Glasgow International Jazz Festival/ TGI Friday’s

The Jazz Festival kicks off on Friday 30 June with a huge range of talent from internationally famous stars like Tony Bennet to promising local groups. For the first time. TGI Friday's, the American restaurant and bar.

will be sponsoring an award for the Festival‘s most outstanding act. We're offering two readers the chance to become one of the judges for the award. This onerous task would


We’re offering two full-price tickets for the price of one to see Bob Woodruff play at the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow on Sat 3 June at 7.30pm. To get your tickets, turn up at the Box Office on the night with this Issue of The List. Offer subject to availability.


Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher)


include seeing as many of the concerts as possible for free. nix and nothing e ~, ., and then participating in ajudging lunch session on Monday 10 July. ‘@ fiimlfill‘l‘: Get this one right: \ i, \ ‘Is phap lent leg reap‘ is an anagram of which major performer at the Festival”? Yoghcen‘ “five‘ “"0 533‘s "glaze p'ifie 0' 029‘ III e S a S 0 $88 scar l e’s C BSSIC 8 W88" Answers to us by Friday 16 June marked: JAZZ COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Tue G—Thurs 8 June at the Lyceum, Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Elli 1TB. The play starts at ‘1'; . - , -. . 8pm. Turn up at the ' ' a V 3% Box Office on the 'i ' c - Y ‘* - _ , night to get your in , s tickets and bring m g ~ " this edition of The F o, m .2 e ' a List with you. Offer g a, .. t... . a a; E _ ‘A ~ . . ~ subjectto '— g e: . Here s one for all the budding Trutfauts. availability, '- g £- t . i Tarantinos and Tatis out there. Ever wanted 9- ; t;- .. it to make your own movie? Reservoir Rats. g = ' _ . 1;: Bridge Over The River Tay or The Pie II for (I) g .. . . “in ' example. Nice idea. bit tricky to realise x z; § though. Fret not. for those charming folk at the Independent Film Workshop are offering 2 a a g two tickets. each worth £100, for their seminars at Glasgow’s Cottier Theatre on Saturday T R (O) N E I g E ‘3: l7 and Sunday 18 June. The first day deals with low~to-no budget filmmaking and the 2 ‘8 5 second day looks at how to write a commercial script. You could go to both of them if E 3'; you can answer this: . g E .m Freebierama! We’re ivin awa three irs of r u. .3 who mm“ JabbchOCky? tickets to the Cabaregt 203 nighifeaturiliiag Elaine C. 3 Get your answers to us by Wednesday 14 June and include a daytime phone number. 30m“: “was "3330". 3W“ Horton: Phil Kay and Mark your entries: WORKSHOP come, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, Elli ITE. others on Thurs 15 June at Birm- The first three people who turn up at the Tron Box Office, V 0 63 Trongate, Glasgow on the night get the tickets.


__ :3: d s ROYAL SCOTTISH g g II [‘88 NATIONAL ORCHESTRA m =3 E . .‘ . Ilever let it be said our readers’ offers don’t 5 § :(Lrfiyiggl1g?hdail$322521afguxsxdaglfgtfi}; appeal to culture vultures. We’ve got ten family > g g of David Mamet,g ada union Of‘Chekho‘w tickets to give away for the Proms Famin Concert 4 z: 5 . .‘ . p . at the Usher Hall at 7.30pm on Thurs 8 June. The -— 3 classrc. An astonishing work blumng the ,_ - - - - g g .. diviqiom between theatre and mm Vanya on M, tickets entitle you, a companion and two ankle- < a. g . 42nd Street garnered much critical acclaim on its cinema release. fit:?c:e:ntr:eclflnfiggégfiafiigngggét the > 8 .3 : We‘ve got five copies of it to give away to the buffs who can answer this: 9 ' E 5 What work by Chekhov was the film based on? KO n‘ g : Make sure your answers reach us by Tuesday 20 June and mark them: Nafiona‘ Orcke‘tfa

' VAIIYA COMP, The List, 14 lligh Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TB.

OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the

it A At.“ 'i-z R . to l. S s i t: s whole magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to .- availability and managements reserve the right to

Nowt beats a good horror film, especially if it dates back 30 odd refuse admission. years, is top heavy with tomato sauce and filled with an companions: only one "my per person p9, unhealthy dose of hammy acting. Best of all. tackle the hoary old competition. If you are angering more than on. themes of reincarnation, reanimation and unspeakable evil and competing", you new use on” on; ammo”, but you're onto an unstoppable winner. Thanks to the unstinting please make sure that you, name, adage” and generosity of the Lumiere Video label we have five sets of videos voucher an attached to ac" 9mm competitions compneing Dr Cn'PPen. Frankenstein Created Woman and are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 In Rasputin The Mad Monk to give away See if YOU can get this alcohol-related offers). lIo responsibility can be "3h" accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be r - Which of the following three actors is still alive and kicking? “mm” ‘"° ‘° “mm” “mum’mm' 7" 0““, A) Peter Cushing B) Christopher Lee 0) Donald Pleasenee obtain a "8t 0' “"an please send a s“ to W Lu EB List Competition Winners, stating which lssuels)

' Get your answers to us by Thursday 22 June. Address them: results you require.

""‘ HORROR COMP. The List, 14 Illgh Street, Edinburgh, EH1 "E.


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