Chicago at this. one of Scotland‘s top techno institutions. A sweaty. ftill on testament to the continuing relevance of the electronic tradition.

I nuest at MS. l0.3()plll-4;lltl. £5. Top- notch banging har'dCore from DJ Waxman and guests.

I Reaction at The Subway. llpm—3am. £2. Chart and dance with a classic disco spot thrown in at some point during the evening.

I Red Hot Pepper Club |0pm--3ani. £4 (£3). Mainstream and chart sounds. Students free with matric card.

I Roadrunner at Potterow Student Union. ()piii—2am. Students with inatric card £ l. guests £2. Weekly traditional student bash. Mttsic policy is (ills. 70s. Slls. ‘llls and independent. to narrow things down a little.

I Sativa at The New ('alton. l0prii~3am. £0 (£5 students/UB40). £4 (members). 21 Apr. Fortnightly. Bonkers souiidclash of hardcore techno. underground electronics from Massive Bereavement. dub and ambient from The Process. Featuring four sound systems. some wonderful art installations. live MCs and percussion. 2| Apr. Russ Gabriel. whizz-kid of hard electro and head of the impeccable Ferox imprint. performs a live PA. Watch out for Walker and Jamming Unit in a rare appearance together on 5 May.

I Unplugged at Chambers Street House Student Union. Spin—3am (Doors close 2.30am). Students free. guests £l. Primarily concerned with showcasing hye bands. btit noteworthy for the eclectic club sounds in between.

I Zion Brew at The Attic. l0.3()pni—3ain. £3 (£2.50). 2| Apr. Bruno. Jamie

and Whitney (Chocolate City) select the raw roots reggae and original dubs. Jah Mangrove sings live and watch out for free snacks and some impromptu percussion jillllS.


I Century 2000 l0.30pm—3am. £5. See Fridays. l Cheek to Cheek at MS. IOpm—late. £5. Kitsch house. garage and 70s disco with Dls A..l.. Martin Malone and Stuart 1. in the chill out. I Club Free at Negociants. 7pm—2am. Free. Pre-club club with DJ 'JP'. I Colours at The Vaults. l()pm—3am. Tickets £l2 from Xile and The City Cafe. Membership available on the night. Streetrave's weekly extravaganza featuring the very top names in garage and house. 22 Apr. PA from those glossy handbag merchants Loveland and Manchester‘s Danny Hussein on the decks. 29 Apr. the Essential Mix tour with Pete Tong and Patrick Smooth.

I Desire at The Wide Awake Club.

I lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Chart music in the renamed Wilkie House.

I Disco Inferno at The Venue.

I l.30pm-3am. 22 Apr. Fortnightly. Polished exponent of 70s revivalistn. Two floors of bump ‘n‘ hustle disco gloss. Extremely busy.

I Earth Inferno at The Rocking Horse. l0.30pm—3am. £3. Happy Hour until 12.30am. No rave. just out of the grave gothic and industrial sounds.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

1 lpm—‘lfllll. £3. Drinks promos. Solid gold easy-action sounds; more specifically indie. 60s. new wave and soul.

I Eternal at Chambers Street House Student Union. Spin—3am (Doors close 2.30am). Students free. guests £l. Chart sounds froin the 60s to present day.

I Fun Factory at Buster Browns. 10.30pm—4am. £5. 2am curfew. Mainstream chart and progressive dance night.

I FBI at Moray House. llpm-3am. £3. 22 Apr. Fortnightly with Shaft. Eternally popular. young at heart club playing a plethora of styles falling into the indie bracket. Scuff those DMs one more time to Pavement. Senser and Oasis.

l I Joy at The New Calton. llpm-late. £7 (£6 members. £5 and £4 before midnight). Uplifting. packed-out gay night with a far healthier female turnout than many. Maggie and Alan putting some serious finesse into the mix with an inspired selection of bumping house and garage Scotland's answer to Heaven on both respects). 2‘) Apr the mar \ ellous Queen Maxine returns to Edinburgh (after the Hayoc Hussres hoedow a) to work the Joy turntables. Not to be missed. I Katch at The Rockittg Horse. |0.30pm 3am. £3 (£23. A veritable cornucopia of indie music from the S0s and ()(ls. in this busy weekly club. I Mambo Club at (‘ayeiidish E0prii ~4am. £4 (£3). Two floors with African. I aim. i salsa. reggae. /ouk. soca. calypso downstairs. and dub. loyers and dancehall upstairs. Sir (.)ssie dishing up the global

grooves for the hot 'n" sweaty assembled


I MiS at The .-\lllC. llpm 3am. £3. Apr. l"t)i'lt‘iif—‘litl_\‘. Sister club to Fill i playing a similar soai'away llil\ of Biitpoy and indie.

I Minus One at The (‘arlton Highland

Hotel. l0prii«3aiii. £2.50ilree for

members). See Fridays.

' I The 99 Club at The Music Box.

l0.30pm--3atii. £4 (£3). llcdonistic fusion

of funk. soul. 70s atid chart. Strict door policy.

I Red Hot Pepper Club lllpiii—3atti. £4

(£5 ). Sec Fridays.

I Rock Orgasm at The Rocking Horse.

10.30ptii ~3an). £3 (‘liiitactic night of

heavy guitar sounds

! I Rude at The Attic. llprii 4am. £3 (£2)

22 Apr. Fortnightly. Deep dubs. stepping

ska and a well-friendly attitude. Worth


I Shaft at Moray House. |lpiii~~3anr £4

29 Apr. Fortnightly. Sparkling. poptastic

night of retro showcasing disco stunners

from the 70s. 80s and ‘)0s. Still packed otit with wild and shameless disco lovers.

I Stripped at La Belle Angele.

llpm—3am. £5. Fortnightly. New night

exploring the finer permutations of house and promising some excellent guest Dls in the near future. Colin Cook and Kris

Keegan (both 23rd Precinct) are the

residents. ensuring a fine fortnightly mix

of the deepest bumping grooves.

I Taxi at The Subway. l lpm—3am. £2.

Dave Stewart DJs with a mix ofclassic

disco. chart and dance.

I Teasage at The Citrus. l lpm—4am. £3.

2am curfew. Happy hour: all drinks £1.

' The popular Wednesday indie-dance night takes over Saturdays at The (‘itrus too. Sarah and Niall jam a superb selection of punk. disco, 80s and funk for the friendly. student—orientated crowd.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue.

llpm—3am. £5. 2‘) Apr. Fortnightly.

Minimal Chicago and tribal New York : rhythms upstairs. Blunted trip hop downstairs and light. imaginative decor Members and guests only.


I Yip Yap at La Belle Aiigele. llpm—3am. £5. 22 Apr. Fortnightly. Still one of Edinburgh’s best house and garage nights with delicious. tuneful highs and superlative mixing froin Gareth and David. Bitchin‘ garage. raw-edged house and a dressed-up. dowri-with-it crowd. House revival you heard it here first. The spirit of 1986 incarnate. Jack your body.


I The Blue Room at The Cooler.

' l0pm--3am. £2. Deep and lovely

ambierice to cmbalm. soothe and

: stimulate. (lit 23 April the Grid‘s Richard

Norris and Rockitt take their turn on the

: tluffytastic decks.

. 'l liursday (new) I Bump ’n’ Grind at MS. l0.30pm--3am. £3 (free before midnight ). Harvey. Jamie Mcleod arid Forth l'M's‘ Kevin .lones play an uplifting selection of house and garage. I Flavour at Buster Browns. l0 _‘s0piii~4aiii. £4. 2am curfew. Cross dressing encouraged .it this new sexually ambiguous happy house night. DJ Del Harvey oils the decks. helped out by the occasional guest. I Jazz A La Carte at Negociants. l0pm- 3am The Funky Mutha team. Dr Kool and Fiiibar drop those jazz. ftiiik and soul fusions. I Love and Passion .it The Cavendish

9pm -4am £10 (tickets from Fopp, Virgin.

23rd Precinct). 30 Apr only. Pleasure. passion and glamour promise the ' proriiolers of this one off and with a litte- tip of handbags most wanted. they could ' rust deliver. luvdup. Tim l.ennox

(Paradise Factory ). ('raig Jensen (Pushka).

Tony \Valk‘ci' (l.ove To Be). Roy (Love Boutique). lliiggy (Burger Queen). Maggie and Alan (Joy). Ross ls'eddie and Alex boy are the Dls mixing tip the frivolous and hedonistic ‘)0s disco soundtrack. Fxpect an tip-for-it mixed crowd lesbian, gay and straight. I Optical Leo at The ('oolct'. 9pm «3am. £2. Deep acid techno tunes straight from the underground with Dls ('ut Master B. RIBS and ‘i'elow. I Spice at The Subway. ‘)piii—late. £l. liidie disco cltib playing past and present indie Stone Roses. Happy lvlondays. Ride. Oasis and Primal Scream until midnight and then classic disco: Diana Ross. Sister Sledge. The lacksons after. I Taste at The Vaults. 10pin--3am. £5. Hedoriistic night of 90s high energy. garage and trance from Dls Fisher and Price. Barking. mixed. tip-for-it crowd. Very. very busy. The only place to swing your handbag of a Sunday night. I Thelonious at (.‘arwas‘h. ‘)piii—ltiiit. Free. Weekly. Eclectic. choice jazz cuts from the Thelonious team. I Timewarp at The Rocking Horse. l lpiii—3aiii. £2 (free before 12.30am). A very w —i~-d e plziylist indeed: ()0s. 70s. 80s. ‘)0s and onwards.


I Planet Alice at The Music Box. llpm-—3arn £2.50. Weekly. Drinks promos. Sophisticated mix of indie. .larice. alternatiye. techno and funky hip hop.


I Loungin’ at Negociants. I0pm ~~3arii.

Q Free. The Funky Mutha posse: Deit.

5 l‘irrbar and Nick present a midweek )airi

of hip hop. ftitik and jazz.

I Nice at The Citrus. llpm-3am. £2.

Drinks promos. liidie and oils favourites

- spun by Del and Michael.

; I 705/805 Club at The Rockitig Horse. l0.30prii-~3ani. £2 (free before 12.30am). New cltib devoted to 70s arid 80s chart

hits as the name suggests.


I Beat Dis at (‘cllar No l.

! 9.30pm ll.30pm. £2. l.ive iii/.7. funk and i hip hop hoe down at the ('haiiibers Street 2 bar.

i I Century 2000 llpm 3am. £3 (£l

l students with matriculation card). If you l want your dance on the coriiniei'cial side I with disco lights. then this is the best night to get it.


Catch the best Edinburgh Clubs this fortnight.

I Sativa The hottest prOperty in hardbeat techno right now. Russ Gabriel. just signed to CPR. performs a special live PA at Edinburgh‘s most furious headfunk club. The New Callmt. Fri 2/ Apr; I ()pm—3itm. [6 (£5, £4).

I Joy Queen Maxine. infamous diva of the decks returns to Edinburgh to rock the cities most glamorous and gorgeous gay night. The New Caltmt. Sat 29 Apr. llpm—late. £7 ([5).

I Breeze Hard Times DJs Miles Holloway and Elliot Eastwick bring their quality Yorkshire take on the US house tradition north of the border. Check their excellent SUI! City ()ri.'lie.rrrii track on Tribal UK. Top notch. The Witt/ts, Fri 28/11"; llpm—3am, £7 (£6).

I I Dub Department at Negociants. [llpm—3am. Free. Spiritually uplifting reverbs and depth-plumbing dtibs courtesy of the rather wonderful Rude boys. Check it otit.

I Flirt at The Music Box. l0prii-3aiii. £3. Full on house and garage night with that Horny Monkey dtio Stuart Duncan and Stevie Livingston. Occasional guests.

I lift at The Tap ()f l .atiriston.

0pm lam. Free. 2o Apr. Fortnightly. Hard. underground techno ranging from European acid to trance with Dls McKenzie and Donny.

I Rubble at The Rocking Horse. 10pm--3arii. £2 (free before I2 30am). Drinks promos. Busy. student-orientated night mixing up the sort of pop. dance and indie sounds you'll hear at Katch or Shag. I Teasage at The Citrus. llprii--3arii. £2.50. Beers and spirits all ‘)()p. ’ery busy midweek club. playing iridie-orientatcd dance sounds alongside punk. disco. Slls and funk.

I The Transporter Room at Legends. l(lptii--3ant. Free. Dangerotis iani tibia/I. and funk.


I Century 2000 I lpni- 3am £3. See Fridays.

I Club X at The Red Hot Pepper ('lub.

l lprii--3arii. £4 (£3 t. 27 ~\pr and weekly. New jungle. rap and R ck B club.

I Cream at The Wide Awake Club.

llpm ~3am. £4 (£3). New wave of new wave and indie~style club with a soundtrack that includes Blur. Ptilp. The Jam and The Sex Pistols.

I Fiction at La Belle Angele. l lpni—3am. £5 (£4). 4 May. Second monthly Megadog style bash on a kinda multimedia tip. This time Steve Walker (Hacienda) whips up the Goa trance and techno four four iirto a delerious frenzy.

I Genetic at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £2.50. Hardcore industrial club charting the points where grungy rock meets sleazy metal and grinding techno.

I lniquity at Chambers Street House Student Union. Spin—3am (Doors close 2.30am). Students free. guests £ l. Playing the best in rock. industrial. goth and metal. £30 pub quiz and guest DJs.

The List 2| Apr-4 May I995 73