A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.

I Father Ted (Channel 4) ‘)-‘).3()pm. New sitcom about three priests on a small island off the west coast of Ireland. In the first episode Father Ted (Dermot Morgan) is offered the chance of television stardom. but like most things in his life. ll doesn't go according to plan. Produced by the Drop the Dem! Unit/rev lot.

I The Ruth Bendell Mystery (Scottish) 9—l0pm. First in a two-part whodunit. in which a family holiday to Majorca leads to tragedy.

I Jack Dee live at The Duke of York Theatre (Channel 4) 9.30- l ().3()piii. Recording of the morose stand-up's live show.

I Have I Got News For You (BBCZ) l()—l().3()piii. Angus I)eayton returns as the suave quizmaster in the news-based comedy show. As ever. the team captains are I’rir‘ute live editor lan llislop arid telly all-rounder Paul Merton. who will he trading witticisms and striving to he more- ironic-titan-thou.

I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) l0.30-l l.()5pm. Sitcom set in adisorganised television newsroom starts a series of reruns tonight. The gimmick for the show is that it’s recorded only 2.1 hours before transmission to allow for the inclusion of topical material. so expect gags that were relevant around last September.

I Target (Scottish) l().3()pm~- l 2.40am. Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon are a father and son ill search of their wife/mother who has been kidnapped by the KGB in this action thriller.

I Daadasss TV (Channel 4)

ll.()5-l l.~l()pni. Andrea ()liver and Ice-T introduce another spicy stew of black pop culture. including veteran producer Lee Scratch Perry and Snoop Doggy Dog collaborator Dr Dre.

I Fantasy Football League (BBCZi ll.l5—-ll.~15pm. Football ftrn with Davnl Baddiel and Frank Skinner.


I On the Waterfront ( BBCZ) 2.45—4.30pm. Classic movie with Marlon Brando as the moody ex-boxer who works as hired muscle for a crooked union boss. Eva Marie Saint could be his salvation.

I Correspondent (BBC2) 7.20-8.05pin. Start of a new series of the BBC‘s current affairs programme which gives its foreign correspondents more time to get behind the headlines. In the first edition. Edward Stourton looks back on the Mitterand era on the eve of the French presidential elections.

I Romeo And Juliet in Sarajevo (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Film about two lovers one Bosnian. one Serb who were killed by sniper fire two years ago. They were immediately dubbed the war's Romeo arid Juliet; this is their story told through eyewitness accounts and fatnily memories.

I Bugs (BBC l ) 8.05—8.55pm. The crack intelligence squad uncovers a massive bank fraud which involves using a submarine to hack into undersea telephone cables. Craig McI.ach|an of Neighbours fame stars.

I landscape and Memory (BBC2 ) 8.05—8.45pm. New series by leading historian Simon Schama based on his recently published book of the same name. Each programme sets out to explore the way the natural environment has shaped the culture of Europe and



I Midway through its third, and apparently

final, series, the fashion biz satire Absolutely Fabulous has managed to attract supermodel Naomi Campbell to be the butt of Edina and Patsy’s jokes. ‘Mwaah! mwaah! and welcome to the show, Haomi!’ Absolutely Fabulous is on Thursday 27 April at 9.30pm.

America. 'l.andscape is a state of mind before it can be a state of nalure.‘ says Schama enigmatically in the first hrogramriie. ‘l~oiests'. I Fully Booked (BBC) ) sso- 10.30am. New Saturday morning show produced in (ilasgow presented by /.oe ‘son of Johnny Ball and (iiant 'brother of .loliii l.C.\llC. SIUII. SCL‘ Kids preview. I Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (Channel J) \)—I()pm. Dennis is looking for some peace and quiet so he can canoodle with a fi'iiulein. Some hope with the lads about. I Chicago Hope (BBt'I ) ‘).I5 topin. l)l' Winslow has a patient refuse treatment from her because she's black. in this fast- paccd American medical drama. I The Lenny Henry Show (BBC!) Ill-10.40pm. Barry Norman interviews Hollywood writer and director Bird (’liukowski. one of l cnny's many guises II) [his comedy skclcll .sllow. I The White Room (Channel 4) l()>-~i l.()5pm. Mark Radcliffe introduces Sinead O'Connor and Shane .\lac(iowan . duetting. plus Bjork and I.oti Reed. I The Enforcer (seniiish) l().3()pm l3. l5am. Third of Clint liastwood's 'lhity llaiiy movies ltiids the maverick cop taking on a gang of terrorists. I The Stand Up Show ( BBC!) l().-l()--l |.l()pni. ()ld stager Barry (fryer introduces young buck stand ups Rhona Cameron and Mark l.amarr. I The Red Light Zone ((‘hannel 4) ll.()5pm~2.45am. More frontline exotica. aiid occasionally. erotica. Tonight‘s walk : on the sunny side looks this way: Viva Tabatha! ( l 1.05pm) liiencli former porn star 'l‘abatlia Cash raps about life. sex and AIDS. The Invisible Hand ( I 1.35pm) Drama about two seemingly unconnected people who are joined by a telephone sex line. The Bar-girl, the Catholic, the Pimp ; and the Priest ( I l.5()pin) lleady mix of sex. Catholicism and prostitution in Honduras. Sacred Sex ( 12.25am) Look at the way sex and eastern religions are linked. including the Taritric traditions of ; lndia. The Gender Bender (2. IS 8.45am) : l-ilm following cross-dressing clubber Winston who hangs out at I.oiidon's Kinky (iei'linky. I The Long Riders ( BBC!) ll.|()pm - I 2.45am. four sets of actor brothers. including I)a\ id and Keith . (.‘ai‘radine and Dennis and Randy ()uaid are outlaws iii Walter llill‘s stylish I western. i I Down on the Waterfront (BBCZ) ; ll._‘~() —l 1.50an ()scar-noiiiinated short I about a union boss trying to pitch a movie idea which would counteract the unions'

. 1 bad press generated by ()ii the little/1min.

I The Exchange (Scottish) 7- 7._‘~()pn~.. New series vs ith litrsbanrl-and-wife team

Sarah Greene and Mike Smith presenting an adult version of Slit/p Shop.

I Hamish Macbeth (BBt‘Ii

Tit) 8.30pm. Two convicts are on the run. injuring \\'ee .lock during the getaway. Macbeth (Robert (‘aily Ie) heads off across the moors to hunt them (low I) I Surprise! Surprise! (st-nittshi

7.30 S._‘s()pnr. (‘illa Black ieltirns for another series of the lil't‘glrariime which pulls stunts on the l‘llllllc and reunites families on callieia.

I States of Mind: Circles of Madness (BBCZ) S 8.50pm. To coincide \\ itli Mental Health Week. BBC: is doing a special season of pi'ogiaiiiiiies exploi ing many aspects of mental illness 'l he series

stairs with this in\e.strg.'iti\c doctiiiientai'y looking at the experience of those who suffer from mental illness. and the families that have to cope

I The Goldring Audit (Channel I) .\ ‘)|)Ill. Investigative journalist Mary (ioldriiig returns for another series ol m depth (locuiiientaiics. starting with an .iii.:l_\ \l\ of Britain's tiiidei‘pci‘ft)rming tourist industry. which includes an interview w lllll heritage secretary Stephen l)oiiell.

I Shine On, Harvey Moon (St‘otlisll)

S30 9pm. Return of the iiiuch-lovetl Moon family. sadly minus Kenneth Cranliam as father. The new series is set eight years after the end of the war.

I The British Academy Awards 1995 (BBCI ) 8.35—-l().~l()piii. Billy Connolly presents the annual luvvie love-in at the I.oridon I’alladiurii. Will Forrest (iimip clean tip again and how will domestic hits like Crut‘kt'r and (Me ["00] in the Grave fare'.’

I Bob Roberts (Channel 4) ‘)-- l ().55piii. Tim Robbins is the right-wing. guitar- pickin'. folksy politician whose creepy charisma is taking him to the top of the greasy poll. Robbins also wrote and directed this magnificent political satire of our times.

I The Enemy Within (BBCB) 9.40 -- 1 0pm. first in a short series of interviews by screen shrink Anthony Clare who talks to celebs about their own mental health battles. first on the couch is Stephanie Cole. star of ll’tiiIi/i'e/in' (Furl. who talks about the phobias which ruled her life for many years.

I Crazy for a Kiss ( BBCZ) l()— (1.30pm. ('oiiiedy set in an American psychiatric ward with Mike McShane as the mentor of a seriously disturbed young boy. ‘Being a teenager is hell at any time. but when he's fat. miserable and horny as hell. it

helps that the girl he craves is seriously over-medicated . . .‘ This Screen Two film for the States (girl/ital season is based. loosely. on McSliane's own childhood experiences.

I The Fall of Saigon (BBCI) I().-l()pm—midnight. It's twenty years since the South Vietnamese capital Saigon fell to the communist north. This documentary film reconstructs the final hours of the war. See preview.

I The Offence (Channel 4) lt).55pin--lam. Sidney Lumet's drama starring Sean Connery as a police sergeant who attacks child molester Ian Bannen.


I Horizon (BBCZ) H 8.50pm. ‘Voices iii the head' have long been a recognised symptom of schi/ophi‘enia. but as this report reveals. there's a growing movement which suggests an alternative explanation.

I Distant Voices, Still lips (Channel 4)

8 3.30pm. film about Britain's only black ventriloqtiist.

I The Asylum War (BBC2) ‘)—~‘).50pm. A di'ainatised documentary about a radical change in the treatment of the mentally ill at the end of the 18th century. which paved the way for psychiatry becoming an accepted branch of medicine.

I Deadline (Channel 4) 9 -‘).30pin. I’enultimate edition of the behind-the- scenes look at a television newsroom.

I Undercover Britain (Channel 4)

‘)..‘s() -I()pni. Using a hidden camera. Darry .lones investigates private mines in south Wales which employ former coal board miners on a casual basis.

I NYPO Blue (Channel 4) l()~l().55pm. Simone and Sipowicx. investigate the murder of a pimp. only to find the clues lead to a suspect within the police department.

I The Enemy Within (BBCZ)

7. It) ~7..‘s()piii. Michaela Strachan. loimei'ly the ‘her‘ of The Hit/min (llll/ Her. talks to Anthony Clare about beating bulimia.

I Minders (BBCZ) 8- ()pni. first in a six- part series which coincides with the States or .ili'iit/ season. this documentary captures a year in the life of a community mental health team. The first episode follows '.lohn Baptist'. a young black man who believ es he was born white and is related to the Queen. .lohn is sectioned and is desperate to avoid the ensuing drug treatment for his condition.

I Peak Practice (Scottish) 9—lopm. A routine call to a police station leads to a night neither Beth nor Jack will ever forget. Kevin Whater stars in this country doctor drama.

I OED (BBCI) 9.30—10pm. Documentary about people who live with uncontrollable. and often bizarre. obsessional behaviour. which can range from a fascination with the Yellow Pages to a morbid fear of electricity.

I Blackadder the Third (BBC 1) l()-l().3()pm. In happier times. Stephen l-‘ry played the Duke of Wellington who displayed an unseemly interest in Mrs Miggins buns. Oh. those were the days. I The ltrays (Channel 4) lOpm—IZ. 15am. After the recent death of Ronnie. amid much wailing and gnasliing of teeth in the Iiast End. Channel 4 has taken the opportunity to show this powerful bio-pic with Martin and Gary Kemp as the brothers grim.

I Omnibus (BBCI) l().3()--l l.2()pm. lrreverent film about divas. including footage ofJoan Sutherland. Maria Callas and Jesscye Norman. made by opera and film director Elijah Moshinsky.

I Network First (Scottish)

I().4()--l 1.40pm. John l’ilger returns to Vietnam twenty years after the fall of Saigon. See preview.

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