘v \ host to 'l he Silent l'otrznlation v. :tli .r perl'oirnance tha' dies deep into the

forgotten la: \to:\ ‘)l the ( il.l\\ll'\‘ rel: ’i’rti‘

lttti‘.;‘i:".";i n i ':t3.ltlil’.’li


Catch the best theatre this fortnight.

l Mayfest: Billy Connolly Double-Bill John Muitagh tone ot'Connolly's co- stars in television's Down Among the Big litrvi’) directs Borderline Theatre Company in two vintage plays penned by the Big Yin. Side-splitters assured. Pavilion Theatre. Glasgow.

I lucky Mime theatre frontiersman David (ilass performs his first solo show in years. a piece about autism which takes its name from Pozzo’s slave in ll'tn'tine For (Jar/at. 'l'lrt'atre lib/'ks'ltnp, lit/inlnujelr.

I The Castle Scottish premiere for Howard Barker’s powerful play. in a production by Kenny lreland. artistic director of both the Lyceum atrd Barker \pecialists the Wrestling School. Royal lyt‘ennr 'l'lrcatrt', lz’tlirrlnuylr.

I Mayfest: Born Guilty lain Reekie directs his most ambitious project since taking tip the reins at 7:84 Theatre (‘oinpany about relations between today‘s lens and the descendants of Nazis in modern l‘iurope. Citizens" ’l'lrt'att’t'. (ilasgnrr:

I Dumbstruck! The Two Theatre (‘oiupanvs production of David Kane's much-praised comedy. revived for a tour of niaior‘ venues, Not big. not clever. iust farce. liirrt'i/rg.

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