I Colditz (BBCZ) 7-7.50pm. Repeal of a classic episode of the 70s Pow drama. in which Wing Commander Marsh attempts to escape by feigning madness. Shown as part of the States ofMim/ season.

I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Mari Steven and Ewan MacLeod present pop videos. gossip and the Scottish charts.

I Modern Times (BBCZ) 9-9.50pm. Ferry operator P&O is already sizing up the channel tunnel in case Eurotunnel's recently publicised debt problems overwhelm the company. ‘If Eurotunnel goes bust. P&O would not be uninterested in picking it tip because it will be going for a song.‘ says a spokesman. This documentary follows the fortunes of the lurrnel in its first few weeks of operation. I Trial and Error (Channel 4) 9—10pm. David Jessel presents the first of two investigations (the second is shown tomorrow) into miscarriages ofjuslice. Labourer Brian Parsons was charged with the brutal murder of an 84-year-old woman after coming forward when the police appealed for witnesses. He was subsequently convicted but this programme questions the quality of the evidence that put him behind bars.

I Cardiac Arrest (BBC 1) 9.30-10ptn. A teenager falls into an icy lake and the hospital staff begin the lengthy resuscitation procedure.

I The Man from Auntie (BBC 1) lO—l0.30pm. Repeat of Ben Ellon‘s comedy series. Tonight the man in the spangly suit asks whether there exists a Ministry of Crap Design. which is in charge of motorway service station teapots.

I ER. (Channel 4) 10-l().55pm. Lewis is formally accused of negligence and Dr Greene has to supervise her work.

I The Best of The Tube (Channel 4) 10.55-11.30pm. Thin Lizzy. Swing Out Sister and Level 42 are amongst the best- forgotten acts revisted by Paula and Jools. I The Rugby Warriors (Scottish) 11.50pm—1220am. New series of rugby programmes. screened as an appetiser for the Rugby World Cup. which kicks off with a look at the game in Australia and New Zealand.

I Power (BBCl) 12.30—2.20am. Richard Gere stars in Sidney Lumet's conspiracy drama about a PR consultant who has almost as much power as the politicians he represents.


I Minders (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Second in the series looks at how the family of Alun. a fourteen-year-old paranoid schizophrenic, have devoted their life to caring for their son.

I Fair Game (Channel 4) 8—8.30ptn. First in a new sports series presented by former LWT boss and lunch-hour footballer Greg Dyke. Tonight he investigates ice skating: has the myth surrounding Torvill and Dean held the sport back in Britain?

I The Baldy Man (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. More hair-care tips from Gregor Fisher in the Naked Video spin off.

I Trial and Error (Channel 4) 9— 10pm. Second of David Jessel's investigations into miscarriages ofjustice which asks if the conviction of a seventeen-year-old for the tnurder of his girlfriend‘s step-father was safe.

I Absolutely Fabulous (BBC 1 ) 9.30—10pm. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is the guest star in this episode of the fashion biz sitcom. in which Patsy fails to pick up a PR industry Oscar.

I The Enemy Within (BBC2) 10.10—10.30pm. Mike Yarwood talks to Anthony Clare about how alcoholism destroyed his marriage and nearly did the same for his career.

I World League American Football (Scottish) ll-l 1.30pm. More American


é, 0“- ..,.,M,,, I

“v. t “W” M ms. eat/“w I

I Satellite-tree fans of

. 4 ..'~..,. As.

. l .' ’I x ‘V "U4. ,fi my)“ 1‘ gm,“ .1...

The X-Files, who were gutted to hear the second series was

to be shown on Sky before making it to the BBC later this year, may find solace in another American import - The Outer Limits. The original series of sci-ti thrillers was first shown in the US in 1963, the year The Twilight Zone’s four-year run ended. Thirty ' years on comes another batch of stories starring, among others, the Bridges j brothers, Lloyd and Beau. Expect excellent special effects, but will it replace Mulder

and Scully in our affections?

The Outer Limits starts on Monday 1 May. Time to be confirmed.

football action including Scotland's owl) Claymores.


I Gourmet Ireland (BBCl) 3.05—3.35pm. Husband-and-wife cooking team Patrl and Jeanne Rankin return for another culinary tour of Ireland. with each programme showing how to cook a complete meal. from soup to nuts. I Father Ted (Channel 4) 9—9.3()pn). Walrtrs-rtioustached stand-tip Michael Redmond makes a guest appearance in this new sitcom about three lrish priests tucked away on a remote island. I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Entertaining new sitcom that's already a big hit iii the States about a group of self- absorbed twentysonrethings. See preview. I The Enemy Within (BBCE) 9.40- l0pltt. Anthony Clare talks to actress Imogen Stubbs about the panic attacks which have dominated much of her adult life. I Have I Got News For You (BBC2 ) l()-l()._it)pm. Iiddie lzzard and film director Michael Winner join the regulars in the news-based comedy quiz. 1 I Jack and Jeremy’s Police 4 (Channel , 4) l()—l().3()pm. Shortly after television companies were rapped by their own watchdog the ITC for displaying a ‘blue flashing lights' obsession. comedians Jack ; Dee and Jeremy Hardy present this i C‘riniert'trtc/i parody. E I Who Dares Wins (Scottish) l().3()pm— l 2.45am. lix-l’i'oft'izv'imru/ Lewis Collins as an SAS officer who inflitrales a terrorist organisation that is g planning a liil on the US embassy it) London. I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) l().30—l l.()5pm. Gus recovers frotii a heart tremor while Joy becomes a Gladiator for a day it) this re-rtin newsroom comedy. I Baadasss TV (Channel 4) ll.()5—l l.4()pm. Tonight‘s show includes a report on why black men won't go down 1 on women and the black answer to the Chippendales. I Fantasy Football (Blitz) l ll.lS—l l.45pm. David Badtliel and l‘i'tllik

Skinner welcome a couple of celebrity ; managers into the dugout for some footie r fun.


I Cries of Alarm (Channel 4) h‘ - 9pm. Repeat of this harrowing documentary about meningitis tlirongli the eyes of three faliiilies with sliiall children fighting for

their lives.

I I Bugs (liBC‘l ) H.()5--b’.55plii. .-\tlotiier

episode of the campy action-adventtire series with rive/teem connections and

. llenry from .\'t'l’g/i/min'v.

I Inspector Morse (Scottish)

SOS-10.05pm. Another classic .\lorse

episode with Jolili Thaw as the riior'ose

; ()xford detective.

; I Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (Channel 4)

3 9—l()pm. The lads head for a w et-kentl in

- the country where they meet a strange lirit

abroad. I Chicago Hope (tint‘ l ) r). )5 lopnr. Visiting litiie again at tile (low nlown ;\|llCi‘iC(lll hospital where all life’s draiiias are played ottt. I Viva Cabaret ((‘hannel 4) ll) lt)_45pm. Repeal of the comedy and weirdness show. with Lee liv arts. l.tly Sav age and Tom Jones. I The Red Light Zone (t‘tiannet 4)

It) 45pni~35llani last chance to catch

sotllc low-life ft'ollcs as (‘lianriel 4's controversial progr'airniiing esperiiiieiit draws to a close: Silent Porn t Ill-15pm)

Documentary about early .\lc.\ican porno flicks front the l‘)()()s. Sin in Shinjuku

t l 1. 15pm) The Penis Unsheathed t l 1.45pm) Camille l’aglia presents a history of the penis as myth. image and weapon in the battle of the sexes. Diana Unclothed ( l3. lfiaiii) .\’ot literally of course. It's (’aiiiille again tleconsn nctnig the l’l'illcess of Wales. Three Hours in

' High Heels t 12.45am) film about the lives

of four transvestite liter). Dazzling Image

ll.l5~‘2.5(lltlill Two films by young gay

filmmakers introduced by the late Derek

l Jat‘tlialt. Chris Newby’s‘ lt’t'lilt is about

HIV and AIDS. while Nari/i of Mirror

1 chronicles a chance encounter in New York.

t I Hudson Hawk (Scottish)

t l().2()pni-12.15arii. Disastrous lirnce Willis action movie made before he IUUIitl

I ctrlt acclaim under the 'l‘aranlino spell.

i I Blur in Concert (Channel 4)

5.()5--().()5pm. Albarli et al run through the

l Itits on their indie top-seller l’tt/‘k/r/c

i rec-(inlet) live.

i I Hamish Macbeth inner ) Till-3.20pm. Robert (.‘arly le is the deeply atiti-eslablisliment lltgliland v rllage cop who is desperater trying to avoid a promotion to the bright lights of lnv‘erncss.

I The Goldring Audit ((‘hannel 4) h” -r‘)prn. Mary Goltlring investigates the terminal decline of the British car-iilaking industry. I Shine On Harvey Moon (Scottish) 8.3()—~‘)ptli. More demob lininotir with the Cockney funsters in this revival of the classic Stls series.

I I Prime Suspect (Scottish) ‘) ~l lpiil 'l‘he hugely popular police procedural returns will) the first ot three single dramas.

, Helen Mirren is the nevvly-ptonioted

Detective Superintendent 'l'ennison who moves from station to station heading up maior lll\t‘\ll;'!.lllttll\. l’lenty ot opportunity for lrtction with siir'ly

subordinate tiiale coppels threatened by a I female boss you might tltrnk. and you'd

l be right. In “The lost (‘hild' 'l‘ennrson

joins the litrlit for a missing clnld.

I The Pitcher ((‘hannel 4) .\'--t\‘.3t)pni.

. Repeated documentary about Britain's top

j discount goods salesmen.

' I Deadline lkilalillt‘l 4 i ‘l ‘1 .itlpiir. l.ast

ill the behind-the-sceties series about a local tele\ isron nevvs progranitlie

anchored by (intuit/unit‘s Richard

Whiteley. I Boon (Scottish) *) .loptn. .lt)\ tat

dispatch rider Michael lilpliick rides again

ill this rerun comedy drama.

I NYPD Blue t('llarniel 4) It) ltl.55pttl.

Simone and Sipovvlc/ investigate a

possible terrorist bombing.

I Peak Practice (Scottish) ‘) ltlplii. Kev-n) \Vliately has the healing hands it) the popular cotltltl'y doc drama. I The Playboys (Scottish) ltl midnight. Scottish director (illlies .\lackilinoti's‘ first iiiaior niov re. a romantic tale vv rlli Aidan Quinn and Albert l'inney seeking the liailtl of the same fair iiiardeii.

r W

i I Working Girl (Scottish) H ltlpln.

\lelanie (il'illllll is the street-sliiatt

secretary \vliose talents are tttiappicclatcd

by her boss Srgotn‘ticy Weaver Ill this

e\cellcnt cotiietly tilatira. \Vlien Weaver is

: laid up in hospital the working gli‘l slips itito her shoes. arid the rest other life.

including hunky boy lireriti llaritsori Lord.

I Cardiac Arrest t nnt'i .- wo lllpnl.

More from the second series ot John

1 \lacl’lc's hospital sallle which is less than complimentary about the NllS.

j .\lacl ‘re's a houseliian doctor so he should know.

I The Man from Auntie t BBC!)

ltl- lt)..itlptll. lioltolii tokes and a bit of

politics front lien lilton lll this repeated

comedy series.

I E.R. (Channel 4) til—10.55pm. (ileenc discovers that his patient was physically abused by her teenage daughter.

I The Best CI The Tube (Channel 4) IHSS l l..‘\t)ptn. .\lore highlights and low- lllt‘ from the l‘).\'()s. including Sheila Ii. tilitl lilL' Pet Shop litiys.


I Heartbeat (Scottish) 3.30 e‘)..‘\llptli. With Hum/ill ,lltrt'liellr slipping costly into

- the Sunday riigltt cop slot that Hem/lieu! made its ovv ii. the nostalgic Nick liel'l‘y

vehicle returns for a series of repeats. (‘heck otrt the incongruous ()(ls pop soundtrack.

I Absolutely Fabulous t lint't) ‘).3()—l()ptlr. More lnvvy -darling litlltiotn' with .loanna l.nmley and Jennifer Saunders as the fashion lags rri search of free champagne.

85 The List 2| Apr-4 May I995