I Caledonian Ale House I Haymarket Terrace. 337 l006. As the 95/96 BBC Master Chefcompetition gets underway. last year's winner Gerry Goldwyre has been busy setting up the menu at this new bar/restaurant on the site of the former Haymarket Station Bar.

The premises have been completely revamped and many ofthe original features which were masked by the previous owner have been restored to their former glory. The blue swallow in the cornice above the gantry has been welcomed back by the regulars.

While the bar downstairs will do you a full cooked breakfast from 8.30am for £4.85 and traditional bar lunches for around the same price. the true l


trencherrnan tnust head upstairs to the I “‘i‘ss‘“

bistro fora full range ofepicurean delights. There‘s a set price three course menu at £11.50 which allows you to start with something like a hot beefsalad tossed in a pickled walnut dressing before moving on to chicken stuffed with caboc and tomato. coated in oatmeal with a light whisky sauce. Desserts and cheeses round everything off nicely. thank you.

Unusually many of the dishes on the menu don‘t come with a suggested wine. but with a bottle of recommended

Gerry Goldwyn contemplates the perfect marriage at beer and heel.

beer Organic Golden Promise for mushroom and onions in a paprika and brandy cream or the heavier Caley 80/- for medallions of Scottish beef served with stilton cream sauce or rich port and ale gravy. If you're not to keen on the beer then you can select a fruity little number from the wine list or BYOB.

I El Bar 15 Blackfriars Street. No phone number as of yet. ‘mafiana' being the operative phrase. Black Bo's has some competition on the otherwise entertainment free zone of Blackfriars Street. Spanish to the soles of its espadnlles. El Bar Opened earlier this month and already it seems to be

r establishing itselfas a pleasant spot for

an afterwork drink with a fair possibility of one or two quiet libations turning into a full scale fiesta.

The walls are painted in that curious mixture of orange and yellow which is rarely seen outside a Picasso picture and various Dali prints add a touch of surrealism to the Mediterranean atmosphere. The day‘s Spanish papers lounge about on the bar keeping the ex- pat Spaniards company as they sip their espressos and contemplate the menu. In the evenings. after siesta time naturally. the tempo picks up a bit. the volume control on the stereo gets a twist and the place starts to throb with the chatter of the young and vaguely trendy.

There's Grolsch and 80/— on draught along with a wide range of bottled and canned beers including the ubiquitous San Miguel and the rarer Estrella Dorada. Alternatively you could try the sangria or the house speciality an Agua de Valencia champagne. vodka and orange juice. for L‘ l .50. The carajillo. espresso with Spanish brandy. is pretty nifty as well.

()n the food front there is a range of tortillas at £5 fora full portion and ill .50 fora tapas sized snackette. ll' Spanish orrrelette doesn't tickle your taste buds then there's also chorizo sausage. scrrano harn. Russian salad. garlic potatoes and hocadillos bursting with flavour —- all for around £2. Try a taste of sunshine. it‘s cheaper than two weeks on the Costa del Sol and more

. authentic. (Jonathan Trew)

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This superb Scottish restaurant has been the recipient of many awards for excellence since being established in 197 l. The newest award is a Michelin Red M. an award never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant.



Tel 0 1 4 1 -334 5007

"More than just a seafood restaurant. ' it offers a ray of hope to seafood


Daily meat and vegetarian dishes available.

14 SOUTl 1 ST ANDREW STREET *5: EDINBURGH 031 557 5589 '

Scottish seafood direct from our own fishing boats and smokehouse.

A truly '

‘9} excellent C . WCC ii ' I N“ vegetarian tv' coffee house, \6 and a _ really rather

interesting fitt- shop.


Mon - Sat 103m - 6pm


O //\t


7 Grassmarket Edinburgh EH1 ZHY

r 031-229 788

' r vow-v 3-" .' V‘s” . W1.” Wt) K ‘6

-c" a”. .I— wont-Egg} _. ’23312

7%??- \ A 9

(;1.As(;ow’s (gay and lesbian cafe

sewing ('l'(‘l’)’ffllllq_7l'0lll coffee and rulers to three course Him/s seven days a week,

IUilHl [0 10,)!”

at GHQ george square ‘q/rrsqou' (:1 IDR Ic/ 041-33: 7ooo

The List 2| Apr-4 May 1995 97