include Sula/t Jttllt'llt' and Th!” ll'llmi' Row. For further info call 334 9015. Deans T/u'urre. /.ll‘iIiL’.\‘!()Ii Tue 25 Apr. 7.30pm.

ll’t'bster Theatre, .-\r/n'out/t Wed 2() Apr. 7.30pm.

Rwut Centre. Struurtm' Thurs 27 Apr. 7.30pm.

Belly/rill Cultural Centre Fri 28 Apr. 8pm.

MucRo/wrts A r15 Centre Sat 2‘) A pr. 7.45pm.

'I'lteum' llln'ks/m/t, [ft/initu/g/t Wed 3—Sat 6 May. 8pm.

Tour continues.

I Asylum! Asylum! Glasgow based company Wiseguise. last seen in The ll’t's/u'ng Tree in a new play by Donal 0' Kelly which follow .\ the trail of refugee Joseph (imara from a burning pit in Uganda to an illlllll‘L'iélillQ- hostel ll. Berlin l-‘or moi.) details call 02.“! 557 §*) l 8.

'ltrtt't't \t' Wit .n’lt'. ."il' Mute/t l‘ti 2! Sun 23 Apr. cpni. Bit/lit; I'm/m: Wed 2" \pr. 7.7»(iptn.

Sheik/tug Thurs 27. 7.30pm.

liti'c'reun/mi Arts ('t'nm' Fri 25. 7.30pm. Thu/2w .llu’l l‘ltt'tuu' Sat 2‘). 8pm. [)ur/tevs Tue 2 Ma}. 7.30pm.

Ruse/lull Wed 3 Mayifillpm.

i’l'Iu/jv/turelz Thu rs 4. 7.30pm.

I Cyrano De Bergerac What no subtitles? Edmond Rostand's celebrated play about the gentleman With the unt‘easihly large hooter performed iii simplified lirench b} the all-lirench cast oi the European Theatre Company. last seen here in Le Bourgeois (Jenni/minute. Group bookings recieve a free copy of the text for their perusal. Call (H71 58! 2010 for more info.

St LCU/Ull'tlh‘ School. St .-i/tr/rmr.r Fri 21 Apr. 3.30pm.

Ins/[rut l-‘rruu'tu'x, Iz‘tlt/t/tumit Sat 22—Wed 26 Apr. Sat—Wed 2.30pm; 7.30pm. Mon-Wed 4.30pm.

Num' Dame High .S't‘ltuul. (i/(H‘L’Uit Thurs 27 Apr. 2pm.


; Dance pertormances and classes are f listed by city, then alphabetically by : venue. Shows will be listed, provided

: that details reach our ottices at least ten

days before publication. Dance Listings compiled by Ellie Carr.

All tied up: dancer Jonathan Burnett

and composer Nick Rothwell get down to something new and different at last year’s Artistic Upstarts. This year, at the tourth multl-medla all-nighter, they contribute Heroides with a contemporary twist

KlzNNY ltl{.\f\'

essential. \ series ot three-lmur intensive

pet'ioi’nta-tez‘ .llil\l l tndsay John. known

I scomsu‘Posrnv LIBRARY ’rtt mutt- ; ('outt. High Street. Cerridwen Sat 2‘? April 2pm. (.‘reptisetzle

i I sreppmc STONES we: Hm»


oi the dual! and the princess. set to

I 369 GALLERY ("on gate. lithtthtnel: Artistic Upstarts limits -1 May 'it‘m min

I CCA 3505;1uehiehall Street. 332 7521. [Aecesst l’l’.»\. 1.. ST. l'acthttes: WC. \\'8.


Comedy is listed by date. then by city. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach our offices at least ten

days betore publication. Comedy Listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


ii. (i. C‘! Workshops with Lindsay John Sat 2: Apt it) -lpm. £2 5‘) t ti 3. Advance looking

workshops \\ ith (ilasgmv-l‘used dance

lot l‘.i\ experinzetztal approach to the art tit ntmeniettt Some L‘.\[TL‘i'lL‘l‘:L‘C or creative .u [k‘l'lttr'llltlhi arts required


I The Comedy Stop Stepping Stones.

West Him. (ill sittatkei. 225 (i520 5pm

tt‘r ‘2’an £5 L3} Dallas and Rich 1‘ and

i' with. i ti. 1- .- .2. l l' l‘lg'lt "tuh‘ntl'

ant! the \‘eoittsh l’oeti} l.ll"t‘.li}. lt‘lli totem l.) prescitl a c‘tillll‘illt‘tl

l‘LIr.nli .mlkL on. } Hem it ..l1 on: n .il.

pet Ittt‘lttartt'e t 1i.

‘.-.l\ comedy club

'..ml j.‘ nu!

Gla gow

325 0520

The Birthday at the lnianta t'::ui Sat 2: -\pt' Kym Sat :tiat -l[‘~lli £5 lids.- l)t\ erse .\ttr.tt trons :25 M’ol. lltlll‘ll‘lllfjll

lused dance and mime company \'esttts iii .l nez'.‘ \xoilt ltased on the i )seat‘ Wilde tale

is tron)

Chopin. Mir/art. l’tlreeil .iILl .'-. litlitzhtttyh cotttpowr .\l;tlllll l..‘!illtt!|


(“Snail (karate: Hi 11 me: 31>“ tot more into: ;t.;tti.~:i. l’t‘l'litiiiiditec lanthotee

ntttttl‘et l'ttttr {tom those tittzlti-metlta

I Abigail's Party Arches ‘l'heatte. .iil .‘Jttliantl .‘lltcsl. .32] ‘l'f it") F’ itlptti. U) it.“ i Elm you 's 'i'aztget'ine l’totlttclions do ittppet‘uaze and \tllilill‘ld in the Mike lt‘igli c‘itttlt‘tl}' Clar‘xte.

I Just Dorothy l’ats’ie} :\l'i.‘\ Centre. New Street. H37 itllti, 3pm. L7 t5). Another

showcase type~ .t' -\:ttst:el pstaits, lli‘.til\ 2313.: lii'\‘.;likl.\ oi twelve \'.tIlL'l!t‘\ oi local [writti'xtzer l 'l‘ there t’tit' dance \estt'ts v. tilt a etitttettttmiar}. l/t'met'x. and :\l..:i (In; and Mail. ll.lllillitlli oi ilt.‘ Sile'tt l'otmtlattott t’llt.‘l a taste oi tltett‘ tlisttnettxe lilenti oi mime. ntoxetttent and


2560 (Eris/0


See both piays and save £4.00



.‘l “rest/tug School Production

3—6 May.

Tickets E-l.SC-E‘).C'C



Tic‘lit'h USS-£14.03

heatrc ompany


A GREAT COMEDY NIGHT OUT! ~ ' ' "Riproaring; belly laughs; " ' thought provoking; Glasgow wit; wry humour; often vulgar - always very funny”.

I writtenvby. '. all“ CONNOI“ directed by '

loan MliltIlloll. 2,,“ 3,1, mm, —-- - linen-#‘l'hurs' "

' 09m!” . £9.50 8. £8.50?* 7.30pm ' 8r Saturday

8.30pm, . 1 £10.50 8 £9.50 curlers wear I 12 m m Tl; '2 Conradon‘siif' . £1.00 on. 5.5;

52 The List 2| Apr-4 May 1995