I ‘Give it to me straight; do ya think I’m sexy?’ Course we do Bod, course we do. Head along to tell the ageing rocker you still love him when he plays lbrox, and look out for support from Gaelic rockers ‘Pittodrie’ (we think he means Bunrig, but just humour him.)

I No, it’s not Ed Wood making a comeback to cash in on Tim Burton’s biopic ot the useless movie-maker. The undernourished director shouting cut is the Crypt Keeper lrom Demon Knight, 3 horror movie which manages only the bare bones of a plot. See Film listings tor details.

I While arch-rival Chris Euhank drapes himsell across the men’s style mags in country squire outfits, Nigel Benn is still a man who knows what time it is. Alter a few rounds in the ring, Benn likes nothing better than spinning his tavourite funk and soul tunes around the country’s trendier nightspots. Find out it the Dark Destroyer’s mixing is up to scratch when he plays The Tunnel in Glasgow. See Clubs tor details.

. Grange C richer C luh, Edinburgh, Thurs


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the lortnight ahead.

I Art: Paul Strand: The World on My Doorstep, 1950-1975 This is the only British show of this new exhibition of the American photographer's work. The exhibition covers the last 26 years of Strand’s life when. disillusioned by McArthy‘s America. he moved to France and made several trips to the Hebrides. Italy and Africa capturing the sights there on camera. Many of these photographs have never been seen before and together they demonstrate just what made Strand one of the most respected photographers of the 20th century. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. tutti! Sun 9 July.

I Dance: The Northern Ballet Theatre Company This vibrant ballet company put on a production of Romeo and Juliet set to Prokofiev‘s score. Directed by Christopher Able. the company have taken on board the talents of stylish Italian. Massimo Moricone. to choreograph the work. Colourful and passionate. the piece promises to raise temperatures.

Theatre Royal, Glasgow from Tue 6.

I Comedy: Mel and Sue Sassy. lippy and supremely bitchy queens of comedy, the duo bad audiences in stitches at last year's Fringe. As if that‘s not enough. they have an intense dislike that borders on the pathological for Emma Thompson, wife of Kenneth Branagh and luvvie extraordinaire. All perfectly reasonable. They‘re playing as part of the burgeoning Cunninghame Festival. Harbour/ins C witre. Irvine, Fri 9.

I Music: Big Big Country For some reason country and western music. barn dancing and cowboy clubs are a darn sight more popular on the west coast than on the east. This three-day festival celebrates one aspect of this and has assembled some of the top names in country and western music to tip your slclson to. Keep your ears peeled for Billy Joe Shayer. Bob Woodruff. Sarah Jory and a one-woman play about the life of the legendary Patsy Cline.

()ltl Fruitmarket, Glasgow; Fri 2—5101 4. I Sport: Scotland v West Indies Atherton may have led England’s cricketers to victory over the Windies recently bot to expect Scotland to do the same would be to exhibit dangerous delusions. Still it's the taking part that counts. thankfully. and the one-day 55- over match will provide an entertaining day out for the capacity crowd which is expected.


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