Tlcketline 220 4349. Ever-popular. IV Bridge. 225 1681. 9pm. Free. See or in advance from the Ticket Centre informal and energetic willow stripping Edinburgh. Sat 20. '

C dl ' . . 227 . with the Robert Fish Band. 3" “'885 5511 I Finnegan’s Awake Scruffy Murphy’s.

I Exploding Knits Scotia Bar. Stockwell Off Clyde Street. Angus I Dolores Keane Ferry. Clyde Place. Edinburgh Ed'nhurgh

248 3 I44. £5. Doors open 8pm. I Dunnichan Concert The Electric 8pm. £8.80. Tickets fratn Ticket Centre. I Songwriters Play live Netherbow Temple. Letham. Angus. 8pm. Bar till Candleriggs. 227 551 1. Bar. Great Galway gafdggbgghpfgtafl? ggfiégcffgibzret Theatre. High Street. 556 9579. 7.30pm.

“Sic. trigzedr111?;i‘eghlmdmonal and huge talent for the bluest ,bm,b°m a",d iffilpzyit: Heave'lgor with dSWgS flrom Presented by the Pictish Free State. I Ceilidh Dance Class Riverside Club. arouggfiggsflffimpei guitar]: :gfifigzgaer antinilrieguin‘g: fgfibilecginhizglhly Shaketh Nhaill. Tinderbox and The Fox Street. off Clyde Street. 248 3 I44. (13:; albums. as re 8 I o acoustic outfit fronted by Fife-based .

Blazefakers in the 10th annual electric 7.30—lOpm. £3. Bar. Regular caller Karin

. I singer And Redman on uitar and ceilidh organised by Robbie the Pict. Ingram. and accordionlst Freeland mandolin. y 8 Information 015678 30313. Barbour. I "(mung Gael Scruffy Murphy‘s.

. Glasgow George 1v Bridge. 225 1681. SATURDAY 20 Eg:fl2:g:g:lwake S ff M h , I New Dawn Folk Club Glasgow Press _ Cm )’ UrP )’ St Club. 94 West Regent Street. 332 I674. Glasgow George W Bridget 225 1681- 9pm FFCC- 8pm. Tickets vary £3—£5. Tonight. all

I Lindistame Castlemilk Community I “'9 Band Finnegan‘j‘ wake. VlCiQria welcome to a Slnger’s Night. Centre. Castlemilk Drive. Information and smut 226 3816- 9Pm‘23m- Free- [Tl-5h . tickets 63! l 166. £5 (£1). Presented by C folk PUb- Edinburgh I Battlefield Band Cutnbernauld Theatre 708 I Rhanna Scruffy Murphy’s. George lv Kildrum. Cumbemauld. 01236 732887. e c. s e z ( t r e ' . . Bridge 075 1681 9pm Free Folk/rock 7.45pm. £9 (£6). An institution in the

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. - ' H“ i ' ' t 't off Clyde Soot}; 248 .2144. Doors open Edinbur h Polmont iiiiiiigriiliitiiigflfoéiisiiiiidaidvels [he 8 . ."‘tt .£.. . , 1 .. . IpilhtiiiutsglgcbtiziJlIB‘ar Stockwell Street I nembo Konte Kausu Kuyateh and . Jon" "msnelwooa Pelmom FOlk CIUb' “Humming Showcase'Of pipes and fiddle SS7 868l 3 30pm Free Mawdo Suso Ashembl Rooms Geor e Brock" DUCk Bar‘ POImom' Falkirk' m a contemporary semng‘ SCOIS'song Old . . _ . . . .. . . Street 9 m 066“. 0 sin 8 m {7 (fig 01324 613644. 8'30pm. Songwriter and and new. and a cheerful.energet1c Edlnburgh ' qu 'f ‘A p} blp " guitarist. ex-Honest Sam and the Dealers. "reverencc' ,

t . tc ets rom ssun y ox Office I Clydesiders Bellshill Cultural Centre.

I Keiran Halpin Tron Folk Club. Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550.

and Kings Theatre Box Office. Credit Bellshill. 8pm. £4 (£3). Information cards 220 4349. Heartbeat World Music in FRIDAY 25 01698 267515. Forget your old ideas

8.30pm. £3. Authoritative and winning conjunCiion With Edinburgh DiSlfiCl about one of Scotland's longest serving song and fiddle from the genial Geordie. COU'lCll‘S Assembly Rooms PFC-59m lhc Glasgow crowd pleasers. the band's new. and

I Greenpeace Ceilidh Dance St Bride‘s. only ScolliSh dalcior three masters 0f I Mary Coughlin Cumbcrnauld Theatre, augmented line-up pushes it well into the Orwell Terrace. 8pm. £5 (£3). Tickets 220 West African mUSlC— From Senegal and Kildrum, Cumbcmauld, 01236 732887. contemporary folk idiom. albeit with the 4349. or at at the door. Bar. Raffle. Music I Gamblflt 1W0 Virtuoso-5 0f the komt the 7.45pm. £9 (£6). Only Scottish gig for the old desire to entertain.

from Tapsalteerie. i hypnottc harp-gourd. underptnttcd by th6 passionate, inimitable Celtic chanteuse, I Banovitch and McKenzie Scotia Bar. I Drop the Box Scruffy Murphy's. George i rhytth 0f the balafon» an anthnt Emerging in the mid 808 with her Stockwell Street. 552 8681. 3pm. Free. 1v Bridge. 225 1681. 9pm. Free. Youthful I Xylophone Support from Ugandan master breakthrough album Tired and Emotional Blues.

rock and reeling from the North East. i mUSiCian ssempeke and his 30" at a crossroads of traditional music, blues: I Dance Riverside. FOX Street.

. Jo?" ssekimmeko SF“ Mat?“ preVicw- rock and jazz. the wilful woman from the Off Clyde Street, 248 3144- Doors Open

' I saac sumo” Pcmcu'k Folk ClUb‘ West of Ireland is a strong songwriter and 8pm. mUSiC 111 9pm 55- _ Navaar Hotel. Bog Road. Penlcmk. 8pm. phenomenal performer. _ Ed|nbufgh Superb Cuban-Amerlcan gu1tar player and I weekly ceifidh Dance The Ferry. Clyde Edlnbllrgh

I Drop the Box Scruffy Murphy‘s. George : 3mg“ Place. 9pm. £6 (£4). Tickets at the venue I An Comunn Gaidhealach cellldh Dance



i " ' t asf w 498 Great Western Road Glasgow

.- ‘;-2. t. a w .77.:9-w'h. r mama;

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