Grapevine Until l3 May. A photographic i exhibition of work by Susan Lipper —- the result of live years work rellecting the daily events in a small community in West ] Virginia's mining ltills. Lipper lived alongside her subjects and her lens captures their lives in a revealing. often disturbing way. There are no holds barred in this haunting. intimate portrayal of rural life. displayed in Lipper's large black altd white photographs.

I OUEEN’S HALL Clerk Street. (io8 3-l5o. Mott—Sat 10am-5pm and concert evenings for concert ticket holders.

The Scottish Landscape Mott t—27 May. Oil paintings by Banffshirc artist Peter l)rewett and work by Scottish watercolourist Rod Mtitiro.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GAROEN 552 7 I 7 I. Mon—Sun Illam—5pm.

Flora Ot China lnvei'leith llotise. Littlll 23 Jul. China has one of the world's richest lIoras. with art eighth of all known plant species. bill the effects of rapid population . growth are threatening many of them. This exhibition explores the nation's flora. Part of the International Science Festival. See review.

The Science And Art or Landscape And Garden Design Caledonian Hall. I’ittil Mon I May. An exhibition of landscape drawings and models by students of ()atbridge College. West Lotliiaii. demonstrating the practical design and construction skills of landscape gardeners. Explored is the art of landscape design. which today combines traditional skills with modern technology.

I ROYAL OVERSEAS LEAGUE Landings Gallery. ()verseas House. l()() Princes Street. 225 I501. Mon—Sun l()am—(ipm. Mark Cazalet Until Fri 28 Apr. Paintings and drawings from London-born artist Mark Cazalet.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY lo Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon—Fri l()aiii--opiit; Sat l0am—4pin.

James Cumming Memorial Exhibition Until Wed 3 May. A major exhibition charting the highly individual talents of one of Scotland's iitosl distinguished painters. Plus glass works by Liz Lowe and jewellery by Debra Allman.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MOOERN ART Belford Road. 556 892 l. Mon—Sat l()am—5pin; Stiii 2—5pm. Contemporary British Art In Print Until Sun 3() Apr. In less than a decade. Paragon Press has provided a platform for the work of some of Britain and Scotland's best artists. from Ken Currie and Peter Howson to Damien Ilirsl and Antony Gormley. The brainchild of Charles Booth-Clibborn. it has evolved ilito a remarkable survey of British printmaking. This exhibition brings together for the first time about 250 prints by more than 40 leading artists.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 892 I. Mon—Sat I()am~5pm; Stiii 2—5pm. [D]. Cafe. Scotland's bonniest aiid beastliest

The recent home-coming of a I748 portrait of Bonnie Prince (‘harlie by the

Quentin de la Tour is an added attraction.

and birds. created in pebbles and coloured

newspaper. w ho died in I898.

I STILLS 23 Cockburn Street. 225 987(i.

others on his return to his Monti'ose

i laii 'l‘hoitipsoii's work is an aria} of

this strange world w here chefs become

‘vwdwwh, .,

Berg, Otto Fiord: from an exhibition of work by James Morrison’s work showing at Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery, exploring the savage landscape or the Arctic


monarchs. politicians. writers and artists.

leading French portrait painter Maurice-

COUTI The gap slle l‘L‘sttlL‘ llte _ Portrait (.iallery has been transformed ittto . a garden. with a central design of animals

stone. The court is named after the gallery's benefactor. .lolin Ritchie Findlay of Abei'lour. a pi'opi'ieler of the .St‘UIA/lltll!

'l‘ue—Fri I l.3()aiii~~ (ipiii; Sat iioon--5piii. Charles Piazzi Smyth limit 27 May. Scientist. explorer. artist. author aiitl Scotland's .-\sti'oiioiiiei‘ Royal. Pia/Ii Stiiiyh led a complex. incongruous life during the l8()t)s. This exhibition gathers

the diverse elements of the man's life. ' from his fascination with photographing

cloud formations and lns painting. to his

: scientific accoiiiplislimenls and

controversial beliefs. See prex iew.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY The I'niversity of lidittbui'glt. ()ltl College. South Bridge. 050 22l l. Tue-Sat Illam~ 5pm.

Arctic Paintings Fri 21 Apr Jo .\lay. Known for his paintings of his home territory of Angus. James Morrison tRSA) has made several trips beyond the Arctic Circle to create a series of paintings. This exhibition explores his experiences some of the works w eie painted on site.

.sttttlio. See lectures.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3.1 llaiiiilioii Place. 2265-125. .\lo:i Sat Iltaiti 5pm atid . during perfoi'iitaiices.

Food Fit For A Fat Cat that is May Celebrating cafe life and table tops. from lay isli settings lo the teapot atitl ashtray.

colour and shape. ‘l'iii part of the irony iii

1 superstars. thousands starve to death and artists paint in celebration of the culinary

arlsf says the artist.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 2% l)tttttl.l.s

. Street. 55o o3oo. .\lon -l-'ii llain opm;

Sat l(l.3(lam inii. Paintings From Tiree liltlll Sat 22 Apr.

: Paintings by Hank Curran.


Street. 225 212-1. Mon—Sat |()aiii--(ipm.

All manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the ages. The museum's newest residents are

3 two young boys in the form of an 8ft ltbt'eglass and wood sculpture by award- winning (irahani lbbeson.


Chambeis Street. 22.5 753-1. .\loii--Sal I()atii-—5pm; Stiii iioon--5piii.

7 Animal Magic l,‘iitil ll .ltiii. An exhibition

CXploi‘ing the use of animals real atid latitastic 7- as decoration atid symbols.


Edinburgh ('astle. 225 7534. Mon» Sat 9.3(lam--5.3()pin; Stiii Ham—5.30pm. Fl'ee. bttt there is ati admission chaige for the castle.

For Your Freedom And Ours: Poland, Scotland and the Second World War Many Polish soldiers came to Scotland in the 40s. Their mark is left In this exhibition of uniforms. insignia aiid equipment. as well as drawings. prints atid

other personal ttiatci'ial.

1 W

East Kilbride

I EAST KILBRIOE ARTS CENTRE ()ld Coach Road. (Il3552 ()lllllll. Mon—Sat

l()am- I(Ipiii; Sun litttttI--lllt‘ttl. 1 Recent Work lintil 30 Apr. Paintings. drawings. prints. sculpture and jewellery

by artists based at Glasgow's WASP studios.


I CALLENOAR HOUSE Callendar Park. 0I324 (il2l3-t. Mon—Sat l(Iam—5pm: Sun 2—5pnr

An Edinburgh Suite Sat 22 Apr—28 May. Images by artists from the Edinburgh Printmakers' Workshop. inspire by Scotland's capital.

On The Rigs Until 7 May. Photographs by Allan Wright and poems by George Gunn. reflecting their experiences of working offshore in the I9S()s. Gunn will read some of his poetry during the exhibition contact venue for details.


I KIRKCALOY MUSEUM ANO ART GALLERY War Memorial Gardens. () l 592 260 32. Mon—-Sat I().3()am—5pm: Sun 2—5ptn.

Story From Glasgow Until 4 Jun. Ken Currie's 97 lino cuts depicting an urban wasteland and based on the story of a Glasgow man. plunged from a secure liottte life itito the ltorrors of London‘s cardboard city.


Lectures are listed by city, then alphabetically by subject.


Evening Echoes CCA. Gallery t. Sat 29 Apr. 2pm. Free. The creators of the exhibition livening I-icltoes. Conoi' Kelly atid .Iohn Carson. iii conversation.


Portrait Ot Lee Miller Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Mon 24 Apr. l2.45pm. Free. Christine Farnhani discusses Picasso's work.

Two New Acquisitions Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Wed 26 Apr. l2.45pm. Free. Duncan Thompson gives a talk on works by Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy and Lady Juliana Campbell. Young Woman With Flowers In Her Hair National Gallery of Scotland. Fri 2l Apr. 12.45pm. Free. .lane Sellars discusses the work by Rembrandt.

Sir Patrick Geddes Scottiin National Portrait Gallery. Wed 3 May. l2.45pm. Free. Paul Stii‘toti gives a talk.

Venus Anadyomene National Gallery of Scotland. Fri 28 Apr. 12.45pm. Free. Atiabel Thomas talks about the work by Tiliaii.

Winter In Flanders Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Mon I May. l2.~15pni. Free. Constant Permeke's work

is discussed by Robin Hallie.

arisbeast to - 28 a ril 1995

new sculpture, installation, architecture and applied art

ian alexander & henry

the orry, eaglesham.

information: tel 0141552 6563 fax 0141 552 0433

I “mckeown, matthew dalziel & Iouise scullion, sarah felton, Jim hamlyn, wendy hardie, michaela huber, davrd mach, lynn park, lara scobie, ruth stirling

part of artsfeast, eastwood festival of the arts, glasgow at rouken glen park, giffnock and

subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council

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