Charity walk to follow route of Jacobites’ historic march

The romantic myth linking the fate of Scotland to lucrative New World trade Scotland with the lost cause of Charles routes. The eventual carnage at Edward Stuart has an enduring power Culloden led to the decimation of the that has kept it alive in Scottish clan system and paved the way for the consciousness. To mark the anniversary Clearances.‘ ofthe 1745 uprising. a two-week The walk promises to be a colourful sponsored walk will be winding its way spectacle. Pen’od costume will be worn through Scotland along the same route by many of the marchers and clan marched by the Jacobite amiy 250 groups. Jacobite sympathiscrs and local years ago. theatre groups will be taking pan. Despite the Victorians’ attempt to However. Tait is adamant that though it obscure Scotland’s history behind a will be a celebration of an important swirling mist oftananry. folk heroes moment in the nation's past. the walk such as Charles Stuart and Rob Roy will not be hijacked by the separatist MacGregor are re-emerging the latter cause. with a little help from Hollywood as ‘We want to make it clear that a focal points for a re-examination of celebration of Scottish history does not Scottish identity. exclude people from every nationality.‘ All the glory and tragedy of the ‘45 he says. ‘The more you study history. uprising will be relived during the 200 the more you realise that it's not a

mile walk called ‘Following in the a )i’ _. I _ , record of nation against nation. btit of Footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie'. ' e ’1’ H ' ' i the exploitation of ordinary people by ‘lt’s an enactment ofthe original 5 ' " the rich and powei‘lul.‘ (Conchita rebellion and an Opponunhy to m i The Glenlinnan monument marks the spot where the Jacobite standard was raised Pinto)

examine the political realities that led

up to it, says organiser Bruce Tait of 3 \th'lcliidisregarfied the Highland system IStuart wanted power and didn i care Thefiml'lt’t’ll-.S‘I(lg(' im/k sm- (yr/mm fund'mlsmg Charity Big “called ; 0 3’“ Owners 'P- 0W "“dny Climhmc" he SilCl'liICCd [0 Glt’llfllllltlll mt Stun/(iv ll June and Scotland. ‘Charles Stuart was able to ; However, the fact that Charles Stuait get II, he says. ‘He was after the amt.“ m [.-(/,',,/m,.g,/l (m 75 June Fm. rally his army of clansmen because of I makes a dubious hero for the Scots has English throne and wasn t aiming to ,,,f,,r,,m,,(,,, 0,, mka“ [mm “mm” Big

their dislike of the Union with England i not been glossed over by Tait. ‘Charlcs break up the Union which had opened Hear/ed Shut/am] 0,, 0/736 4454 56

' Art school students have designs on the Internet

Hard to breathe: Fo£ volunteers monitor pollution levels

- ' recommended the setting up of an o u a L ‘Edinburgh Environmental Forum‘ i which would bring the city‘s main

I I a x t m i public sector agencies together with . I y busmcsscs and communi‘y groups. cvher-stirlers: art students go on-Iiite Once created. the forum would then Final year product design students at wt" help raise artistic standams on concerns posted on the Internet later this was a chance m use the medium to its confirmed what many residents already pollution project which gives ordinarv o, . . . net, Global 95 will give the Glasgow will encomage design agencies

commission a detailed environmental . Glasgow 30"00' 0' A“ 3'8 Claiming 3 the Internet. ‘lleSIgn on the net is A consultants‘ report commissioned by H . t ,. t . _ , Meanwhile. Fiiends oi the Earth month. Joining the growing numbers 0' m" potential: know the quality of the city‘s air is

l i strategy for the city to tackle these first when their 1995 deg!“ Show ‘8 generauy nemected’, he says- “this Edinburgh Dismet comm“ has : Scotland is currently working on an air . . virtual art galleries gathering on the The students hope that ciohai 95°

appalling. The Edinburgh 1 , . . . . .. - .. , glalfllaies a Chance to SP3"! the" . outside Scotland to take an interest in ' Erwimnmenml Review published last i “i‘h‘aw fumcs‘ Th.“ “mf‘p "lon'ti’mie deSIgns tor the future with a potential the students, mm ‘gethg based in . t t t kits measure levels of nitrogen dioxide - . . week included results of a survey . _ a kc , car 011mm _ cn'lhhn" the audience of nearly 30 million users stat-,9“, means that agehcws .h which showed that over 80 per cent of l ublic)to {Educc‘mrd cv‘idcné’c of '1" across the world. . . London and e|sewhete just don’t know residents regard air pollution as a major l p p The students’ worldmde web Slte. we’re here,’ says John Stephenson,

g pollution. The results will be gathered

environmental weakness in the citv. . t . . ' : together by FoE and Used to campaign while over 60 per cent called for t

. r for tougher legislation on exhaust greater controls on cars and lorries.

which will be the Internet equivalent one at the designers whose work will 0' the aft SOMOVS PhVSica' “9'89 be displayed on the net. ‘We decided show taking place In the art school to go global and hit the network

emissions. . . ‘An ellhanced "an-<90“ slmlcgy for l . ~ .- . . . - . - bulldino. WI" contain illll'COIOIIf basically as a way of getting the show the city was identified as the single 7. ENC at? g“ mg ,pwpk [ht "'iommon product shots of everything from out at alas owg Ema can) . . . . they need to press for change. says 9 highest pnonty for action among all E F038 head of research Richard Dixon. cutting-edge computer generated to teach the cloth“ 95° site on tho

design to the latest in environmental thtemet, point you, wot, browse, at

groups interviewed.’ the report . t . . . We need to assert our right to clean air packaging, with ten m explain me hum/l machalaamw .

concluded. lfproblems assocmted With _ and Show that contrary to current

increased car use and congestion are l . t . . . thinking behind each product. 53 st than from Matt 12 June, or not addressed. Edinburgh's air quality Is no fight to ponmc' llugo Matiassel, the student who gistflhegphysicfl Dogma Show in is likely to deteriorate, with associated designed the site, teels his dedication Room 23, Mackintosh Building, 3 health impiicmi‘mS-' Fur/'uther iii/Urination mi Iiirniimring '0 creating a 3m mat l°°ks as 9"” Glasgow School at Art from 23-30 i The consultants Touche Ross km, mmm, 1:01.; ,,,, 0/3 / 554 9977, as the products pasted up on its pages mg, L _- 4

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