v Male (29) seeks mature male (35—60) for? You preferably big. bald and talkative. Me attractive. intelligent. independent. well-proportioned. Various interests. Photo appreciated but not essential. No pansies please. Box No 251/55.

V Edinburgh, genuine good- looking gay male. 22. interests include music. tennis. keeping fit. looking for sincere. non- scene guy for friendship possible relationship. Box No 251/56.

v Edinburgh professional gay guy. mid 20s. seeks similar for friendship/first time relationship. Varied interests include sports. cinema and travel. Absolute discretion assured and requested. Letter with photo please. ALA. Box No 251/57.

V Boy buccaneer seeks Mr Thwaite for chest-heaving assignations. Afternoon tea guaranteed. A roll in a cornfield. maybe. Portrait if you wish. though personality. humour and being very rich. more important. Box No 251/58.

v Edinburgh professional male 31. slim. fit. 165cm. sensitive. GSOH. into natural environment. seeks similar n/s. decent. wholesome guy. 28-35. for walks. fun. cosy evenings and sincere. long-lasting friendship. Box No 251/59.

v Gay in Glasvegas and looking for some colourful bandit to share life's loves. fortunes? 23. tall with not altogether unpleasant features seeks something similar. Box No 251/60.

V Edinburgh gay Morrissey fan. s/a. 22. seeks tall. dark guy (quiff if possible!) for friendship etc. Must be 20—30. s/a and sincere. Sorry. but photo is a must. Dare hope? Box No 251/61.

v Glasgow professional guy early 30s. 5ft 8in. reasonable looks. sensitive. caring and easy-going seeks sincere. pleasant. light-hearted guy (25—35) to share fun times and special moments. Hopefully friendship. Maybe more? Box No 251/62. v Attractive Celtic lad (20) blond. blue. bashful. boyish good looks. Seeks cute. sporty. sensitive. fresh. 20s guys for company. ceilidhs. crack. holidays. hikes. hi-jinks. Photo appreciated. Discretion. delights. love. Box No 251/63. V Ito loner but home alone! Gay. professional Glasgow man. early 40s. OK looks. seeks similar for friendship. maybe more. Usual interest. and interested in your reply. ALA. Box No 251/64. VAttractlve bl female 23. Looking for new friends to share relaxing times. Age not important. Like music. nights out. Easy attitude to life. Glasgow. Box No 251/65.


V Trawler seeks seagulls Edin/Glas graduate (28). gay. friendly. good looking. into gym. running. arts. indie music. outdoors. Looking for partner (25+) but hates scene. Plenty of sardines. Mugshot appreciated. Box No 251/66.

THE LIST PERSONAL AOS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation.

I Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

v V I saw you Bang on Boogie

band l haunted your pitch last year. Are you really an easy man? If you are a single hoochie coochie man. I’m available. available . . . Fancy a coffee? Box No U/251/l.

V I saw you 29 March on the intensely late 5.45 Euston— Glasgow train. You - grey

! jumper in smoking car. playing

' cars with yank. Me fatigued

redhead. Our eyes met briefly. Let's meet again. Box No U/251/2.

V I saw you driving in your car

with the .llINXX number plate. ' We must get together for this was surely fate. Box No

U/25 l/3. V I saw you and your sideburns

: working in Nastiuks but am too

shy to say hello. How many french sticks do I have to buy till you notice me? Box No U/251/4.

0! I saw you on No 11 bus. 28 March. approx 7.40pm. You pink denirnjacket. me black Ieatherjob. I smiled you smiled back. We both jumped off at Jenners. Let's get together. Box No U/251/5.

V I saw you I heard you. Laughter booming from potato shop. Caught a glimpse of orange hair. not enough. would 'ave to see and hear more. You gorgeous. Me smitten. make me happy!? Box No U/251/6. V I saw you sampling Polmont pool 29/3/95. You. shallow end. with short hair. gold hoops. me. deep end. moustache and tattoos. I‘ll be free to splash you soon. Let me rub you dry. Box No U/251/7.

V I saw you Post Office. Maxwell Road. Glasgow. Me with baseball cap. you cute in blue denims. our eyes met . . . and met . . . and met . . . and met! I live local. so please get in touch. (29.3.95) Box No U/251/8.

V I saw you using Nautilus on 29/3/95. I helped you with the Rotary Torso (pony-tail. smiling). Thought you were lovely. beautiful face. hair and I liked the cat T-shirt. Let's shape up together. Box No U/25 l/9. V I saw you male writer from Belfast. Where are you now? I am in Edinburgh so are you! Remember Maison Hector or was it Princes Street? Box No U/251/l().

0' I saw you Beethoven No 5. You. balcony. balding. bespectacled. moustached. bemused. Me. stalled. bearded. bespectacled. bedazzled. Dump your pals: let‘s try a symphony together. Box No U/25 ill 1.

V I saw you at the Cally Hotel. Monday 3 April. You were singing cute. seriously cute. l-‘ancy giving me a private show? PS. promise l'm not the bride! Box No U/25l/12.

V I saw you the blond girl in Bradford's Bakery. You sold me a mandarin danish. l blushed and spat by accident. Next time? Next time. I‘ll know better. and behave. Box No U/251/l3.

V I saw you in the Ubiquitous Chip (2 U3) with a group of men (academics?) Yotr were telling a blonde woman to go the OFT. want to go with me? Box No U/25 l/14.

V I saw you leaving Virginia Galleries. Glasgow on Monday 3/41/95 around 2pm. Long wavy blonde hair. grey suede jacket with fur collar. black dress. I'd love to meet for a coffee! Box No U/25 l/l5.

V I saw you you were the lush babe working out at the Living Well Club. I never have dripped so hard. I think you work there. Call me dark haired gym queen. Box No U/251/lo.

V I saw you working National Museum. blonde shoulder- length hair. grey trouser suit. cute glasses. late 20s. professional -- Rosalynd? You were discussing Rene Margot with a friend. Please contact. Box No U/25 l/l7.

V I saw you St Patrick‘s Day party. You were tall. Dutch and lovely. I was a short. shy Highland lad. I miss your laugh. Let's laugh together. Box No U/251/18.

V I saw you in the travel agents. Kilmarnock Road (7/4/95). You were looking at Spanish brochures. perhaps we could rtm off to Spain together? You looked mid-20s with lovely hair. Box No U/251/l9

V I saw you at the Botanical Gardens. Saturday 8 April. that sunny day sometime in the aftemoon. You reading on the bench. short dark hair. green top with striped waistcoat. Me long dark hair lying on the grass. listening to Walkman. We noticed each other. I didn‘t see you leave. Box No U/251/20. V I saw you in seat G30 stalls. Dylan concert 7/4/95. Sitting behind you. You dark haired. gorgeous profile. gleaming smile. Me blonde. blue eyes. Hope you too are gay! lfso. get in touch please. Box No

U/25 U2 1.

0 I saw you first in the Hogshead. You smiled. I fell in love. I never stop thinking about you. Wait for me. I'll be back. CJC. Box No U/25 l/ZZ.

V I saw you in the Bronx Cafe. You: tall. specky. wearing black. Me: too shy to say hello. Was that girl (red hat) your girlfriend? Please say it's not so!!! Box No U/25 l/23.

V I saw you Dairy pool. Monday 10 April. 5pm. pink costume. brown wavy hair. gorgeous big brown eyes. I was in the fast lane making admiring glances. l-‘ancy plunging in the deep end? Box No U/251/24.

V I saw you Heather. elegant with beautiful stnile. i got llustered when you mentioned your phone number. You picked tip two books Saturday 8/4/95. How about a third time? Box No U/25 l/25.

v I saw you chiol Hall ceititlh. Friday 7 April. You: tall wearing loose jersey. learning dances have a lovely smile but left early. Me: with sister. smiled back wish we'd talked. Fancy meeting? Box No

U/25 l/Zo.

V I saw you magician in the ()deon. Have you lost my number? I saw you T/lt' List letters page. Where are you now? Box No U/251/27.

V I saw you in my dream about 30. 5ft 5in tall. fair hair. nice body. cute face. artist. painter? With mews flat/studio. Me tall. dark. wearing glasses. Write if you think it’s you. Box No U/251/28.

O I saw you N. in the Studio and went weak at the kness. then in the Baillie. I could provide a long-lasting antidote to stress! Please write. Box No U/251/29.

V I saw you November opposite platforms St Enochs. after the Riverside STV recording. You ponytail. Ron Hills. me beard. green Rohans. l winked. you winked. Then our orange trains came simultaneously and separated us. I still remember. Box No U/251/30.

V I saw you at Glenogle baths. You: tight red swimming thong. Me: short. fat and hairy in llappy grey costume fancy a splash? U/25 l/3 l.

V I saw you at the l-Ilastica gig you looked great in your floor-length denim outfit -- I've got all of Shakin' Stevens albums want to hear them? U/25 1/32.

V I saw you Whistlebinkies pub. liriday night (7.4.95). You were Mitch (1’). You were fascinating. We discussed Ireland. Benbecula and birds. Let's talk some more. David. U/25 l/33.

V I saw you reading and looking

distressed. Tall. black hair. Central station. 29.3.95. Me: blonde. long hair. tall. blue eyes. short black skirt. reading Cumin. Please. please get in touch. Box No U/25 l/3~l.

V I saw you on l().4.95. You smiled at me. The VIP launderette in Woodside. You touched my backside in the pool at Woodside in August 1994. Fancy Vegeville after swimming'.’ U/25 l/35.

V I saw you in the tug-of—war at the gay games on the Meadows last summer. You asked ifl was in the CDC. I said I'd get you a contact number. Wish l'd given you mine. U/25 l/3o.

V I saw you Boots. Bytes Road. thurs evening. Miti- March. You: epitome ofcute(!). dark semi-bob and gorgeous grin. Me: tall. shambolic bob. probably scowling. baffled by toothpaste. Intrigued? RSVP! U/25 l/37.

V I saw you Last year at a “LliAD' meeting. You came in late; tall. sandy hair. Me. tall . blondish girl. too shy to speak. ()ften wondered what would of happened ifl had. U/25 l/38.

V I saw you afain Danny. 8.4.95. The first time my Polo fell in a hole. I stopped to talk to friends. you walked on. Have you grown a beard? B. U/251/39.

V I saw you Forbes (the rather sexy janitor in Cleo's 7.4.95. I lost your number (a woman's perogative perhaps!) Let's meet up again. What have you got to lose? U/25 l/-1().

V I saw you on my radar screen at Gourock traffic lights. you tall. fair thing you. Write and tell rne what's on offer under your bonnet and for whom! U/25 l/4 l.


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