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l coniiiitiirity policies. In the gallery 's A centre hall. an interactive cube highlights

the creatiy ity ol~ tannins people who hayc

; experienced mental illness. including * Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Sy ly ia

Plath and Vincent yan (ioglt.

I ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART 134 Blythswotxl Street. 332 4027. Mon -l~rr ‘).3()aiii—5.3()pm: Sat ltlam lpni. Maylest 95 Fri ZS’ Apr-- 30 May. l~ocusiirg on the sea and the images it coiirures tip are paintings by Gordon K. Mitchell. yyliile Bet l.ow‘s paintings are inspired by

: ()rkne) and the Western Isles. Also on ' shim are brooches by one of Scotland's

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY 1‘) Manic Street. 552 777‘). Mort-Sat llani (rpm The Art Exposure Open Sat 2‘) Apr—25. May. The gallery's second annual open exhibition has accessibility at its heart. Artists are invited to submit sniall works. and gallery visitors are united to yote for their favourites. Also showing - an installation by Janet Henderson and jewellery by Fiona Gunn. Part of May test. 0" The Wall Until Wed 26 Apr. look at humour in Scottish contemporary art. just when we thought it was all about bad times. Work by Glasgow-based cartoonists l-"rarrk Boyle. Malcolm McCormick and Willie (iall is exhibited beside rib-tickling pieces by lidinburgh printiiiakers Tini (‘oekbnrir and Peter Standen. and Glasgow artist William

A tiiriely

KELVIRGROVE 357 392‘). Mon Sn 10am—5pm; Sun 11am 5pm. (‘ Voluntary guides are available tree ol' charge to conduct parties or individual s round the main galleries. Ask at ilie

at» int.

Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight ttiiiz‘i ;7 Aug Bringing mental health out of society's shadows. this iiiulti-inedia exhibition examines attitudes to mental illness through the centuries. from the quack remedies to today‘s care

day s «d in the

leading jewellery designers .lack ('uiiiringlraiir and glass yyorks by .latt.‘ (.‘liailes. Part of May'l‘est.

Mixed Exhibition t’iriil \yea in Apr.

Monotypes‘ and works on paper by Joyce

Cairns and watei'colotiis by Sy'ly ia \'oii

llar'tnrann. l’ltis' l'uriiituie by .ltise‘ l’,

Arriaga. t'orged steelyy'ork by John (reed. blending traditional blacksiinthing Icc‘lttthttcs \\ tlli tieslllctic design. and ceramics by John Magiriie.

I THE BLYTHSWOOO GALLERY ‘l‘iic (ialleiy Suite. 44 \Vaslringtoii Street. 377‘). Mon l'ii Illaiii Spin; Sat l(laiii lpiii

A May Festival Exhibition l-:.- 2y Apr 35 May. Scottish paintings ar. ltli‘t\‘. rugs by l‘)tli and 30th century artists. including lohn liyi'ne. l‘. (' l3. ('adell and Robert (‘oltptlrottir

I BURRELL COLLECTION .‘tloti l’ollokshayys Road. (z-l” l 5| . l! lllalll 5pm: Sun llain Spin. {Hi Admission tree.


“i Sat

The Heedle's Prayse: 17th Century British :

Embroidery l‘titrl H May. llic litzriell's rich collection or l'7th century t‘tttbt'oidctetl \strr'ks is displayed. highlighting the cial'tsinanship twine! lurnishings. costtnires and siirall embroidered pictnies and scttrizg ill.‘ works iii their social contest

I CCA34tr-351Satrtliiehall Street. 3 r-

201 0 Textiles

8 New Technology

1 5 April- 10 June '95


29 Market Street Edinburgh Open Tues—Sat 10.30—17.30 Sunday 12—17.00 Admission free


3‘. ,

Spring: from an exhibition of innovative and highly individual brooches by Jack

Cunningham. His creative imagination and mastery of a variety of metals, precious stones and patination are displayed in this show at Roger Billclille

Fine Art, Glasgow.

753i. Mon Sat 11am (rprii t'l‘litii'sll-ii until 7pnii. Dining May test. Sun 3t) Apr. Sun 7 and Sun 1-1 May llaiii 5pm. ('at‘e. [l)|.

Evening Echoes l'ir 2\' Apt to tune. (ialler‘y l. Taking the sounds or the streets and pumping them into a (‘(‘;\ ar‘tspace is this audio \ isiial eshibitron exploring the

\yorld and cries -ot' neyyspapci' vendors

(iallci'y ol Modern Art. due to open in

; spring I‘No. is this slimy ()Itll'l‘g‘llldl

around ISritain. Included are tour (ilasgow

yeiidors renoyy ned for their yoices. at least one or which is heard l'roni one end or .>\rgyle Street to the other. \'isrtor's passing alinost litesi/ed pictures oi the \endors ttCliyttlt‘ lltc‘ citt't't‘sptitttilltg e‘t it‘s l’at’l til~ Maylcst See May lest prey iew

Le Genius Loci (The Spirit Of A Place) in IS Apr It) ,ltrne. (iallei'y 3. 'l‘yyo installations by Stephan (incnean. a young l-reneh artist by iirg in (ilasgoyy and l’;tl‘ls‘ lixploring urban surroundings. t'i'oirr the neon signs ol‘ llirdapest to l)erinistoun in (ilasgows east end. they challenge stereotypical iiiiages. l’ait ol' May l'est. Slip or The Tongue tiriiil Sat :2 Apr. An eye opening. sensestimulating exhibition of yyork by one or the most influential aitists ot her generation. .lanine Antoni.

i I cotiiiis GALLERY Ihiiyersity or

Strathclyde. ‘7 |<ichriioiid Street. 552

-l-Ill(l c\l 2052. Mon l‘ri ll);tlll~5[)llll Sat noon ~l|1lll. [D]. ('losed l4 l7 Apr

Designers’ Habitats Sat 2‘) Apr 27 May telosed Mon 1 and S May). lixploring the

L‘tilltlttet’cittl litt‘c til tleslg'ti. Ilils L‘\ltlliilltill 1 looks at the conriiirssroning or aitists and crat'tspeopl; and the public yenues they

design. tioiii pubs and clubs to lingerie

yyoiks destined to hang on iIs yyalls. .-\itists renowned on the international and national art circuit will teature. l'rom .lolin lSyrne to laii llaiiiilton l'inlay.

Full Blown I‘ntil Sat 3‘) Apr. large rnllatable works olart by Iari Kc‘lllc's and St'sie lluntei. including a shark and a suspended scltiid. 'l'liese .iitrsts lraye come a long yyay troni their training in line art Ltlltl |t‘\\t‘llc‘l'_\ LlL‘Slgll.

I THE GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (jlen l’ark north gates. Rouken (ilen Road. (.iill'nock. (r20 0235. Mon. \\'ed Suit

1.30 5.30pm.

Sandy Murphy Mon 1 .‘st May. landscapes aird still lites painted in the Scottish (‘onteiiipoiai'y style by (ilasgow School or Art graduate Sandy Murphy. Artsleast At The Gatehouse tirriil 't‘Iiuis 37 Apr. Work by lithel Walker. Alexandra (iaidnei. lla/el Nagl. Stephen ('ari'iithers and more. Part or Maylest.


ll Rose Street. .i‘il SIZS. Phone for opening hours.

The Art OI Coia Mon l H May. An exhibition or" work" by Scottish Italian l'.lllIllt) (‘oia. letittir‘irig a star-studded cast hour the world or trim. music and the arts.

; Sheena McGregor t‘iiiit Sun to Apr. ' Paintings of city lite by Sheena

boutiques and hairdressers. :'\loie than hall

the exhibitions lealtiied y'cnnes are based in Scotland. including (ilasgoyy 's (‘ale (ianllolti and the Scottish Arts (‘ouncil t'oy‘ei' in l‘ltlllllilllg'll. l’art ol' May test. lnterconnections t'iai: Sat 33 :\[‘i.

Paintings by \'al Close challenging traditional \ieyys or still lrle. pins

sculpture constructed llUlll doriiestrc objects by liranthd

I COMPASS GALLERY t'is \\v.-si Regent Street. ZlS HZ]. Mon Sat lilaiii 5.30pm. Peter Thomson Sat 3‘) Apr J) May.

Paintings and draw iiigs by (ilasgoyy aitist

l’etei‘ 'l'homson. esplor log the city 's

divided nature. hidden beliriid its

reputation as a centre lor cultural

, iniioyation. l’art oI Maylest. Sec May lest


Heart Of An Island tiiiiit than 27 Apr.

More than 3t) paintings and inonotypes lioni Lesley Burr. reflecting the landscape of Shetland. where the artist liyes.

I THE FRINGE GALLERY l8 Castleiiiilk Arcade. (>3l 3267. Mon -Sat lilaiii~5pnr The People’s Preview \\'ed 3 it May. ,-\iitrcipating the opening ol‘(ilasgow'.s

66 The List 2i Apr-4 May I995

Mctiregor. ('ilasgoyy School ol Art ;.'raduate and art tutor at llMl’ llarlinnre


Street. 552mm. sitm Sal iii.iiii-.§.sirpiii. Triple Vision Mon Z-l Apr 37

May. ’l‘llL‘ \.‘.t)rk tll lltt'L‘L‘ lltclitls \‘. lit) Iticl alter graduating from art school in the late 70s also IllllL'LI as three til the “1th lalt'ttlt'tl tiguratiye painters iir Scotland. .lanies .\lcl)oiiald's super-realist still-Iil'es tackle bi/arre subiect matter. li'oin lingerie to iiiounds or butter. (‘aitlniessrbased .\'cil .\Iacl’lierson's paintings are a response to his surroundings and are steeped in local lolklore. \y llll surreal figures in rural landscape settings. The hnriian liguie is the inspiration Mr Douglas 'l‘honison. \ylio paints in an increasingly e\pressionist manner". Part or May lest. I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART to? Reirtield Slt‘c‘t‘l. 353 4500. Mon ’I‘lltlls

,‘).3(lani S. lilpnr: l‘ii ‘) Strain Fpiir1Sit


Interact 'l'hurs ~l--Mon S’ May. An exhibition celebrating (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh’s prize-winning design tor (.ilasgow School ol‘ Art and proposing plans for a new building.

External Links Until l‘Il 28 Apt. Mackintoin (iallei'y. Work by current. recent and l'uttire artists in residence at (ilasgow School of Art's line art