A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.

I The Big Country (BBC 1) 7—7.30ptn. More derring-do from Dougie Vipond and Jenni Falconer who present the off-beat leisure series.

I Rah C. Hesbitt (BBCZ) 0- 0.30pm. Rab heads south to London Ill pursuit of his runaway son Gash.

I The Chief (Scottish) ‘)—I()plll. A past friendship threatens to ruin Cade‘s career and reputation in this police drama starring Martin Shaw as the East Anglian police chief. I The World of Lee Evans (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Former boxer and Perrier award-winner. Lee Evans returns for more physical comedy in a new series of short dramas.

I The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer (BBCZ) 9.30—10pm. The Bra Men are involved in a robbery. while Sting guests with Donald and Davey Stolt.

I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30—l0pm. Joey gets a film role as a stand-in for Al Pacino‘s backside.

I Have l Got News For You (BBC: ) Ill—10.30pm. Trading on his brother John's farne. Terry Major-Ball joins Tim Rice and the regular captains for some more news satire.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10- l0.3()pm. i)J has found a girl willing to go out with him bttt Dan disapproves of his son's prospective date.

I Prizzi’s Honor (BBCl)

10.20pm— l 2.25am. John Huston directs his daughter Angelica. along with Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Turner. in this excellent black comedy about two mob assassins hired to kill each other. I Murphy’s Law (Scottish)

10.30pm~12. 10am. Charles Bronson action thriller about a hard-bitten cop who is suspected of murdering his ex-wife and her lover.

I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) 10.30—11.05pm. Joy poses nude. while the rest of the crew investigate George's love— life.

I Eurotrash (Channel 4) 1105—1 1.40pm. Jean-Paul Gaultier and Antoine de Caunes serve tip the plat t/ltjnltr which will inevitably feature a dollop of Euro-porn. I The Vibe (BBC2) ll.l5--l 1.45pm. Transferring its new weapon in the battle for youth credibility from radio to television. II’M l)J Lisa I’Atison hosts this new black music show. Mixing the quiz. show format with a club atmosphere. the show will feature soul. rap and swingbeat guests like China Black. C.J. Lewis and Judy Cheeks.

I Christy Moore (BBCZ) 11.45pm—12.45am. Profile of the Irish folk singer-songwriter who talks about his childhood in an army garrison town in County Kildare.

I Trial by Night (Scottish) 12.2S-—l.55;ttn. The post-pub debate with a studio full of opionated young Scots returns for a new series with Bernard Ponsonby and Stisan Maxwell holding the towels.


I Errnione (Channel 4) 7- l0pm. Live transmission from Glyndebourne of this little known tragic opera by Rossini which is performed for the first time in Britain.

74 The List 2-15 Jun I995


i I Steve Wright’s People Show (BBC 1) ( 7.20—8pm. So this is what he left Radio ; l‘s breakfast show to do. What we're

? promised is an ‘all-new compendium of i craziness‘ with guests including Annie

; Lennox and Spike Milligan. plus a radio- ) to-television translation of some of Steve‘s characters such as Pammella Anndiessun. You want puerile'.’ You got it. I Fine Cut ( BBC‘Z) s—s.5t)ptn.

3 Documentary film about a struggling

musical duo called Countdown who are

trying to make it on the notoriously treacherous British light entertainment


I Bugs (BBCI ) S.lS~‘).05pm. A drug

created to give athletes an edge is being used to create an invincible military force. The Bugs team investigates.

I Inspector Morse (Scottish)

S..‘)()~ l0.3()ptil. A well-known business tycoon is murdered and the man's family are immediately under suspicion. Morse investigates.

I Birds of a Feather (BBCI) 9.05—9.35pm. Repeat showing of the hugely popular Marks and (jt'an sitcom with Pauline Qtiirke and Linda Robson as the mouthy Essex sisters Sharon and 'l‘racey. Ill tonight's episode Tracey. whose husband is serving little. is tempted to have a fling with a handsome young gentleman caller.

I Chicago Hope (BBCI ) 9.55 40.40pm. The rabbi who tiiarried Camille and Aaron is admitted to the hospital for a heart transplant. bill is saddened to hear that the couple are separated.

I CoodFellas (Channel 4) l()prtl--IZ.40am. Robert De Niro. Ray Liolla and Joe Pesci play the partners ll‘. crime in Martin Scorsese's brilliant mob drama based on the real-life experiences of all Irish/Italian hoodlum.

I Later With Jools Holland (BBCZ)

(0.45-«1145pnr. Jools welcomes Paul

I The Vet (BBC 1) 8—8.50pm. Jennifer is made a partner in the practice. while Laura. who thought the partnership was hers. wants to resign in this overwrought vet drama. See Channel Hopping.

I Plunder (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. Last in the series of documentaries about art plunder looks at how the statue of the Venus de Milo. first discovered on a Greek island. found its way to France.

I A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies (Channel 4) 8.30-10pm. Scorsese concludes his fascinating trawl through his own influences and the history of American cinema.

I The Governor (Scottish) 9-lOpm. A prisoner is killed after a kangaroo court held in one of the cells condemns him to death. in Lynda La Plante's drama about a female prison governor.

I The Hanging Cale (BBCI ) 9.05—10pm. Final part of the Irish potato famine drama starring the four McGann brothers.

I A Progress Through Politics (BBC2) 9.10—10pm. Recently retired BBC political editor John Cole takes a personal journey back through his years in Westminster as he recalls the major political events of the last 50 years.

I Black Easter (BBCZ) 10—] 1.05pm. ‘Screen Two' thriller with Trevor Eve as a homicide detective in Dresden in the year 2000. Eastern Europe’s borders are under pressure as civil war in the former Soviet Union sends waves of refugees to the west.

I The Clive James Show (Scottish)

10— 10.45pm. The twinkly-eyed Aussie introduces more guests. Hollywood chat and clips from foreign telly.

I Alice Doesn’t live Here Anymore (Channel 4) I()pm~l?_.05am. Early Martin Scorsese movie starring Ellen Burstyn who sets out to fulfil her ambition of

becoming a nightclub singer. ; I Everyman (BBCl) lO.3()—ll.l()pm.

Report on the growing market for pornography and erotica for women. including a reversal of the usual amateur

: glamour photography shoot where women

Weller. Supergrass and Baaba Man] on his

show it) play live.

I Look at the State We’re In (BBCZ) ll.45pm—- I .Sfiam. Extended debate on citizens rights concluding the BBCZ season of themed programmes.

I Takeover TV (Channel 4) midnight-—13.45am. More wacky japes

from amateur video»makers introduced by

Norlrian Sphincter.

I Party of Five (Channel 4) ()05-«7pm. Everyone is keeping secrets from each other it) the American orphans family drama.

I Fawlty Towers (BBC 1) 7.30—Spm. Another classic episode with Basil trying to soft-soap a group of hotel inspectors.

take pictures of a male model.

I Don’t Look Down (Scottish) ll.lSpm—midnight. Keith Bruce introduces music from Sugar Town and a report on photographer Paul Strand.

I The Public Enemy (Channel 4) 12.40-2. l0am. Classic 30s gangster movie with James Cagney as a policeman's sort who turns to crime.


I HoSpital Watch (BBC 1) l0.05—I().45am. First in a series of live broadcasts throughout the week frotn the Addenbrooke‘s Hospital in Cambridge presented by Sue Lawley. Tony Robinson and Maggie Philbin.

I The Net (BBCZ) 8-8.30pm. Lib-Dem leader Paddy Ashdown explores the political pages on the lntemet while Benjamin Woolley explores an interactive Cl)-R()M game which allows the player to direct themselves ill a movie.

I True Stories (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. New series of documentaries by emerging filmmakers follows a group of wives of hard up Lloyd‘s Names who have turned to selling jewellery to raise some cash.

I Perpetual Motion (BBC2) 8.30—9pm. Affectionate look at that design classic and cultural icon. the Transit van.

I Home Improvement (Channel 4) S.3()~9pm. Tim plans an all-male party to instal a new engine in his hot-rod. but Jill has other ideas.

I The Outer Limits (BBC2) 9—9.40pm.

Earth is visited by aliens in a bid to

regenerate their species after destroying . their own planet by allowing technology ; to take over. Expect another moral

message in sci-ft clothing.

i I Bramvvell (Scottish) 9—10pm. Jernrna

Redgrave is the ambitious doctor in

Victorian London who is determined to

become the first female surgeon in her hospital.

I The Wild West (Channel 4) 9—l0pm. Ric Burns‘s astonishing documentary series about the Wild West continues with a look at the fatnous adversaries Custer and Crazy Horse.

I The Music Biz (BBCZ) 9.4()—lo.30pm. The absorbing music industry documentary series continues with a look at the importance of image in hyping artists into the charts.

I HYPD Blue (Channel 4) l0—lO.55pm. The detectives track down an arsonist after a fireman is killed in a blaze.

I The tlovel Image (Channel 4) 10.55—11.25pm. William Boyd discusses the role of screenwriters and literary adaptions in the movies. See preview.


I The 1995 Advertising Awards (Scottish) 7.30-8pm. Scotland’s advertising industry gathers at the Glasgow Hilton to pat itselfon the back and hand out awards.

I Public Eye (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. New series of the investigative documentary strand which kicks off with a look at the reality of Northern Ireland's ceasefire. Is a ‘power vacuum‘ developing as the paramilitaries’ authority wanes before the RUC can establish the rule ofcivilian law?

I Squawkietalkie (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. More animal magic from John Sparkes and Pete Baikie who select comic moments from wildlife films and add their owtr humorous soundtracks.

I The Cook Report (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. Roger Cook presents another brash investigative documentary.

I Dangerous Lady (Scottish) 9— input. Benny Ryan is kidnapped by a rival gang in this Krays-influenced gangster drama set in ()()s London.

I A Short Film About Loving (Channel 4) 9—10.05pm. Profile of internationally- acclaimed theatre and opera director Peter Sellars. Sellars has ruffled establishment feathers in his time. including the staid audiences at Glyndebourne where he was once booed. His production of The Seven Dem/1v Sins is screened on Thursday.

I Out of the Blue (BBC I ) 9.30—10.20pm. Computer porn aimed at children leads the CID team on a trail that ends in murder in this new police procedural that mimics the ‘shaky-cam' style of American cop shows like NYPD Blue.

I The Last Temptation oi Christ (Channel 4) 10.05pm—Iam. First television screening of Martin Scorsese‘s controversial film which reinterprets the character of Jesus as a man wracked by doubt and emotional conflict.

I Network First (Scottish)

l0.40—l l.40pm. Documentary following the progress of a severely disabled eight- year-old boy who was one of the first children to be conceived after the Chernobyl disaster.