Theatre is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Touring shouts are listed alphabetically by title at the end oi the section. Show: will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least tee days beiore publication. Theatre listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA = Parking to be Pre-Arranged. L = Level Access, R = Ramped Access, ST = Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC 2 Adapted Toilet(s). WS = Wheelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent Seats. H = induction Loop System. G = Guide Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant Accessible. C = Catering Accessible. T = Adapted Telephone.

llelp: A = Assistance Available. AA = Advise Venue in Advance.


Tickets for major venues in Glasgow are available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs, Mon—Sat 10.30am until 6.30pm in person or until 9pm by phone on 0141 227 5511. Sunday opening is noon-5pm. Any Ticket Link box office can sell tickets for other venues.

I ARCHES THEATRE Midland Street. 221 9736. [Access: L. Facilities: WC. W8. C. G. Help: A. AA]

Asylum! Asylum! Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). Studio Theatre. See Touring.

The Crucible Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. £7 (£4). Northern Theatre. Arches Theatre Company return with their p0pu1ar interpretation of the Arthur Miller classic.

Part of Mayfest.

I THE BRASSERIE West Regent Street. 248 3801.

Sweet Fancy Fri 19 May. 7.30pm. £15 (for performance and special meal). Scottish-based theatre company Home Is Where The Art is continue their penchant for performing in unusual places with a show designed to keep diners amused while they eat.

I CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. [Access: PPA, L. ST. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C]

Geek Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). Strange and surreal happenings from the Robert Pacitti Company! Coney lsland freakshows. gay phonelme sex services. ice-picks and Polaroids set against a ‘bruised angel‘ soundtrack from Breathless. and wound together with a savage sense of humour.

I CITIZEHS’ THEATRE Gorbals Street. 429 0022. [Access: L. R. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. Help: AA]

Breadrnakers Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £6 (£2). See Touring and review.

Easy Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Circle Studio. Glasgow-based LookOut Theatre confront the terrifying reality of acquaintance rape in this gritty new drama by Nicola McCartney. Part of Mayfest. Persons Unknown Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Stalls Studio. New play by director-actor-translator Robert David MacDonald. based on the life of the mysterious Casper Hauser a young man left without language after a childhood spent in complete isolation from the outside world. Pan of Mayfest. See revrew.

I COTTIER THEATRE 935 Hyndland Street. 357 3868.

The Climbing Boy Fri 19—Sat 20 May. 2.30pm, 8pm. £5 (£2). See Touring.

I CUMBERHAULO THEATRE Kildrum. Cumbemauld. 0236 732887. [Access: PPA, L. ST, R. Facilities: WC. W8, H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

Here for the Bier Fri l9—Sat 20 May.

7.45pm. £4 (£2). Amateur company The Apex Players in a play by Joe Simons. The disclosure of a dead man‘s will leads to a load of fun for a boozy mate and a very unusual undertaker.

The Trouble With Frank Wed 31 May. 7.45pm. £6 (£3). Beast Productions present Roderick Stewart’s sympathetic and witty play about Frank, a man who is mentally ill. but also very intelligent and articulate.

I EAST KILRRIOE ARTS CEHTRE Old Coach Road. East Mains. East Kilbride, 03552 61000. [Access: R. Facilities: H]

Options? Fri 26 May. 8pm. £4 (£2). See

Tourin .

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Assembly Rooms. 168 Renfrew Street. 332 0691.

Tetrachord Fri 19 May. 7pm. Sun 21 May.

8pm. £4 (£2). See Dance.

I KIHG’S THEATRE Bath Street. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs, see Ticket Link details above. [Access: PPA, L. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G, C. Help: A. AA]

A Grand llight For Singing Fri 26 May 8pm: Sat 27 May 3pm; 8pm. £8-£l4. New Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway revue. featuring toe-tapping song and dance routines from Oklahoma’, Carousel, South Pacific and more. in Britain for the first time.

I OLD ATHEHAEIIM THEATRE 179 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. H. G. Help: A, AA]

Wee Macoreegor Enlist: Until Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £6 (£3). Scottish Youth Theatre present the sequel to their Mayfest hit of last year. This time round 1.]. Bell‘s well-loved Evening Times cartoon character Wee MacGreegor Robinson has grown from a cheeky young lad of eight to a mannie of seventeen. Adapted by Mary McCluskey and Keith Munro. with music by Stuart Thomas of Take Two productions. Part of Mayfest. I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street, Paisley. 887 1010. [Access: PPA, L, R. Facilities: WC, W8. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

. - 7; ,, €16. Scouting For Boys Sat 20 May. 8pm. £5 (£3). The Stennett Company presents Philip Manikum as a middle-aged boy scout on a one-man crusade to protect the site of his old Scout Hut with only Baden- Powell’s seminal works Scouting for Boys and Rovering to Success and his scouts’ honour to help him. Part of Mayfest. Fallen Angels Fri 26 May. 8pm. £5 (£3). Multi-media sense-fest from Fecund Theatre, which combines the latest video technology with live performance to explore the lost generation‘s quest for excitement and the perversions it leads to. Part of Mayfest. See preview.

Asylum! Asylum! Sat 27 May. 8pm. £5 (£3). Part of Mayfest. See Touring. Child-lover Thurs 1 June. 8pm. £6 (£3). See Touring and review.

I RAMSHORH THEATRE 98 lngram Street. 552 3489. [Access: ST. Facilities: WC. W8. G. Help: AA]

Pig Boy Fri l9—Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. Sat tnat 2.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Part of Mayfest. See Touring.

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 332 9000. [Access: PPA, ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. Help: AA]

Broken Glass Tue 30—Sat 3 June. 7.15pm.


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