I Barer than hen’s teeth (how rare is that exactly? - Ed) is a screen appearance by the original godfather of method acting Marlon Brando. But here he is, and the maiden being swept off her feet is Faye nunaway in Don Juan de Marco, a tale of an ordinary Joe convinced he has the seductive powers of a latin lover. See Film listings tor details.

I A man, a woman, and an unhealthy sexual appetite are the ingredients of experimental theatre group Fecund’s new work about a fatal attraction, Fallen Angels. See Theatre listings for details.

I Alter achieving the impossible - recording a version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ worse than the original - Boll Harris has become a top draw on the live circuit. Roll is visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh soon when he’ll be singing, waving his digeridoo above his head and knocking out a couple of cartoons. Can you guess what it is yet, children? See Easy listening listings (where else?) for details.


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Music: Portishead Bristol's triphop heroes kick off their three-date tour with their only Scottish date in Edinburgh. Tickets sold out within hours of going on sale and at present are rarer than hens’ teeth. Anyway if you manage to flog your Granny to Auld Nick and get your mitts on a ticket then rest assured you’ll be able to lunch out on the fact for months.

Usher Hall, Edinburgh. Man 22 May.

I Theatre: Broken Glass Arthur Miller's new play about a marriage which falls apart as news filters through to Brooklyn of Nazi persecution in 1938 Berlin. David Thacker's production for the Royal National Theatre has played to packed houses in the West End and now tours to Scotland for the first time. Theatre Royal, Glasgmt: Franz Tue 30 May.

I Film: Ed Wood Tim Burton directs Johnny Depp as the maverick film director of the 50s and 60s. Wood was responsible for some of the worst movies ever made including the appalling Plan 9 Franz Outer Space. Burton's reconstruction of Wood's life looks set to become a cult movie in its own right. Canter), [Edinburgh from Fri 26 Ma)”; (II-"II (ilasgmt'jrmn Fri (‘3’ June.

I Art: William Crozier 1893-1930 The Scottish artist died at an early age but he managed to pack a lot into his 37 years. A lesser known contemporary of Gillies. Redpath and MacTaggart. his landscapes combine discipline of form derived from his study ol‘cubism with the more painterly qualities of Scottish art. Scallixh National Gallery af'Mm/ern A rt. Ifdinlnrrgh. Until Sun 9 July.

I Classical: Vanessa-Mae By the time she was twelve the violinist had been compared with Menuhin. Heifetz and Kreisler. She has now reached the ripe old age of sixteen and has improved on her already considerable talents. The words child prodigy are often bandied about lightly; in this case they are well merited.

(ilasgrm' Royal Cancer! Hall, Wed 24 May.

I Theatre: Breadmakers A funny. moving adaptation by John Binnie of Margaret Thomson Davis's novel, presented by the ever popular Clyde Unity Theatre. The story concerns a young Glasgow girl who hopes to escape an oppressive family life by marrying the much older local baker.

(‘aizt'ns' Theatre and then roaring.

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