We‘re going Ed Wood barmy this issue. Why? Because we reckon that Tim Burton‘s film .. about the nutjob film director who once drove , a tank into battle wearing a pink tutu is going to be a cult classic. Thanks to the generosity '1 of the Cameo. Faber and Faber and Buena Vista International you too can join in the Ed Wood fever which is soon to sweep across this fair and sceptered isle. Five folk are destined to he the proud recipients of a pair of tickets to see the movie at the Cameo, either an

Ed Wood T—shirt or poster and a copy of Burton on Burton. Real fanatics can buy the Faber and Faber book, Nightmare (y‘lft‘slasy. on which the movie is based. Answer this to be in with a chance of winning the goodies:

d.) s: u = a > a: .2 9.". a: a. E. a .0 -

.9.’ 3 .2 E 3 E '6

Finish off the name of this outrageously awful film which Ed Wood directed I’lun 9fmm . . .

(ict your answers to us by Friday 26 May. Address them WOOD COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

(I) I.” ‘:: G O (5 D G 3


Yaroogahl More Ed Wood madness. There’s a preview showing of the film at the Cameo, Edinburgh on Thursday 25 May at 11.30pm. The iirst 60 people to pitch up can claim a pair oi tickets to see the movie tor tree providing they bring along this edition of The list. There will also be a pink night In the bar at the Cameo from 6.30pm - come along In pink, drag or as Bela Lugosi. Prizes for the best.


- oval yceum

"' Theatre

sgmw LYOEUM/OLEANNA We’re oiiering two seats tor the price of one in the stalls to see David Mamet’s play at the Lyceum, Edinburgh between Monday 22 May and Thursday

25 May at 7.45pm. Bring along this edition of The List to the Box Oiiice.

Nanni Moretti directs and stars in this comic film about the idiosyncratic Italian director‘s personal experiences over eighteen months. The film won the Best Director award at last year‘s Cannes Film Festival. Artificial Eye are giving away five copies of the film on video to the people who can answer this:

Competition Voucher.

.1 in, a . III-l E. >; >- a: E e: a: < LII r:

What‘s the Italian for Dear Diary?

Send your answers to us by Monday 5 June. Mark them: DIARY COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


We’re oiierlng two full price tickets for

the price of one to see nlppy sweetles’ In

Flagrant Dellcht, the late night cabaret with

Liz Lochhead and Michael Marra at the Tion, H .' . ,. ; Glasgow on Friday 19 May at

‘. 10.30pm. Take this copon The

-.~ , List along to the Box Oiilce by

e’re oilerlng lso two seats tor the price at one on iull price tickets to see nlppy sweetles’ Tartutte at the Tron, Glasgow on Tuesday 23 May at 1.30pm.

To get your tickets take this m— 'I‘ lx’ (0) \l

edition oi The List along to the Box Office by Monday 22 May.

Auld Alliance Concert

Poor James VII of Scotland and II of England had to flee Britain when he was kicked out of power in 1688. He took I refuge in France and consoled himself by listening to I French and Italian music. Three centuries later you now : have the opportunity to listen to the same music that James ' delighted in, performed by one of France's foremost baroque ensembles, ll Seminario Musicale. led by counter-tenor Gerard Lesne, at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, on Friday 2 June at 8pm. Five pairs of tickets, courtesy of ~ . I as the French Institute. for " the clever clogs who can answer this:




r. ii:

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

In which French town did James VII and his court settle?


Make sure that your answers get to us by Monday 29 May. Address them: AUlD COMP, The List, 14 Illgh Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.



92 The List 19 May-l Jun 1995


We’re oliering two tickets for the price of one iull price ticket to see Arthur Miller’s new play Broken Glass on Tuesday 30 May at 7.15pm. Bring this copy of The List along with you to the Box Office by Friday 26 May.



OFFERS: But out the coupon or tdte along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box oiiice or cash desk. All otters are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per competition. It you are entering more than’one competition, you need use only one‘eevelope, butj please make sure that your name, address“ a .-. 7,,

voucher are attached to EACH entry; are open to all UK residents (over the 890 9i;3§1!0’1"§ - alcohol-related otters). IIo responsibility caliber, . accepted by The List Ior prises‘whlch.cedbot7beiéf obtained due to untores'edaclrcnmstarces.‘;[ is}; ' obtain a list “winners; please seei‘e‘SAEto, . List Competition Vll'e'e'ersystatlngywhleh Isseels), results you require. v-

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