Hotter than a World Cup ' :- rugby plaYCI‘,S gusset, I For a knight of the here’s . . .

sherry in pint glasses at the Queen’s garden parties. But fear not, it’s just good, old-fashioned character acting for his part in touching father- and-son drama Jack and Sarah. See Film listings for details.

E realm, Ian McKellen is d looking a little seedy -

let‘s hope he doesn’t sink lul-

Kite (and all the other Edinburgh worthies who go to the Festival Theatre) there will be a show tonight, teaturing acts that will make you gasp with amazement. Music for the Victorian Circus of Illusion is provided by The Jelly Rollers, who always travel by tuba (groanl). See Theatre listings for details.

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I You know you’ve been to the ballet when the men wear tights and the women are plucked from the top of a wedding cake. Everything else is just prancing about, innit? Treat yourself to some proper ballet when the London City come to Scotland with Giselle. See Dance listings for

details. J


2Thc List 2-15 Jun 1995