W No _S_PAC_E? Wood Works I Imus": small a“ mof’e Bookcases. cabinets and “fled C"Pb°”d'? speCIalist. Flat move £25 (Single shelves made to order Replacement Windows? "em £15)- Free e§f‘m_af‘?s° and fitted with care. A Ne" mum“? Hands-on help With lifting. No _ A New Sulrcase? “90'” “WE? Sympathéllc exceuenr VALUE A New Front 000'? fnendly serv1ce. Tel: Next on . 0131229 8361. Free Quotat'on All I of W°9dW°rk an woodtmmng to DAVID FRANCEY JOINER a high stanfird 1 b ofesswnal c is op c. mucous mm '3' | yPlironc Dave Samue son: OLD FLOORS RESTORE!) 041 440 5314 HARD &' SOFT WOOD


Arts, Entertainments, Tourism 8: Leisure Publicity Nationwide

Since I988 Direct Distribution has been

offering the most reliable and cost effective


CDMPIITEII SERVICES We otter database-related programming for Windows. We also offer training in Microsoft Windows, Word. Excel and Access. Advice on PC/Hardware upgrades/ purchases available. Phone Battle Mactarlane tor details. 0141 223 6657 (day) 0141 882 5734 (evenings).

service for the planning, distributing and monitoring of all forms of free publicity.

In 19921” were reSponsible for targeting over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters thoughout Scotland.

Whether distributing publicity material in bulk

3"; "mm on drops at a sustained campaign nationw1de,

INTERNATIONAL PIIDIIE CALLS Agents and customers required. Contact StarAccess Ltd.

77 Dobbie's Road. Bonnyrigg EH19 2AY.

Tel: 0131 663 9363,

Fax: 0131 654 0924.

call Angus Wit on:

041 429 3838

V 1141 429 8935)


' r STO ' '1 i 7.3 raCticaI, #gtflaugéév all displayed goodlook’ “"55” in spacious

ing, Georgian, period show”

'florry/l / and

WM rooms only 3

Victorian and

stripped pine minutes from

furniture.\X/ardrohes, Princes Street. All at tables, dressers and competitive prices,

chests etc, as well as and with free local

other decorative items delivery.


Open Trade Sunday 8: Public |- 5pm Welcome

[@Pay as a visit and browse a! your leisure.

edinburgh arts 0. entertainment

pebiicity distributien nationwide

I IIiIIIIIIrgII Arts A I.IIII~rI.IIIIIIIeIII I III II l’irru- \Ivri-I I IliiilmrglI I Ill» "NIH

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CUSTOM & TRADITIONAL WORK 1 By appointment only 01 31 661 7492

DO YOU NEED . . .a platform bed built. . . shelves put Up. . . your bathroom tiled. . .

sash windows repaired. . . a bedroom painted. .

. cupboards built. . . . . .your whole house decorated? Then call Gordon for reasonable rates and excellent work.


031 669 5082


Having problems orjust want to

get more out of your machine‘.’ Advice. help or training. First consultation free.

0131 315 4577.

I Word Processing and Spreadsheets. C‘Vs. reports. charts. invoices etc. For fast. accurate. reliable. literate and confidential work, ring Susan on 0131 343 3448 to discuss your needs. All work maintained 011 disk.


Holidays for mind. body and spirit on the beautiful Greek island of Skyros.

Art. dance. green theory, massage. personal development. windsurfing and much more. Writers' workshops with Sue Townsend. D M Thomas and others. Idytlic surroundings. delicious food. great community atmosphere. Brochure: Skyros IL 92 Prince oi

Wales Road. London NW5 3NE. Tet: 0171 267 4424

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New budget travel guide with crucial information on hostels. pubs. hillwalking.

sights and tnore...

Only £6.99. Available at bookshops or b) credit card - tel (ll3l 225 4037 ~ (£7 including post 8; packing)

“The List 19 May-l Jun 1995