I Free copy at the Antiosidant 1 Health Plan (MRI’ -— £4.99) with each purchase of 91) ‘Antiosidant-l’ius‘ £0.05. ' l (‘raiglogan l’harmac}. 98- 100 i Lucinda Cunningham i (,‘raigentmnv Road. lidmburgh. mm dmc (mshp) i l l l l



{committee 05 New budget travel guide with crucial information on hostels. pubs. hillwalking. sights and more...

()nl} £600 Available at bookshops or b_\ credit card - tel Hi 31 225 4037

- (1" including post it packing)


IRELAND Two-week all inclusive tour. £379 from Dublin. Walking. wildlife. wilderness . . . Hidden Ireland. 70 West Street.


Arts, Entertainments, Tourism

I Transcendental meditation l‘c‘l;l\c‘\. lc‘\ iiallsc‘s itlltl recharges )Utll' l‘.tllc‘llc‘\. .-\ simple technique to dev elop _\oui full potential. l’tacltsccl b_v \ilil doctors for ll\ ama/ing

& Leisure Publicity Nationwide

Since 1988 Direct Distribution has been

offering the most reliable and cost effective

(1131 (ibl 253.1 for mail order at \ .1! >

and pip charge.

Complimentary Therapy Centre

Relieves Pain 0 Reduces Stress o Revitalising o Relaxing.

031 343 6584

hem-tits. l‘oi lice \ itleo illliUIlilnlltIll pack. phone (1131 (i(i.\ l(\-l‘)

service for the planning, distributing and

monitoring of all forms oi free publicity. . I Homoeopathy is sate

effective and illuminating in treatng all forms of acute and chronic illnesses. For an

In we were 18511011511719 for targeting I Therapeutic counsefling

Having problems coping with life‘.’ Confidential one-to-one counselling service offered by full_v qualified counsellor. . 'l‘elephone .\'londav~Friday. 3 «11410379717. 3

over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters

appointment or practice broclmre. please contact John Watt on (1131 (197 1333.

thoughoui Scotland. Whether distributing publicity material in bulk

drops at a sustained campaign nationwide, , . Help wrth anxiety,

call Angus White new on:

dePreSSion °' “'9”? THE EDINBURGH Banwell. Avon 8824 ()DE. Tel 01934 823017. g; ---- ~03; ..... _:: ...... .1‘; """ €335; SCHOOL P 53.639318 3.3.53}: Y 0F SHIA Ts U 3mm (Fax 3335: L? i: 30:: Affiliatedmlfhghgli’sgow S°h°°l i Explore the Alrnijara mountains ": st'cl'fiL f O . la 5” and Andalusian hills. " Foundation course Accommodation for eight Starting people in traditional village ........ ......... ..::_.,.2 house. Local guides available. BODY 81 SOUL .... .. 29/30 APRIL 1995 . . . I mranusrr: small an move . _ . . . , i l? P" Wm“ P" day‘ . .g . . - g. (7 R A (2 5 1'. S 5 11R For detalls contact- I lllClUdIng breakfast. specialist. Hat move t2) tsmgle :55; 0mm“, Chm-ml psaghnlomfl r I item f I §) Free estimates i RICHARD BLA'R MRSS' 8185” 8 608mm) 010 34 52 51 63 29' H'lmk_(-)n'hcl ) with “m”; N” BODY PIERCING 0131 55 3 7396 104/1 Duke St. Edinburgh. EH6 BHL l Plazoleta 17, Campeta 29754, I] ‘h’n’t' ‘I )' I Iixpcricncca’ Pr(q‘cg\l0nul i l .V L cL' ~ . l ‘l L “n pierce]: A” pincmgs curried 123:1:izi:1:1:41:15:1521:3:3:1:1:3:1:i:-:1:-:-:-:-:.:-:-:-:.:-:-:-2-;-:»:-1-:~:-:-:-:-:-:.:-:.:.:.:-: l

friendly service. Tel: Neil on

m a out. vaienic and sat“. .\1 ‘mb *r (llci 22‘) 8.161. .c s L c

of lil’l’A. l-‘or details contact The Glasgow Piercing Studio,


nu: MAGIC or

I Piano tuner Tuning. repair

and restoration work at Umt 50’

reasonable prices. Glasgow/ say.” centre’ Edinburgh and surrounding saucmeha" Street’ H “d I . d areas. Free estimates. cpiick Glasgow' 0 ays or m n '

0141 3321772; or 0141 334 8687.

service. Roy ()‘Neil (ll-ll 9-14 4837.


Bookcases. cabinets and shelves made to order and fitted with care.

i 1 body and spirit on the beautiful : Greek island at Skyras.

Art. dance, green theory. massage. personal development, windsurfing and much more. Writers' workshops with Sue Iownsend, D M ihomas and others. Idyilic surroundings. delicious iood. great community atmosphere.

'f Brochure: SkymsILszPflaceot Wales Road. London NW5 SNE. Tet: 0171 267 4424

Ride the rapids of Perthshire's River Tay with


White Water Rafting.

For the ultimate descent book now on 01887 829706. - Rafting Nepal in November.

Sporting Injuries, Aches and. Pains?

At The l-Idmburgli Physiotherapy Centre, Chartered Physiotherapists assess and treat your problem in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Contact Dawn Mackie EXCELLENT VALUE 0131 556 1'1 16

Free Quotation


‘3 031 228 3522

I Eliminate stress scll— JUST BETWEEN us

containel talks an 1 sim ile -- i K l l (‘lllilllllc‘tl counsellor and meditation techniques led b_v :1

HMth l ..l h _l. “H”. m“ psvchologist offers confidential 7 mle .H g“. x ml Wm I counselling to help you find a Rm Ill .I.CH__NCI lmqwmy Fm. more satistvmg way of being. ~ -‘ 3 “° ' v Messin er lllltil'llltllltili l'lllL'10113111130141 Phone Ste 8 g 4.;“m 0141 334 7525.



Weekly classes for beginners

SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE A full range of dental treatment available including crowns. bridges. veneers. inlays. white fillings and implants. Treatments available independently and l)enplan. lilaine (ioldsmith BUS 3‘) Frederick Street. lidinburgh.

Tel: O131 22O 4077.


3 day intensive

7th April 5.30-7.30pm 8th April 3.30-5.30pm 9th April 3.30-5.30pm

Cost £35.00

5 Elements and Shiatsu with Mgr; Marnirrfiie. 5 week course commencing

Wed 26th April ! 7.30-9.30pm. Beginners welcome.

For details contact Mari on: 014! 339 3680.

Aflllldlld to the European School a! Shiatsu


I REM Murraytield July 27 Two tickets (seating) for sale. £45 avoid booking fees! Call 013552 20470.

Fridays 5.30-7.30pm £5.00 per class

Please bring a mat or a blanket

At: The Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh Tel: 0131 662 0005 Fax: 0131 6621115


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